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    • Life Prediction in Industrial Equipment

      This paper proposes a method to analyze stress and fatigue levels in manually designed equipment using finite element analysis-based structural simulations, fatigue life modeling and three-dimensional visualizations. The final product can be used to optimize existing equipment designs, reduce downtime and identify areas of opportunity for new equipment designs.

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    • Affirmative Abrasion: Advancements and Innovations in Industrial Braking Systems

      The selection of brakes for industrial cranes is a highly analytical process that includes a great deal of consideration involving many factors. This article presents the different types of brakes and the variables involved in selecting brakes that enhance overhead crane operation and provide reliable braking performance.

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    • Rod Mill Finishing End Modernization at Sterling Steel

      This paper discusses a recent modernization project conducted by Primetals Technologies at Sterling Steel. The project involved extending the Morgan Stelmor® controlled cooling conveyor and replacing the coil reforming station to interface with a new vertical stem pallet coil handling system.

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    • A Brief History of Crane Rails

      Rails have evolved to become more complex, mechanically stronger and more wear resistant than many other type of steels available in North America. This article provides a synopsis of the history of crane rails and documents the various mills that produce rails for the North American market.