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The latest news on steel-related trade cases and issues, including antidumping and countervailing duties, that will affect the flow of steel in and out of the U.S.

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American Lawmaker Wants to Put a Five-Year Halt on Steel Imports

24 Nov 2015 - A U.S. lawmaker said he plans to introduce a bill banning steel imports for five years to protect the country’s ailing iron ore miners and steelmakers, according to reports.

Steelmakers Press for Action Against China Imports

13 Nov 2015 - Unfairly traded steel products exported to North America pose a serious and immediate threat to the industry, the leaders of several steelmakers said on Thursday.

EU Steel Summit Yields No Action, But More Discussions

10 Nov 2015 - European Union ministers agreed they must take steps to protect their steelmakers from the onslaught of imported Chinese steel, but failed to come to terms on a plan for how to do so during a summit meeting held 9 November in Brussels, Belgium.

U.S. Trade Commission Affirms Commerce Ruling in Welded Line Pipe Case

06 Nov 2015 - The U.S. International Trade Commissions has made its final determination in a case involving South Korean and Turkish welded line pipe, affirming that unfairly traded imports from those countries have harmed domestic producers.

U.S. Commerce Department Imposes Preliminary Duties on Imported Steels From China, Other Countries

04 Nov 2015 - The U.S. Department of Commerce has set preliminary duties of up to nearly 236 percent on corrosion-resistant sheet steel imported from China steel and is continuing to evaluate additional protections for American producers.

SMA President: 'We're Not Getting the Margins We Need'

29 Oct 2015 - Imports of Turkish-made rebar are poised to capture 25 to 30 percent of the U.S. market this year, handily exceeding the high-water mark, CMC Americas President Tracy Porter said on Thursday.

China Loses Appeal On Trade Ruling

14 Oct 2015 - The World Trade Organization (WTO) has rejected China’s appeal on a ruling over its use of anti-dumping duties against Japanese- and EU-made high performance, seamless stainless tube.

Analysts Expect Chinese Steel Exports to Plateau by 2020

05 Oct 2015 - JPMorgan analysts said they believe Chinese-made steel exports will be leveling off, capped by a wave of protectionist trade measures, reports BloombergBusiness.

Update: Mexico Imposing Additional Trade Protections for Domestic Steelmakers

30 Sep 2015 - Mexico is increasing duties on a variety of steel products, hoping to shield domestic producers from inexpensive imports from China and other countries.

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