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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

November 2017

Improving the Accuracy of Predicting Work Roll Wear in the Hot Strip Mill by U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center (AISTech 2017) 

On-Line Torque Measurement to Improve Reliability and Uptime of Hot Mill by ArcelorMittal Cleveland and IVC Technologies (AISTech 2017)

Analysis of Total Cost of Ownership Models for Mill Rolls by Union Electric Åkers (AISTech 2017)

Advanced Process Control Technologies for Successful Revival of an Old Hot Strip Mill by TMEIC and Zhangjiagang Hongchang Plate Co. Ltd. (AISTech 2017)

Increasing EAF Efficiency at Nucor Steel–Arkansas by Nucor Steel–Arkansas and AMI GE (AISTech 2017)

On the Formation Potential of Acicular Ferrite Microstructure in Different Steel Grades Focusing on the Influence of Carbon Content by Montanuniversität Leoben (AISTech 2016)

December 2017

The Digital Transformation of Steel Production by Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH, Primetals Technologies Germany GmbH and PSI Metals Austria GmbH (AISTech 2017) 

Implementing a Modern Safety System on an Existing Machine by Rockwell Automation (AISTech 2017)

Development of a Caster Scheduling Model for Process Optimization by Purdue University Northwest’s Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation and ArcelorMittal USA (AISTech 2017)

A Compact Mold Powder Diffuser With Built-In Optical Powder Thickness Measurement by Ergolines Lab s.r.l. (AISTech 2017)

Radar Width Measurement in Harsh Hot Mill Environments by IMS Messsysteme GmbH, IMS Systems Inc. and Fraunhofer Institute for High-Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques (AISTech 2017)

Quenching and Partitioning of Plate Steel: Thermal Gradients and Microstructure Development During Quenching by Colorado School of Mines (AISTech 2017)

January 2018

Improvements in Yield in an All DRI-Fed EAF From Minimization of FeO Generation During Melting As Well As Post-Reduction of FeO From Residual Slag by ArcelorMittal Lázaro Cárdenas, ArcelorMittal USA Research Center and SGL Group, The Carbon Company (AISTech 2017) 

Application of EAF Wall Injectors for High-Alloy Steel Production by SIJ Metal Ravne d.o.o., INTECO Special Melting Technologies GmbH and INTECO PTI Europe s.r.o (AISTech 2017)

Application of a Disposable Steel Level Detection Sensor in a DC Electric Arc Furnace by Heraeus Electro-Nite Co. LLC and Nucor Steel–Arkansas (AISTech 2017)

Waste Heat Recovery for EAF — Innovative Concepts and Industrial Implementation by Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH (AISTech 2017)

Historical Operating Cost Comparison for North American Iron- and Steelmaking Routes by Hatch (AISTech 2017)

Development of a New Grade for Rear Finishing Stands Based on Modeling and Evaluation of Specific Degradations by CRMGroup and Marichal Ketin (AISTech 2017)