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ArcelorMittal Launches S390 EK, a Green, Cost-Effective Solution for Silos and Tanks

06 May 2015 - ArcelorMittal has launched its new high-strength steel grade S390 EK, an innovative, competitive and environmentally friendly solution for the manufacture of silos and tanks. Unlike any other product currently on the market, S390 EK includes two-side enamelling to avoid fish-scaling, thus eliminating the need for specific surface treatments or doped ground enamel, while demonstrating high mechanical properties after enamel firing to withstand load pressure in the silo.

ArcelorMittal Releases 2014 Sustainability Report

22 Apr 2015 - ArcelorMittal, a leading steel and mining company, has published its 2014 sustainability report, ‘Steel: the sustainability challenge’. The report launches the company’s 10 new sustainable development outcomes which outlines what the company needs to achieve in order for its steel to be recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable materials. It also details the company’s sustainability highlights, including how ArcelorMittal made an economic contribution to society of $79 billion in 2014.

Bayi Iron Steel Takes the Lead in Green Buildings in China

21 Apr 2015 - Xinjiang Green Building Co was officially established in Toutunhe district in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on March 30. It is the first assets management company in Xinjiang to focus on the development of the green building industry. The newly-inaugurated company was invested in by Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron Steel Co and another six enterprises, including the Xinjiang Natural Information Technology Investment Co headquartered in Xinjiang.

MMK Group Plans to Significantly Increase Budget for Environmental Initiatives in 2015

20 Apr 2015 - OJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works plans to implement 72 initiatives within its approved 2015 Environmental Programme with a budget exceeding 3.3 bln roubles*, covering all the mill’s production plants and MMK Group entities.

Dust Collectors Improve the Removal Efficiencies of Wet Scrubbers

17 Apr 2015 - Aerodyne Environmental, a specialist in industrial dust collectors and material handling valves, offers products that can either operate as stand-alone units or as pre-filters for existing dust collection systems. No matter how they are used in a process, Aerodyne dust collectors will improve efficiencies and removal rates, and help reduce costs and maintenance time. Wet scrubbers have proven to benefit immensely when an Aerodyne dust collector is used as a pre-filter.

The Steel Industry Calls for a Holistic Approach to Water Policies

16 Apr 2015 - The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has published its position paper on water management in the steel industry highlighting that local authorities are the most competent regulatory body for the management of water as policies need to be based on local conditions.

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