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Farrington Award Recipients



New Approach for Intelligent Motor Control Centers
Terry l. Schiazza , Fabio Mielli



Direct Measurement of Sub-Meniscus Velocity at ArcelorMittal Dofasco's No. 1 Continuous Caster to Evaluate Mold Fluid Flow at Different Casting Conditions
Joydeep Sengupta, Don Crosbie, Stephen Chung, Manh-Kha Trinh, Julie Dixon, Eva Dillon, Vivien Gueugnon, and Jean-Francois Domgin.



Innovative Methods for Integrating Utility and Production Automation Systems
Michael E. Rourke



New Fault Detection Technology for Electric Arc Furnace Electrical Systems
Ljubomir Kojovic, Martin T. Bishop, Dharam Sharma



Medium Voltage Drive Application at U. S. Steel Lorain Tubular Operations, No. 3 Seamless Mill
Michael A. DeCarli, Richard M. Baker.



Innovative Solutions for Differential Protection of Electric Arc Furnace Transformers
Ljubomir Kojovic, Dharam Sharma, Martin T. Bishop, Chris Birkbeck



Zero-downtime, Phased Drive Upgrade of Mittal Steel USA - Coatesvilles 140-inch Plate Mill
David A. Woodward, John T. Ankney



Fault Zone Analysis: Identifying Motor Defects Using the Insulation Fault Zone
Harold Joyce