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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

July 2018

An Optimized Ladle Refractory Configuration for Steel Refining and Vacuum Degassing Processes at SSAB Americas by SSAB Americas R&D, SSAB Iowa Inc. and SSAB Alabama Inc.  (AISTech 2017)

Know Your Level: Operational Benefits of Establishing Accurate Mold Level and Control by Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Butler Division  (AISTech 2017)  **2018 Continuous Casting Best Paper Award Recipient**

Flow Patterns in Mold for Preventing Longitudinal Cracks on Peritectic Steel Grades by AK Steel Research and Innovation Center, AK Steel – Dearborn Works  (AISTech 2017)

Influence of Mold Flux Crystallite Film Fracture on Thermal Fluctuations in a Thin-Slab Funnel Mold by Missouri University of Science and Technology, Imerys Steelcasting USA Inc. and Nucor Steel Gallatin  (AISTech 2017)

Long-Service-Life Cold-Start Ladle Shroud by Shinagawa Refractories Co. Ltd. (AISTech 2017) **2018 Refractory Systems Best Paper Award Recipient**

Steel Rolling Mill Achieves Target of Reduced Operational Costs via Cooling System Upgrade by ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor and Eaton Corp.  (AISTech 2017) **2018 Farrington Award Recipient**

August 2018

Development of High-Strength Microalloyed Coiled Rebar by ArcelorMittal and Federal University of Minas Gerais  (AISTech 2017)

A Review of Defects in Beam Blank Casting and the Measures Proposed for Their Elimination by metallon and Gerdau Corsa Planta Ciudad Sahagún  (AISTech 2017) 

Applications of Imaging-Based Surface Inspection Equipment for Monitoring and Control of the Rod and Bar Rolling Process by OG Technologies Inc. and Nanjing Iron & Steel Co. (AISTech 2017)

The Detailed Forming Behavior of ERW Tube- and Pipemaking Process by TMK-IPSCO  (AISTech 2017)
Revamp of U. S. Steel – Gary Works’ No. 1 Continuous Casting Machine by SMS group, United States Steel Corporation, SKW and Caster Maintenance Co. (AISTech 2017)

Automation Enhancements to Improve Steel Production, Yield, Quality and Cost at the Burns Harbor Steel Producing Shop, ArcelorMittal USA by ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor  (AISTech 2017)

September 2018

The Industrial Maintenance Organization — A Cultural Change by AK Steel  (AISTech 2017)

A Complex Approach for Secondary Cooling Improvements Using Sophisticated Spray Nozzle Analyses in Various ArcelorMittal USA Casters by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor and Brno University of Technology  (AISTech 2017) 

Advanced Data Mining for Process Optimizations and Use of A.I. to Predict Refractory Wear and to Analyze Refractory Behavior by RHI Magnesita, RHI Canada Inc., Manuel Forrer ferrisol, Markus Feuerstein mFeu Solutions, Graz University of Technology and Nikolas Mustam Consulting  (AISTech 2017)

Electrical Modernization Considerations by TMEIC  (AISTech 2017)

Bearing Fatigue Life: The Detrimental Effect of Carbide Segregation by NSK Corp.  (AISTech 2017)

Optimizations of Blast Furnace Oxygen Enrichments by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago  (AISTech 2017)