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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

June 2016

Technology-Based Crane Monitoring and Diagnostics by IVC Technologies (AISTech 2015)

Benefits of the Implementation of a State-of-the-Art Slab Management System by ArcelorMittal USA and Janus Automation (AISTech 2015)

Motion Analysis for Determining Behavior of Automated and Manually Operated Cranes by PSI Technics Ltd. (AISTech 2015)

Bearing Failures in Steel Mill Applications by NSK Corp. (AISTech 2015)

Optimizing Your Mechanical Draft Fans for Energy Efficiency by ProcessBarron and Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Columbus (AISTech 2015)

Resolving Complex Shape Distortions on Narrow, Thin-Gauge Strip Having an Asymmetric Transverse Thickness Profile: Part II by Cold Rolling Technologies Inc. (AISTech 2015)

ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Steel Producing Integrates Computers in Cab-Operated DC Cranes for Data Collection and Improved Communication (2016 Crane Innovator of the Year winner) by ArcelorMittal (23rd Annual Crane Symposium)

July 2016

Mold Heat Transfer Behavior at High Casting Speed Over 7.0 m/minute in the CEM®, POSCO by POSCO (AISTech 2015)

Novel Refractory Plate Sealing Technology by Vesuvius Advanced Ceramics (China) Co. Ltd. (AISTech 2015)

CFD Modeling To Simulate Gas-Stirring Process Using Bottom Plugs in a Steel Ladle by U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center (AISTech 2015)

Understanding the Clogging Phenomenon During High-Al TRIP Steel Casting by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago and ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon USA (AISTech 2015)

Establishment of Minimum Mold Heat Removal and Control for Continuous Casting by SSAB Americas (AISTech 2015)

Solution for Continuous Caster DC Motor/Encoder Failures by EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel and AMI GE (AISTech 2015)

Improving the Castability and Increasing the Sequence Length of IF-TiSULC Steel Grades at ArcelorMittal Lázaro Cárdenas and Tubarão (AIST Transactions) by ArcelorMittal (AISTech 2106)

August 2016

Developing and Manufacturing Larger-Diameter P110 Seamless Tube at TMK-IPSCO by TMK-IPSCO (AISTech 2015)

Sizing the Opportunity: The New 14-Inch Mill With PSM® Precision Sizing at Steel Dynamics Inc. Engineered Bar Division, Pittsboro by Steel Dynamics Inc. and SMS USA LLC (AISTech 2015)

Fluid Lubrication and Insert Wear in the Thread Cutting of High-Strength Pipe Materials by Quaker Chemical Corp., Quaker Chemical BV and The Pennsylvania State University (AISTech 2015)

Q-Robot ROLL: Vision-Based Automatic Deburring Robot for Cold Billets by Danieli Automation S.p.A. (AISTech 2015)

ArcSave®, Innovative Solution for Higher Productivity and Lower Cost in the EAF by ABB and Steel Dynamics Inc. – Roanoke Bar Div. (AISTech 2015)

Tundish Flow Regulation With Advanced Refractory Designs by Vesuvius USA and Vesuvius France (AISTech 2015)