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Steel-related trade disputes and actions, including antidumping and countervailing duty orders.

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China Trying to Discourage Steel Exports, Industry Group Says

24 May 2016 - Exports of Chinese-made steel are being driven by market forces and rose last year in spite of government action intended to reduce incentives for selling overseas, the China Iron & Steel Association said, according to the Reuters news agency.

Commerce Department Slaps Chinese Cold Rolled Steel With Duties of More than 500 Percent

18 May 2016 - The U.S. Department of Commerce is imposing duties of more than 500 percent on Chinese-made cold rolled steel, an action likely to ratchet up trade tensions between the countries.

Producers, Buyers Ask U.S. Trade Commission to Quash U.S. Steel Complaint

15 May 2016 - China’s second-largest steelmaker – and some U.S. buyers – have told the U.S. International Trade Commission that it should reject United States Steel Corporation’s petition to bar imports of Chinese-made steel from entering the country, according to reports.

ArcelorMittal Sees Another Quarter in the Red

06 May 2016 - The world's largest steelmaker posted another unprofitable quarter on Friday, recording a net loss of US$416 million due to low steel prices.

Stolen Data Helped Chinese Producer Quickly Commercialize Ultra High-Strength Steel, Alleges U. S. Steel

28 Apr 2016 - China broke into U. S. Steel's computer network and stole production research on its advanced steels, allowing at least one overseas producer to side-step years of work and quickly roll out ultra high-strength grades, U. S. Steel alleges in its Section 337 complaint before the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Losses Continue to Mount for United States Steel Corp.

26 Apr 2016 - United States Steel Corp. posted a first-quarter net loss of US$340 million on Tuesday and announced that it filed a Section 337 petition seeking to bar unfairly traded, Chinese-made steel products from entering the country.

U.S., E.U. Call for Market-Driven Restructuring of Steel

20 Apr 2016 - The European Union and seven countries, including the U.S., Canada and Mexico, have called for a market-driven restructuring of the world’s steel industry as the way to resolve the capacity crisis.

Steelmaking Countries Leave Brussels Without Agreement on Capacity Problem

19 Apr 2016 - The world’s largest steelmaking countries agree that there is more steel than the planet has use for, but they disagree on how to solve the problem and left a meeting in Belgium without having made any commitments to reduce it.

China Agrees to End Subsidy Program; Steel Executives Press for Aggressive Enforcement of Trade Laws

14 Apr 2016 - The U.S. has signed an agreement with China to end a disputed program that subsidized Chinese exports from seven sectors, one of which includes specialty steel.

Steelmakers Suggest Ways to Fight Excess Capacity During Hearing

12 Apr 2016 - Steelmakers, labor representatives and community leaders were in Washington, D.C., Tuesday to offer testimony about the impact of the world’s excess steel capacity and to suggest ways to combat the problem.

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