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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

September 2017

Risk Assessment of Furnace Transformers in the Steel Industry by SD Myers Inc. (AISTech 2016)

Principal Elements of Good Maintenance Practices for Tapered Roller Bearings Used on Roll Necks by The Timken Co. (AISTech 2016)

Synthetic Water-Soluble Fluids for Sensitive Environmental Situations by American Chemical Technologies (AISTech 2016)

A New Method for Predictive Maintenance for Slow-Rotating Equipment by Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH (AISTech 2016)

Advanced Technologies and Financial Benefits of Critical Asset Health Monitoring by Equipment & Controls Inc. and Danieli Corp. (AISTech 2016)

Rotary Reheat Furnace Hearth Refractory and Mechanical Design Considerations by U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center and U. S. Steel Lorain Tubular Operations (AISTech 2016)

October 2017

Persistent Challenges to Advanced High-Strength Steel Implementation by General Motors LLC (International Symposium on New Developments in Advanced High-Strength Sheet Steels)

Development of Dual-Phase Steel Using Non-Peritectic Carbon Chemistry for Thin-Slab Continuous Casting Compact Strip Production (CSP) Steel Mill  by Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Columbus and Mississippi State University (AISTech 2017)

Study of Spray-Cooling Control to Maintain Metallurgical Length During Speed Drop in Steel Continuous Casting by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Colorado School of Mines and JFE Steel Corp. (AISTech 2017)

Effect of Microstructure on Impact Toughness of Press Hardening Steels With Tensile Strength Above 1.8 GPa by General Motors Global Research and Development and General Motors Global Product Development (CHS2)

Effect of Chemical Composition on AHSS As-Cast Microstructure and Properties by Carnegie Mellon University (AISTech 2017)

Principal Elements of Good Maintenance Practices for Tapered Roller Bearings Used on Roll Necks: Part 2 by The Timken Co. (AISTech 2016)

November 2017

Improving the Accuracy of Predicting Work Roll Wear in the Hot Strip Mill by U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center (AISTech 2017) 

On-Line Torque Measurement to Improve Reliability and Uptime of Hot Mill by ArcelorMittal Cleveland and IVC Technologies (AISTech 2017)

Analysis of Total Cost of Ownership Models for Mill Rolls by Union Electric Åkers (AISTech 2017)

Advanced Process Control Technologies for Successful Revival of an Old Hot Strip Mill by TMEIC and Zhangjiagang Hongchang Plate Co. Ltd. (AISTech 2017)

Increasing EAF Efficiency at Nucor Steel–Arkansas by Nucor Steel–Arkansas and AMI GE (AISTech 2017)

On the Formation Potential of Acicular Ferrite Microstructure in Different Steel Grades Focusing on the Influence of Carbon Content by Montanuniversität Leoben (AISTech 2016)