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Richard J. Fruehan Award for Best Paper Recipients



Development Of Technology For The Production Of HIC Resistant Slabs For Sour Service Applications At Arcelormittal Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico
Jorge Nieto, Tomas Elias, German Lopez, Gustavo Campos, Francisco Lopez, Ruben Garcia, Amar K De



How to Evaluate a Process for Clean Steelmaking and Quality Control
Pallava Kaushik, Hongbin Yin, Howard M. Pielet, Michael L. Lowry



Robert Pierer, Christian Bernhard,The Nature of Internal Defects in Continuously Cast Steel and Their Impact on Final Product Quality.”



Eugene B. Pretorius, Helmut G. Oltmann, Thomas R. Cash, “The Effective Modification of Spinel Inclusions by Ca-treatment in LCAK Steel



Mark A. Nicholls, Zafer Koont, Brian D. Nelson, Darren Bray, Jeffrey Felker, “Cooper Plating Phenomenon During Pickling of Steel.”



Chris R. Killmore, Heather Creely, Andrew W. Phillips, Harold Kaul, Peter Campbell, Michael A. Schueren, James G. Williams, Walter Blejde, “Development of Ultrathin Cast Strip Products by the CASTRIP Process.”



K. Miyata, M. Wakita, S. Fukushima, M. Eto, T. Sasaki, T. Shibahara, “Super Short Interval Multi-pass Rolling Technology for Manufacturing Ultrafine-grained Steel Sheet”