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The latest news on steel-related trade cases and issues, including antidumping and countervailing duties, that will affect the flow of steel in and out of the U.S.

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EUROFER: Are Chinese Removal of Boron-Alloy Steel Export Rebates for Better or Worse?

20 Jan 2015 - China practices an industrial policy actively supporting its domestic steel industry. Having introduced VAT export rebates promoting higher value-added products, this measure has triggered unprecedented export surges in a weak domestic steel market, EUROFER said. China announced a removal of these rebates on 1 January 2015.

Turkish Steel Exporters' Association Responds to Decision in Canada Rebar Case

16 Jan 2015 - The Turkish Steel Exporters' Association issued the following response to the finding of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal in the matter of Inquiry NQ-2014-001 on concrete reinforcing bar.

SSTTAC: Stainless Tube Imports Surging into U.S. from China and Korea

09 Jan 2015 - Imports of seamless stainless steel tube from China and Korea are surging into the U.S. market, according to the Stainless Steel Tube Trade Advancement Committee (SSTTAC).

U.S. to Review Plate Import Duties, Suspension Agreements

06 Jan 2015 - The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) has voted to conduct full five-year (“sunset”) reviews concerning the antidumping duty order on cut-to-length carbon steel plate from China and the suspended investigations on cut-to-length carbon steel plate from Russia and Ukraine.

EUROFER: EU Trade Policy Needs to Become More Reactive and Effective

01 Jan 2015 - Securing an international level playing field has become increasingly challenging, EUROFER says: Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with major emerging, resource-rich economies are not concluded while protectionist measures are cumulating in all steel regions of the world outside the EU.

Alacero: Low-Priced Steel Imports from China Growing in Latin America

24 Dec 2014 - In the third quarter of 2014, Latin America received 6 million tons of finished steel from China at a total value of US$ 4.043 billion, said Alacero, the Latin American Steel Association.

OECD Steel Committee: Excess Capacity, Trade Friction Cloud Outlook for Global Steel Industry

22 Dec 2014 - The following is a statement from Risaburo Nezu, chairman of the OECD Steel Committee, issued after a meeting on 12 December 2014.

U.S. Wire Rod Producers Applaud Decision in Trade Case vs. China

19 Dec 2014 - The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) made a final determination that foreign producers of carbon and certain alloy steel wire rod are causing injury to U.S. producers.

USW Raises Concerns about WTO Decisions on U.S. Countervailing Duty Measures

18 Dec 2014 - United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard has expressed deep concern with the WTO Appellate Body and especially its continuing interference in the administration of U.S. trade remedy laws through interpretations of WTO agreements.

Agency Vote Determines U.S. Industry Injured by Wire Rod Imports from China

15 Dec 2014 - The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) determined that a U.S. industry is materially injured by reason of imports of carbon and certain alloy steel wire rod from China that the U.S. Department of Commerce (Commerce) has determined are subsidized and sold in the United States at less than fair value.

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