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Outokumpu Wins a New Contract with Casa de Moneda de Mexico

8/1/2013 - Outokumpu has won a contract with Casa de Moneda de Mexico (The Mexican Mint) supplying coin blanks to support the Latin American marketplace.
Outokumpu’s Mexinox facility, located in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, is a regular supplier to Casa de Moneda for its Mexican currency bimetallic coin production. The new contract supports Casa de Moneda on its export business for stainless steel coin blanks.
Stainless steel is used for coinage in several countries, but is a relatively new offering for Latin America. The stainless steel application requires exceptional surface quality on both sides of the delivered strips as well as consistent gauge and hardness control. It is due to the mastery of such applications that Outokumpu was awarded this new contract.
Casa de Moneda’s Luis Sanchez comments on the Casa de Moneda-Outokumpu partnership: “As we continue to expand our business, we rely on the technical expertise, quality and expansive portfolio that Outokumpu offers.”
Established in 1535, Casa de Moneda is America’s oldest mint. Satisfying the demand for coins, coin blanks and commemorative medals for Mexico, as well as for countries around the world, Casa de Moneda has developed worldwide prestige through its high quality coinages, the fidelity of its alloys, its advanced technology and the artistic excellence of its designs.