International Steel Academy

About the International Steel Academy (ISA)

Course Objectives

The AIST International Steel Academy provides in-depth instruction focused on the fundamental elements of steelmaking (MSTS 201) and the fundamental elements of steel shaping and treating (MSTS 202). Each of these courses is four days in length and held concurrently. The individual courses are subdivided into the various processes required to produce quality steel products in today’s economy.

The elements within each course are presented such that the steelmaking process will logically unfold as the course progresses. As an example, the Steelmaking curriculum (MSTS 201) will begin with the fundamental raw materials of steel, progress through the processing of iron, melting of steel, refining, casting and solidification. The elements will contain information on the origin and history of the process, the latest technology used, the equipment needed and the steps necessary to produce a quality product for the next element. Also included in each element will be safety awareness, environmental considerations and common maintenance areas.

Target Audience

The curriculum for the AIST International Steel Academy provides a broad and deep understanding of the ironmaking and steelmaking process. Individuals who have experience in the industry and hold a basic understanding of the overall process would find the curriculum of the International Steel Academy beneficial. Process engineers, operations and maintenance personnel, plant management, sales and service engineers and others requiring an expanded knowledge of steel manufacturing fundamentals should attend.

Course Language

Course language is English. 

The ISA course manuals are partially funded by AIME and the Seeley W. Mudd Memorial Fund.