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ArcelorMittal USA Blast Furnace Knocked Off-Line

08 Aug 2018 - The No. 3 blast furnace at ArcelorMittal’s Indiana Harbor facility has taken an unplanned outage after its large bell fell in during a charge, reports The Times newspaper of northwest Indiana.

This Mill Once Faced Permanent Closure. Now It’s Growing. 

08 Aug 2018 - A Scottish plate mill that was rescued from closure by Sanjeev Gupta's Liberty Steel is now on track to produce more than 120,000 metric tons this year, and even more in the following year, reports The Scotsman newspaper. 

China Might Again Order Steel Production Cuts

03 Aug 2018 - China is drafting its emissions-reductions measures for the coming winter heating season and may require steel mills in six major steel cities to curtail production by 50%, according to the Reuters news service. 

Global Steel Production Is Up. Here's How Much.

26 Jul 2018 - Global crude steel production rose 881.4 million metric tons in the first half of 2018, reports news and pricing provider S&P Global Platts. 

Steel Dynamics Working on Deal for Idled Mill in Kentucky

24 Jul 2018 - Steel Dynamics Inc. is planning to acquire a shuttered bar mill in Kentucky, chief executive Mark Millett said Tuesday. 

China Takes a New Tack on Air Pollution Reduction

23 Jul 2018 - China plans to set varying production cuts among its steel mills as it adopts a more tailored approach to reducing air pollution, reports the Reuters news service.

Steel Dynamics Plans New Galvanizing Line for Mississippi Sheet Mill

28 Jun 2018 - Steel Dynamics Inc. plans to add a third galvanizing line to its Columbus, Miss., USA, sheet plant and make US$90 million to US$100 million in other improvements there.

Idled U. S. Steel Blast Furnace Back in Production

21 Jun 2018 - United States Steel Corporation has restarted one of two idled blast furnaces at its Granite City Works in Illinois and is again producing hot metal.

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