Steel News


News on the latest technological processes and equipment used in all stages of the steelmaking process.
Coke, Iron and Alternate Iron Production

News items including recovery and non-recovery coke production as well as blast furnace, iron ore, DRI and other sources of iron.

Long Products Rolling

Includes bar, rod, wire and structural rolling and finishing processes.

Cold Rolling

Includes cold rolling mills, skinpass rolling and related processes.

Plant Operations

News items on technologies necessary to ensure the smooth operation of iron and steel mills.

Continuous Casting

Includes news about all types of continuous casting processes, including strip, thin strip, bloom, billet and beam.

Process Lines

Includes galvanizing, tinning, coating, blanking and all other types of process lines.

Converter Steelmaking

News about the production of steel using basic oxygen converters.

Secondary Metallurgy

News related to secondary refining and ladle technologies.

EAF Steelmaking

News about electric arc furnace steel production.

Specialty Alloy and Foundry

The latest technological news related to specialty alloys and foundries.

Flat Products Rolling

Includes hot strip mill and plate rolling news.

Tubular Rolling

Includes seamless and welded pipe, tube and OCTG rolling and finishing processes.

Latest News

Mexican Steelmaker Orders Acid-Free "Pickling" Line

28 Jan 2016 - Mexico’s Talleres y Aceros has ordered an Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) descaling line to round out operations at its new mini-mill in the state of Veracruz.

Michigan Steel Processor Expanding Annealing Capabilties

08 Jan 2016 - U.S.-based steel processor HyCAL Corp. is expanding its annealing capacity, installing what it says is a first-of-its-kind continuous annealing (CA) line that uses hydrogen rather than water for strip cooling to produce ultra- and advanced high-strength steels.

Tenova Goodfellow Marks 10 Years of EFSOP Technology in Japan

21 Dec 2015 - Tenova Goodfellow Inc. recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the introduction of its Expert Furnace System Optimization Process (EFSOP) technology to the Japanese steel market.

Automakers Taking a Closer Look at New Heat Treat Method

11 Dec 2015 - There’s growing interest among some automakers in a new way to heat treat standard carbon steel that makes it stronger, but leaves it just as ductile.

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