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    • Using Modern Coke Oven Technology at the New Hyundai Steel Coke Plant

      Hyundai Steel built a coke oven plant in South Korea consisting of 380 large-capacity ovens with two separate gas refinery plants for an overall annual production of approximately 5 million tons of coke and 290,000 m3 of coke oven gas per year. This article gives an overview of the plant design and the technology used. Special attention is given to the benefits of new technologies regarding production, safety and environmental compliance.

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    • Profit Optimization in the Steel Industry: Profit Hawk™ Application

      A profit optimization system was implemented at Steel Dynamics Inc. Structural and Rail Division. Utilizing activity-based cost accounting to drive a linear programming model, the system accurately determines product and customer profitability, optimizes product mix and identifies improvement projects with the maximum impact on division profitability. Even before implementation was complete, it was used to react to market conditions and expose complex solutions to achieve the best-possible outcome.

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    • A New-Generation Optical Flatness Measurement System

      Flatness measurement puts special demands and constraints on optics and hardware. A technology platform based on new smart camera technology and dedicated software has been developed. The result is a powerful solution tailor-made for flatness measurement that enables detection of smaller defects, higher line speeds and more compact geometry.

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    • Practical Applications of a Surface Inspection System at the Hot Mill

      ArcelorMittal Cleveland’s hot strip mill successfully  deployed and optimized the usage of an automated surface inspection system since its initial installation in May 2011. This paper describes the transformation of the original system into a usable tool in maintaining and improving surface quality of flat rolled steel sheet.