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Continuous Casting Best Paper Award Recipients



In Depth Analysis Of Continuous Caster Machine Behavior During Casting With Different Roll Gap Taper Profiles
Nick Gregurich - ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor, Garrett Flick - ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor, Rudolf Moravec - ArcelorMittal Global R&D, Kenneth Blazek - ArcelorMittal Global R&D



How to Evaluate a Process for Clean Steelmaking and Quality Control
Pallava Kaushik, Hongbin Yin, Howard M. Pielet, Michael L. Lowry



Optimization of a Submerged Entry Nozzle Design to Reduce Non-Metallic Inclusions in Line Pipe Steel
Bruce R. Forman, Mehmet M. Yavuz, Thomas H. Tsai, Jeff A. Thacker



Sliver Reduction at Arcelor Mittal Burns Harbor Steel Producing: An Operational Perspective
Ron S. Kostyo Jr., Marc J. Burty, James E. Bradley, Didier Dubois, Milan Alavanja



Transport of Fluid Flow and Unclusions in Continuous Casting Strands
Lifeng Zhang, Yufeng Wang, Xiangjun Zuo, Shusen Li, Wei Jin



No Award Presented



Calculation of the Peritectic Range for Steel Alloys
Kenneth E. Blazek, Oscar Lanzi III, Phil L. Gano, Dale L. Kellogg



Mixed Grade Model Development and Implementation at Dofasco
S. Chung, K. Kelaurier, B. MacCuish, B. Cuthbertson



Dynamic Machine Gap Control at ISG’s-Sparrows Point No. 1 Caster – Technology Innovations and Operational Performance Results
R.E. Fash, P.J. Vielkind, D.J. Bederka, T.J. Lonsbury, H.L. Gilles, B. Kocatulum, J. K. Brower



Analysis of Mold Friction in a Continuous Casting Machine of Round Bars
C. E. Cicutti, C. Capurro, A. Carranza, J.M. Beirana, L.A. Ferro