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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

January 2015

Electric Arc Furnace Process Improvement and the Law of Unintended Consequences by Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC (AISTech 2014)

Mini-Mill Burdening for Maximum Efficiency and Yield? by Global Strategic Solutions Inc. (AISTech 2014)

An Integrated Approach to Radioactive Source Detection at Steel Mills and Scrap Yards by Nucsafe Inc. and Nucor Corp. (AISTech 2014)

The Use of DRI in a Consteel® EAF Process  by Tenova, Continuous Improvement Experts Inc. and Cape Cate (Pty) Ltd. (AISTech 2014)

Modernization of Mill Power Systems for Better Control and Visualization by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. and Cascade Steel Rolling Mills Inc. (AISTech 2014)

Earliest Leak Detection (ELD): A New Concept of Security in Water Leak Detection in Electric Arc Furnaces  by Lumar Metals Ltda (AISTech 2014)

Investigation Into Roll Thrust Bearing Damages and Modeling of Roll Thrust Forces for the 4-High Reversing Rougher of a Hot Strip Mill (AIST Transactions)  by Quad Engineering Inc. and Yanshan University

February 2015

Near-Roll Dross Particle Interactions in a Galvanizing Bath by Western University and International Lead Zinc Research Organization (AISTech 2014)

Preventing Fires in Pickle Lines by Global Fireproof Solutions – Industrial LLC and Polycycle Industrial Products Inc. (AISTech 2014)

A Unified Spatial Curvature Framework for Coordinated Pass Scheduling, Shape Targeting and Mill Setup — Part II by ISTcom Inc. (AISTech 2014)

Novel Laboratory Lubrication Tests for Cold Rolling Emulsions by Quaker Chemical Corp. (AISTech 2014)

Advanced Chromium-Free Coating for Electrical Steels by China Steel Corp. (AISTech 2014)

A Model for Strip Profile and Roll Crown During Flat Rolling in Hot and Cold Mills With Special Emphasis on Innovative Work Roll Materials by University of Duisburg-Essen (AISTech 2014)

Thermomechanical Controlled Processing of High-Strength Microalloyed Steel for Line Pipe Applications (AIST Transactions) by Rourkela Steel Plant and Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

March 2015

Increased Use of Natural Gas in Blast Furnace Ironmaking by Carnegie Mellon University (AISTech 2014)

IRONARC: A Coke-Less Ironmaking Process  by by ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB (AISTech 2014)

Prevention of Tie-Rod Failures and Battery Top Damage With Thermal Imaging Program by DTE Energy (AISTech 2014)

Application of Sol-Gel Bonded Pumpables During Short Shutdown, To Replenish and Renew Refractory Linings in Lieu of Conventional Relining  by Magneco/Metrel Inc. (AISTech 2014)

Case Study: Failure Analysis of a Bulged Blast Furnace Blow Pipe by AK Steel Corp. – Dearborn Works (AISTech 2014)

In-Process Separation of Zinc From Blast Furnace Offgas Solid Wastes by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago (AISTech 2014)

An Overview of Steel Cleanliness From an Industry Perspective (AIST Transactions) by Nucor Steel–Berkeley (AISTech 2013)