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German Steelmaker Lays Claim to World's Thickest Slab

27 Jul 2017 - Germany’s Dillinger Hütte said it set a new world record on Tuesday, casting a slab with a thickness of 600 mm, or more than 23.5 inches. 

Nucor CEO: It's Time to Support the American Steel Industry

25 Jul 2017 - As Nucor Corp. chairman and chief executive John Ferriola sees it, the United States is in a trade war. And it’s losing. 

Steel Dynamics Takes One to the Snout

21 Jul 2017 - A bad line component forced Steel Dynamics Inc.’s (SDI) new Galvalume and paint lines to go down in the second quarter, contributing to an estimated US$30 million impact on earnings, SDI chief executive Mark Millett said on Thursday.  

This Is Heavy News: Mechel Casts a 50-Metric-Ton Ingot

20 Jul 2017 - Mechel PAO’s Chelyabinsk works in Russia has cast its first 50-metric-ton ingot, officially marking its entry into the oversized special steel market. 

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