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Energy use and conservation, the environment and sustainability as it relates to the steel industry.

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China Might Again Order Steel Production Cuts

03 Aug 2018 - China is drafting its emissions-reductions measures for the coming winter heating season and may require steel mills in six major steel cities to curtail production by 50%, according to the Reuters news service. 

China Takes a New Tack on Air Pollution Reduction

23 Jul 2018 - China plans to set varying production cuts among its steel mills as it adopts a more tailored approach to reducing air pollution, reports the Reuters news service.

Hydrogen Steelmaking Is Feasible...If the Industry Comes Up With a Feasible Way to Produce Hydrogen

25 Jun 2018 - As the steel industry looks to lower its carbon footprint, investments in hydrogen-based steelmaking research and development are surfacing. However, the process itself isn’t necessarily the biggest hurdle to overcome.

ArcelorMittal Launches Initiative Aimed at Improving Steel Building Design

21 Jun 2018 - The world’s largest steelmaker has created a program that aims to change the way builders think about steel in building construction. 

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