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Big River's Newest Employee Is a Supercomputer

3/20/2017 - Big River Steel has contracted with a Silicon Valley start-up that will incorporate its supercomputer-powered machine learning technology into the steelmaker’s day-to-day operations, the companies announced on Monday.
“This mill possesses a rich trove of sensor data for our platform to leverage, allowing us to help unlock breakthrough improvements in areas such as maintenance planning, production line scheduling, logistics operations and environmental protection,” chief executive Stephen Pratt said in a statement.  

Based in San Francisco, was created one year ago as an artificial-intelligence-as-a-service firm offering advanced analytics to clients, bringing its machine learning technology to bear on business challenges such as demand prediction, pricing, customer engagement and industrial operations.  

“During’s first year, we assembled some of the world’s top AI experts, supercomputing engineers, and management consultants to create targeted AI solutions for core operations in complex enterprises,” Pratt said.

To that end, Noodle earlier this month announced that its BEAST supercomputing platform is now available for hire. At Big River, the platform will be used to help optimize a variety of functions throughout its mill in Osceola, Ark., USA.

“The AI algorithms will allow the mill to react to production challenges automatically,” said Big River chief executive Dave Stickler.