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Producer Falls Victim to Email Phishing Scheme

2/9/2017 - Thieves employing an email phishing scam made off with employees’ W-2 information at special bar quality producer Alton Steel Inc., according to local reports..
According to The (Alton, Ill.) Telegraph newspaper, the breach occurred 2 February, and the company didn't learn of it until Monday.

Employees were quickly notified, but for some, it was already too late – the thieves have used the information to file fraudulent tax forms, according to a local website,

"We put together an identity check list for our employees and we investigated it as soon as we found out it had happened to see the magnitude of it. We then figured out the steps that needed to be taken to protect our employees,” Alton Steel chief executive Jim Hrusovsky told the publication.

“We talked … to them about what they should do with their tax returns and also have them signed up for two years with identity and credit protection through and outside agency for employees and ex-employees caught up in this,” he said.