Howe Memorial Lecture

Monday, 8 May • 8–9 a.m., Room 201

The Howe Memorial Lecture was established in 1923 to honor Henry Marion Howe, who helped turn steelmaking from an art into a science with his gift of observation and dedication.

2017 Howe Memorial Lecturer

Extremely Strong Steels — The Mechanism and Prevention of Hydrogen Embrittlement

Harry Bhadeshia
Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy and director, SKF Steel Technology Centre
University of Cambridge

Harry Bhadeshia is the Tata Steel Professor at the University of Cambridge with a focus on developing the theory and practice of solid-state phase transformations in order to enable the design of novel alloys of iron, from the almost infinite palette of possibilities that continue to enable dramatic developments in the technology of steels. He has been working on metallurgy since the age of 16, beginning at the British Oxygen Co. and following on at the University of Cambridge since 1976. He has published widely, both in the form of research papers and books, and has created and provided online access to the largest freely available resource on metallurgy in the world.