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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

December 2016

Innovative Surface Quality Control by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago and ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor (AISTech 2016)

A New Optical System for Mold Powder Thickness Control by Laser Scanning and Multi-Spectral Imaging by Ergolines Lab s.r.l. (AISTech 2016)

An Introduction to Applying Network Intrusion Detection for Industrial Control Systems by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratores Inc. (AISTech 2016)

New Pseudo-3D Dynamic Secondary Cooling Model Implementation and Results at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago and ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor (AISTech 2016)

Acceleration of Quicklime Dissolution Into Slag by Internally Formed Gas (AIST Transactions) by Tohoku University

January 2017

Management of DRI Fines to Maximize Iron Yield in the EAF by ArcelorMittal Lázaro Cárdenas, ArcelorMittal USA Research Center and SGL Group, The Carbon Company (AISTech 2016)

Carbon Transfer During Melting of Direct-Reduced Iron by Carnegie Mellon University (AISTech 2016)

Single-Bucket Charge Conversion at Nucor-Yamato Steel:  Planning, Design and Results by Nucor-Yamato Steel Co. and Superior Machine Co. of SC Inc. (AISTech 2016)

KPIs Behaving Badly – Rethinking the Drive for Optimum Performance in the EAF by CIX Inc. (AISTech 2016)

Sustainable EAF Steelmaking Through the Use of Polymer Technology by OneSteel (AISTech 2016)

Method for Simultaneous Sampling of Steel at Multiple Depths in the Refining Ladle by Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc., Heraeus Electro-Nite Co. LLC and University of Alabama (AISTech 2016)

February 2017

Modernization of Existing Assets to Meet the Growing Demand for Advanced High-Strength Steels by Primetals Technologies USA LLC (AISTech 2016)

Surface Chemistry-Based Defects on Steel Sheet, Investigated by SEM/EDS by Quaker Chemical Corp. (AISTech 2016)

Composite Technologies for Corrosive Fluid Processing Applications by Andronaco Industries (AISTech 2016)

Development of Tension Leveler for Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) by JP Steel Plantech Co. (AISTech 2016)

Methodology to Quantify Objectively the Coating Weight Uniformity by CMI Metals (AISTech 2016)

Surface Selective Oxidation, Hot-Dip Galvanizing and Coating-Related Properties of Advanced High-Strength and Ultrahigh-Strength Automotive Steel Grades by Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc., Heraeus Electro-Nite Co. LLC and University of Alabama (AISTech 2016)

March 2017

voestalpine Texas — A New Market for Hot Briquetted Iron by Midrex Technologies Inc. (AISTech 2016)

Blast Furnace Above-Burden Infrared Camera by ArcelorMittal Global R&D and ArcelorMittal USA (AISTech 2016)

Technology and Applied Results of Glaze-Coated Refractory Block for Coke Oven Door by Shinagawa Advancedd Materials Americas Inc. and Shinagawa Refractories Co. Ltd. (AISTech 2016)

High-Carbon DRI and Its Use and Advantages in EAF Operations by Tenova Core and Tenova HYL (AISTech 2016)

Advanced Technology Developments for Improving Blast Furnace Stave Life by Hatch Ltd. (AISTech 2016)

Numerical Simulation of a Walking Beam Slab Reheating Furnace  by Purdue University Calumet and SSAB Americas R&D (AISTech 2016)