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News about the production of steel using basic oxygen converters.

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Woodings Chosen to Fill Major Blast Furnace Order

01 Apr 2015 - Woodings Industrial Corp., a worldwide leader in the manufacture of metals industry equipment, has been selected to design, manufacture and install a substantial amount of equipment that will be a part of a leading steel producer’s rebuild of its “A” blast furnace at its southern Illinois facility.

New Fine Dust Extraction Technology from SMS Group to Be Employed by Chinese Steelmaker

25 Mar 2015 - Shougang Qian'An Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. has placed an order with the SMS group to retrofit its steelworks with three hydro-hybrid filter systems.

Munroe Responds to Disaster, Turns Job in 10 Days

23 Mar 2015 - On 27 March 2014, a major U.S. steel producer in the Great Lakes region experienced a catastrophic failure of a giant collector duct pipe that collapsed and crashed through the roof of the company’s BOP shop.

Woodings to Deliver Large Tuyere and Valve Order to Pittsburgh Steelmaker

12 Mar 2015 - A large Pittsburgh-based steel producer has selected Woodings Industrial to provide a sizable order of tuyere stocks and hot blast valves.

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