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EUROFER, the European Steel Association, is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and was founded in 1976. It represents 100% of steel production in the European Union.

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EUROFER: Are Chinese Removal of Boron-Alloy Steel Export Rebates for Better or Worse?

20 Jan 2015 - China practices an industrial policy actively supporting its domestic steel industry. Having introduced VAT export rebates promoting higher value-added products, this measure has triggered unprecedented export surges in a weak domestic steel market, EUROFER said. China announced a removal of these rebates on 1 January 2015.

EUROFER: EU Trade Policy Needs to Become More Reactive and Effective

01 Jan 2015 - Securing an international level playing field has become increasingly challenging, EUROFER says: Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with major emerging, resource-rich economies are not concluded while protectionist measures are cumulating in all steel regions of the world outside the EU.

EUROFER: Strengthening Trend in EU Steel Market Set to Continue in 2015

17 Dec 2014 - The latest economic surveys show that following a weakening trend in Q3, most indicators have been stabilizing, according to EUROFER.

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