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Iron & Steel Technology Editorial Calendar

2018 Editorial Calendar



Feature: Project and Plant Management, Energy & Utilities, and Environmental Technologies

Bonus Feature: AISTech 2018 Show Issue, Winners of the Project Excellence Award
Bonus Distribution: AISTech 2018, Managing Technology Conference

Ad Closing: 16 March 2018
Material Due: 22 March 2018


Feature: Material Handling, Packaging & Transportation

Bonus Feature: Winners of the 2018 Energy Achievement Award
Bonus Distribution: 25th Annual Crane Symposium

Ad Closing: 16 April 2018
Material Due: 20 April 2018


Feature: Ladle Metallurgy & Continuous Casting

Bonus Feature: Continuous Caster Roundup
Bonus Distribution: Globe-Trotters Member Chapter Annual Meeting, Continuous Casting Training Seminar, Specialty Alloy & Foundry Training Seminar, Ladle Refractory & Specialty Steelmaking Training Seminar

Ad Closing: 22 May 2018
Material Due: 29 May 2018


Feature: Long Products Rolling Technologies

Bonus Feature: Rod and Bar Rolling Roundup, Pipe and Tube Roundup, AISTech 2018 Conference and Exposition Review
Bonus Distribution: Globe-Trotters Member Chapter Annual Meeting, Rod and Bar Rolling Training Seminar, Pipe and Tube Training Seminar

Ad Closing: 19 June 2018
Material Due: 25 June 2018


Feature: Maintenance & Reliability

Bonus Feature: MS&T18 Program
Bonus Distribution: Maintenance Conference, Midwest Member Chapter Vendor Fair, MS&T18
Ad Closing: 18 July 2018
Material Due: 24 July 2018


Feature: Process Metallurgy & Product Applications

Bonus Feature: MS&T18 Program
Bonus Distribution: MS&T18, Student Issue, Southeast Member Chapter Annual Meeting
Ad Closing: 21 August 2018
Material Due: 27 August 2018


Feature: Hot Flat Product Rolling, Rolls, Safety & Health

Bonus Feature: Hot Strip Mill Roundup and Plate/Steckel Mill Roundup
Bonus Distribution: Cold Rolling Fundamentals Training Seminar, Birmingham and Southwest Member Chapters Joint Annual Meeting, AIST Leadership Conference
Ad Closing: 19 September 2018
Material Due: 25 September 2018


Feature: Process Control & Automation

Bonus Distribution: Hot Rolling Training Seminar

Ad Closing: 22 October 2018
Material Due: 26 October 2018