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Past Southwest Member Chapter Events

Annual Meeting — March 2016
The AIST Southwest Member Chapter held its annual meeting on 6–8 March 2016 at the Hilton College Station & Conference Center in College Station, Texas, USA. On Sunday, 6 March, 26 golfers teed off under sunny Aggie skies at The Campus Course at Texas A&M University. Later that day, the meeting officially began as 71 registrants networked at the vendor fair and welcome reception. 

On Monday, 8 March, the following technical presentations were given:

  • Spindle Support Redesign on Texas 1 Rolling Mill,” by Wade Hedrick of Nucor Steel–Texas.

  • Change and Risk Awareness,” by Matthew Hammer of Gerdau Long Steel North America Beaumont Mill.

  • Descaler System Replacement at Nucor Steel Jewett,” by Sig Johansen of Nucor Steel–Texas.

  • CMC Steel Texas’ New Walking Beam Furnace,” by Alan Speir of  CMC Steel Texas.

  • Mill Automation Upgrade — Results on the Floor,” by David Muha of Nucor Steel–Texas.

  • Technology for Process Control during Tap and Refining Nupro SlagView and TruStir at CMC Steel Texas,” by Eddie Rios of CMC Steel Texas.

  • Improving Descale Performance with the DescaleJet® Pro,” by Oldair Sasso of Spraying Systems Co.

  • Mill 1 Upgrade for Wide Sheet Piling,” by Jim Shelton of Nucor-Yamato Steel Co.

  • 2015 Replacement of the Bar Mill Finishing Department,” by Randy Irvan of Gerdau Long Steel North America Midlothian Mill.

  • Mill Tour Preview Nucor Steel–Texas,” by Sig Johansen of Nucor Steel–Texas.

  • Five Reasons to Set Your Hair on Fire and Five Reasons to Chill,” by Chris Kuehl of Armada Corporate Intelligence.

A keynote speech by Tommy Massey, maintenance manager, Nucor Steel–Texas, capped off the dinner on Monday evening. The event concluded with an informative plant tour of Nucor Steel’s Jewett facility, after which the 36 attendees were treated to an authentic Texas barbeque lunch. 

The Southwest Member Chapter appreciates the sponsors, exhibitors, presenters and attendees who made the annual meeting a success. The chapter thanks Nucor Steel–Texas for hosting the plant tour. 

A special note of thanks to outgoing Southwest Member Chapter secretary-treasurer James Sigler, Belden, and golf chair Dale Koehn, Spraying Systems Co., for their many years of dedication and service to their positions and to the Southwest Member Chapter. Sigler served as secretary-treasurer from 2001 to 2016. Koehn has been a member of AIST for 26 years and has served as the chapter’s golf chair since 2013. AIST wishes them well in their future endeavors.

1. Outgoing Southwest Member Chapter golf chair Dale Koehn (right), Spraying Systems Co., played his exit round on official duty as chair. Koehn is pictured on the greens with Vernon Hargrave (left) and Dave Kyser (center), both of Spraying Systems Co. 2. Attendees networked at the Southwest Member Chapter Vendor Fair (left to right): Neil Parker, Gerdau; Matt Hammer, Gerdau Long Steel North America Beaumont Mill; and Dean Bridges, Flame Technologies Inc. 3. Representatives from Nucor Steel–Texas were presented with a plaque of appreciation for hosting the plant tour on 8 March 2016 (left to right): Sig Johansen, Justin Farris, Ross Simmons and Wade Hedrick. 4. Southwest Chapter Member chair Wade Hedrick (right), Nucor Steel–Texas, presented a plaque of appreciation to Tommy Massey (left), Nucor Steel–Texas, for his keynote address. 5. The Southwest Member Chapter annual meeting concluded with a plant tour of Nucor Steel–Texas on 8 March 2016.

