Steel News



People and companies who have received recognition for professional accomplishments.


Promotions and appointments of people working in the iron and steel industry.

Capital Investments

New mills, mill upgrades and other projects requiring an expenditure of capital.


Public policy affecting the iron and steel industry.


Earnings-related announcements from the world's steelmakers.


How much is a ton of steel fetching these days?

Economy & Markets

The latest on the economy's health and the markets driving the supply and demand of steel.

Production & Shipments

Developments that could increase or decrease steel production and shipments around the world.

Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Energy use and conservation, the environment and sustainability as it relates to the steel industry.


Reorganizations of companies; their operations and personnel; and their debts.

Imports & Exports

The movement of iron and steel across international borders.

Safety & Health

Accidents and workplace safety in the steel sector.


Union issues, contract negotiations and layoffs.


Things of interest to the next generation of steelmakers.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Who's buying and who's selling iron and steel assets.

Trade Issues

Steel-related trade disputes and actions, including antidumping and countervailing duty orders.

New Products

Announcements related to new steels, steel products and steelmaking equipment and supplies.

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