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Phoenix™ to supply system for monitoring refractory temperature in ladles

22 Apr 2015 - A major manufacturer of refractory materials for the steel and foundry industries has recently placed an order on Phoenix™ for a ‘Hot Box’ system to monitor refractory temperatures in the linings of steel ladles.

Primetals Technologies to Supply EAF Quantum to Acciaieria Arvedi

09 Apr 2015 - • First deployment of new furnace type in Europe. • Annual production capacity up to 1.57 million metric tons. • Integrated dedusting and heat recovery system improves environmental balance.

Durable, High-Temperature, Furnace Camera Monitors and Records Steel Making Processes

03 Apr 2015 - Lenox Instrument Company’s next generation, high-temperature, video camera system is specifically designed to be mounted directly through the wall of all types of industrial furnaces, heaters, or other combustion chambers. The durable, Furnace Camera HD provides steel mill engineers and operators clear, high-resolution images of burner flames, material alignment and movement inside the furnace, and other “high-heat” process conditions in iron and steel manufacturing.

U. S. Steel to Build EAF and Tubular Coupling Facility in Alabama

19 Mar 2015 - United States Steel Corporation announced two capital investment projects valued at a total of US$277.5 million.

Tyasa Issues Final Acceptance of Minimill Meltshop from Primetals Technologies

16 Mar 2015 - Talleres y Aceros S.A. de C.V. (Tyasa), a Mexican steel producer, issued Primetals Technologies with the final acceptance certificate for a new mini-mill meltshop late in 2014.

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