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Email Advertising

AIST Update

  • A monthly email sent to more than 20,000 steel industry professionals.

  • Two banner ads are available for each month’s HTML blast.

Steel News Rewind

  • Weekly email sent to more than 20,000 steel industry professionals.

  • Email contains links to 6-8 stories from Steel News and one chart from the Industry Statistics section.

  • One exclusive company logo (180 x 70) hyperlinked in the top section of the email.

Iron & Steel Technology Digital Edition Announcement

  • A monthly email sent to all AIST members and subscribers announcing the newest online edition of Iron & Steel Technology.

  • One exclusive company logo will be featured each month.

AISTech Product Showcase

  • An AISTech-specific email sent to AIST’s distribution list in February, March and April

  • This platform allows companies to describe their products and promote their AISTech exhibits leading up to the May exposition.

  • ​Nine positions are available each month.

AISTech Daily Email

  • An AISTech daily recap email that is released to all conference attendees and the AIST database.

  • One email is released each day during AISTech (Sunday–Wednesday).

  • One exclusive company logo is featured each day.

Email Advertising Rates



Cost per Month


100 x 200 pixels

AIST Update



180 x 70 pixels

Steel News Rewind



Max width: 200 pixels

Max height: 60 pixels

I&ST Digital Edition



150 x 90 pixels

AISTech Product Showcase


February, March & April


AISTech Daily Email Sponsor


Each day during AISTech