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                            When I think of
                            the impact that    
                            becoming involved in AIST has had on my career and think about thousands of members who are having similar experiences, I really start to understand how the organization advances one of the world’s most important industries. I am proud to play a small part in this effort and look forward to involvement in AIST for the rest of my career.

Pat Jablonski
Nucor Steel Seattle Inc.

AIST Member Chapters meet locally to foster the exchange of ideas and provide opportunities for networking among peers in the industry. Activities include plant tours, roundtable discussions, benchmarking metrics, young engineer nights, product fairs, holiday events and more.

Professionals in the iron and steel industry and academia from more than 70 countries gather in 22 regions to strengthen AIST’s global network. Through active networking at the chapter level, AIST members benefit from the interchange of ideas and solutions. Find an event in your local area and get involved today!

New! Bring Your Own Young Professional Program

New! Bring Your Own Young Professional Program

Get rewarded for helping build the next generation of the steel industry! Bring a young professional (age 30 and under) to an AIST conference, Technology Committee meeting or Member Chapter meeting and choose a thank-you gift from AIST.