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JFE Steel Chooses Supplier for New Gas Scrubber

27 Feb 2018 - Japan’s JFE Steel has placed an order with Primetals Technologies for a dry-gas scrubber to serve a new sintering plant at its Fukuyama works.

Primetals Technologies Announces Leadership Change

16 Feb 2018 - A veteran Mitsubishi manager has been named chairman and chief executive of Primetals Technologies, the company said on Friday. 

ArcelorMittal Awards Strip Mill Contract to Primetals Technologies

09 Feb 2018 - Primetals Technologies has won an order for a hot strip mill and a hot skinpass mill from ArcelorMittal Mexico, the equipment supplier has announced. 

NISCO Calls on Primetals Technologies for Caster Mod

19 Jan 2018 - Primetals Technologies has received an order to modify a bloom caster China’s Nanjing Iron & Steel United Co. Ltd.  

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