Joint Meeting with Birmingham Member Chapter — November 2014.
The Birmingham and Southwest Member Chapters hosted their joint annual meeting in New Orleans, La., USA, on 19–21 November 2014. The meeting was held in conjunction with AIST’s DRI: Logistics, Production and Utilization seminar and the 2014 Leadership Conference. More than 100 attendees participated in the chapter meeting. The event began on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 with a golf outing at the English Turn Golf & Country Club. Fifty-five golfers from the three co-located events participated in the outing. Later that evening, a welcome reception was held and featured vendor displays by 31 companies. On Thursday, 20 November 2014, the morning program consisted of eight technical presentations: “Nucor Jewett VPP Recertification and Sustainability,” by Randall Selman, Nucor Steel–Texas; “Removing Exposure for the EAF Team,” by Jeremy McAllister, Nucor Steel–Texas; “The Effects of Injecting Calcium Carbide in EAF — NSBHM,” by Trevor Saunders, Nucor Steel Birmingham Inc.; “Microalloying to Develop Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steels,” by Haley Doude, Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, Mississippi State University; “FeSi Residuals and the Effects on Steel Cleanliness,” by April Pitts, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc; “Laser Cladding Technology — Optimized Overlay for Rolls in Severe Service Environments,” by Michael Breitsameter, Curtiss-Wright; “Rolling Mill Controls Replacement,” by Chris Hilton, CMC Steel Alabama; and “Bar Rolling Mill Metallurgy,” by Ed Druschitz, Nucor Steel Birmingham Inc.. During the luncheon, Robert Hunter of Midrex Technologies Inc. presented “Shale Gas — A Revolution in the Energy Sector: Effects on Ironmaking and Steelmaking in America.”  Following the lunch, four technical presentations were held: “The Production of Hot Roll Stainless at AM/NS Calvert,” by Keith Peckey, AM/NS Calvert LLC; “Industrial Hygiene: A Team Approach,” by Ryan Byrd, Nucor Steel–Texas; “Changeover Time  Improvements,” by Eddie Dohoney, CMC Steel Texas; and “Composition Analysis of Multi-Microalloyed Carbide and Carbo-Nitride Precipitates in Nb-Ti Steels,” by Monica Kapoor, University of Alabama. The day concluded with a networking reception, vendor display and dinner with a panel discussion. Panelists included Chris Stout, vice president — trading, The David J. Joseph Co.; Glenn Pushis, vice president — sheet products, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Rolled Div. and 2014–2015 AIST president; and Terry Fedor, executive vice president — U.S. iron ore operations, Cliffs Natural Resources. Donald Bryant of Steel Dynamics Inc., vice chair of the Ohio Valley Member Chapter and past chair of the Birmingham Member Chapter, served as moderator for the panel. April Pitts, Birmingham Member Chapter chair, presented Bryant with the 2014 Outstanding Service Award from the Birmingham Member Chapter for his years of dedicated service on their committee. On Friday, 21 November 2014, attendees of the chapter meeting and the DRI conference participated on a tour of the  ArcelorMittal LaPlace facility in LaPlace, La., USA. Attendees of all three conferences, which totaled more than 350 people, were able to participate in the receptions, breaks, lunch and dinner for optimum networking opportunities. The chapters would like to thank the vendor display participants, sponsors, presenters and participants for making this event a success.

