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The AISTech conference will feature a four-day program with technical presentations, plant tours and keynote presentations by today's business leaders. The program will showcase advancements in all phases of ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and finishing processes, and the various engineering, equipment and process technologies involved in today's steel production.

Program Development and Topics

AIST Conference programs are developed by Technology Committee members representing iron and steel producers, their allied suppliers and related academia. Committees focus on ironmaking, steelmaking, finishing processes, and various engineering and equipment technologies.

Sessions currently being developed focus on the following topics:

   Safety & Health

   Pipe & Tube

   Environmental Technology



   Metallurgy — Steelmaking & Casting


   Metallurgy — Processing, Products &

   Electric Steelmaking

   Energy & Utilities

   Oxygen Steelmaking 

   Electrical Applications

   Specialty Alloy & Foundry

   Computer Applications

   Ladle & Secondary Refining

   Project & Construction Management

   Continuous Casting

   Maintenance & Reliability

   Hot Sheet Rolling

   Lubrication & Hydraulics

   Cold Sheet Rolling

   Refractory Systems


   Material Handling

   Tinplate Mill Products


   Plate Rolling

   Transportation & Logistics

   Rod & Bar Rolling