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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

March 2016

Criteria to Evaluate Cokemaking Strategy for an Integrated Steel Plant by Hatch Ltd. (AISTech 2015)

Cleveland No. 6 Blast Furnace Hearth Campaign Extension by ArcelorMittal Global R&D East Chicago and ArcelorMittal USA (AISTech 2015)

Managing a Blast Furnace Operation During Abnormally Cold Weather by AK Steel Corp. – Dearborn Works (AISTech 2015)

Investigation of High-Rate Natural Gas Injection Through Various Lance Designs in a Blast Furnace by Purdue University Calumet’s Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation, U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center and U. S. Steel Canada – Lake Erie Works (AISTech 2015)

Myths and Realities of Charging DRI/HBI in Electric Arc Furnaces by Global Strategic Solutions Inc. and metallon (AISTech 2015)

Ironmaking in North America by United States Steel Corporation and ArcelorMittal USA (AISTech 2015/ICSTI 2015)

April 2016

Systematic Study on Recycling of Waste Materials in an Integrated Steel Site by Swerea MEFOS AB and SSAB Merox (AISTech 2015)

Numerical Study of Basic Oxygen Process Hydrodynamics by Purdue University Calumet Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation and U. S. Steel – Gary Works (AISTech 2015)

Continuous Developments at Steel Plant 1 of Usiminas Ipatinga Through Slagless® Technology by Lumar Metals  Ltda and USIMINAS (AISTech 2015)

CFD Analysis of Oxygen Steelmaking Kinetics and Slag Foaming Using IMPHOS Pilot Plant Data by Swinburne University (AISTech 2015)

Strategies for Implementing Direct Reduction Technologies in an Integrated Steel Plant by Hatch Ltd. (AISTech 2015)

Co-Injection of Coal and Gas in Blast Furnaces: Are There Hidden Benefits? by Geerdes Advies (AISTech 2015)

Behavior and Benefits of High-Fe3C DRI in the EAF by Tenova Core (AISTech 2015)

May 2016

No. 1 Battery Collecting Main Replacement and Roof Repair Project by ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor (AISTech 2015) (2015 Project Excellence Award Winner)

20 Economical Ways to Improve the Performance of a Baghouse Dust Collector by CLARCOR Industrial Air (AISTech 2015)

Carpenter Technology Athens Operations Project and Construction Management Analysis by Carpenter Technology Corp. and Turner Construction Co. (AISTech 2015)

Energy Optimization of High-Energy Pumps by HydroAire Inc. (AISTech 2015)

Full-Scale Treatment of Coke Oven Wastewater Using Immersed-Membrane Biological Reactor Technology by Tetra Tech, GE Water & Process Technologies and ArcelorMittal Monessen LLC (AISTech 2015)

Resolving Complex Shape Distortions on Narrow, Thin-Gauge Strip Having an Asymmetric Transverse Thickness Profile by Cold Rolling Technologies Inc. (AISTech 2015)