Annual Meeting — March 2014
The Southwest Member Chapter annual meeting was held on Sunday, 2 March–Tuesday, 4 March 2014 at the Doubletree San Antonio Downtown in San Antonio, Texas, USA. More than 100 attendees participated in the event.  The meeting began on Sunday, 2 March with a vendor fair and networking reception in the evening. On Monday morning, 3 March, attendees gathered for additional networking time at the vendor fair, followed by technical presentations. Presentations included: “Transforming Meltshop Data Into Powerful Information,” Sam Matson, CMC Americas; “Nucor Steel–Texas 1 Roll Mill Automation Upgrade,” David Muha, Nucor Steel–Texas; “Wave Mold Update,” Eddie Rios, CMC Steel Texas; “Remove EAF Team From Exposure,” Ronny Danner, Nucor Steel–Texas; and “Mill Setup Practices,” Cole Walker, CMC Steel Arkansas. That afternoon, 17 golfers braved the 38°F weather for the golf outing. The winning team consisted of Steve Dodge of Flame Technologies, Bill Albaugh of AIST and Bobby Rennaker of Falk PLI. Following a networking reception and dinner, a keynote presentation was given by Stephen Weaver, director of operations, CMC Steel Texas. Also at the dinner, past chairs of the chapter were recognized for their service: Ross Wilkinson of Gerdau Arkansas Mill and Mitchell Davis of Nucor Steel–Texas. The 2013 Outstanding Service Award was presented Dale Koehn of Spraying Systems for his commitment to the Southwest Member Chapter and dedication to the yearly golf outings. On Tuesday, 4 March, vendor displays and technical presentations continued. Presentations included: “Reheat Furnace and Safety Guidelines,” Shane Moore, Gerdau Midlothian Mill; “Cut by Weight,” Jason Stevens, Nucor Steel–Texas; “Critical Path Passline,” Duane Benham, Gerdau Midlothian Mill; “Meltshop Non-Contact Cooling Tower Fan Variable Frequency Drive Upgrade,” Adam Spece, Nucor Steel–Texas; and “Changing Safety Culture,” Ross Wilkinson, Gerdau Arkansas Mill. Following the technical presentations, attendees toured the CMC Steel Texas facility in Seguin, Texas, USA.

Annual Meeting — March 2013
On 10-12 March 2013, the AIST Southwest Member Chapter held its annual meeting at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Beaumont, Texas. Although the golf outing was cancelled on Sunday due to weather conditions, attendees enjoyed a welcome reception and vendor fair that evening. Monday’s technical presentations included “Improvement in Ergonomics of Melt Shop Operations” by Allen Stauffer, Ronny Danner, Jacob King and Kevin Allen, Nucor Steel–Texas; “Process Control Using the Bruker Slag Analyzer” by Marty Martinez, Gerdau Special Steel North America–Fort Smith; “EAF Water Panel Emergency Shut-Off” by Nick Boerjan, Gerdau Special Steel North America–Fort Smith, “Energy Efficient Fans at Nucor Steel–Texas” by Adam Spece, Nucor Steel–Texas; “Gerdau and Application of Our Products” by Bhaskar Yalamanchili, Ph.D, Gerdau –Tampa; "Proper Ladle Slag Management” by Mike Butler and Timothy Zeng, Gerdau Beaumont; “Improving Mold Water Temperature” by Jarell Crutcher, Gerdau Beaumont; “Performance and Reliability of Caster Steam Exhaust System” by Jason Batson, and Neil Thornley, Nucor Steel–Texas; and “Anodizing Steel for Corrosion Protection” by Thomas David Burleigh, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology. Monday evening, attendees participated in a vendor fair, reception and dinner with a keynote presentation by Ricardo Anawate, vice president and general manager of Gerdau Beaumont. On Tuesday, 12 March, host plant Gerdau Beaumont welcomed the meeting attendees to a tour of their mill and a Q&A session during lunch.

Annual Meeting — March 2012
On 11–13 March 2012, the AIST Southwest Member Chapter hosted their annual spring meeting at the Hilton College Station & Conference Center in College Station, Texas. Despite a rained-out golf outing, the event began on Sunday, 11 March, with an evening welcome reception and a vendor fair featuring 16 exhibiting companies. Monday’s program included seven technical paper presentations from Nucor Steel Memphis Inc., Spraying Systems, Nucor Steel–Texas, CMC Steel Texas, Gerdau Midlothian and SMS Meer Service Inc. Following the close of the technical presentations, attendees gathered for a reception, more time with the exhibiting companies at the vendor fair and a dinner with a keynote presentation by James Darsey, executive vice president, Nucor Corp. On Tuesday, 13 March, attendees were given a plant tour and lunch at the Nucor Steel–Texas facility in Jewett, Texas. There were 80 attendees at the technical program and nearly 100 at the Monday evening dinner.