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Charles W. Briggs Award Recipients



Dephosphorization Strategies and Modeling in Oxygen Steelmaking
Jürgen Cappel, Wolfgang, Matthias Weinberg



Control of the Oxygen State of the Slag and Metal During the Final Stage of Melting in the EAF Fed with a 100% DRI Charge
Ruben Lule Gonzalez, Francisco Lopez Acosta, David M. Kundrat, Allen Wyatt



Electrode Consumption in a Modern High Power Electric Steel Shop
Christopher R. Armstrong, Timothy Bosserman, Kale E. Heibult , Kyle W. Vanover, James J. Fortier and Nicolas Lugo



Dragon Steel Corporation in Taiwan Boosted 150 Ton EAF Twin Shell by Continuous Hot Metal Charging Process
Christophe Solver, Jean-Luc Roth, Mathias Hoffmann, Rene' Stoltz, Michel Houbart



Single Charge EAF Modification: Installation and Experience
Brian Butcher, Yury A. Krotov, Robert R. LaRoy, Kyle W. Vanover, Steven R. Meyer



Kinetics of Carbon Reaction with Electric Arc Furnace Slags During Slag Forming
M.P. King, Fuzhong Ji, Gordon A. Irons, Kenneth S. Coley



Decarburization and Slag Formation Model for Electric Arc Furnace
Raimundo A.F.O. Fortes, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Richard J. Fruehan



Developments Towards an Intelligent Electric Arc Furnace at CMC Texas Using Goodfellow EFSOP® Technology
Joseph Maiolo, Mohamed Boutazakhti, Cheng Wu Li, Chris Williams



Recent Arc Furnace Revamps for improved Performance
J. Kevin Cotchen, Ernest G. Mueller



Influence of Carbonaceous Materials on Slag Foaming Behavior During EAF Steelmaking
Veena Sahajwalla, Mahfuzur Rahman, Lan Hong, Narendra Saha-Chaudhury, David Spencer