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News on the research and development of new technologies used in all areas of the iron and steel industry.
Automotive Lightweighting

News items about the continual development of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) and other materials for use in the development of lighter vehicles with better fuel efficiency without compromising safety.

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India Partners With R&D Firm to Develop New Steel Grades

29 Nov 2017 - Mecon Ltd., a state-owned consultancy and engineering firm in India, has signed a framework agreement with Italy's Centro Sviluppo Materiali to collaborate on development of electrical and automotive steels, according to a report.

Steel is Better, Stronger ... And Automakers Notice

16 Oct 2017 - If you’re wanting real-world examples of the inroads advanced steels have made with automakers, look no further than the Audi A8 sedan, which had used an all-aluminum body but now has returned to using steel. 

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