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    • Near-Roll Dross Particle Interactions in a Galvanizing Bath

      Factors that influence dross generation inside a galvanizing bath include the nature of fluid flow, fluid temperature and solubility distribution. Likewise, dross buildup on a roll surface can be affected by both the groove geometry of the roll and the roll hardness. In this paper, the groove geometry effect is studied.

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    • Preventing Fires in Pickle Lines

      A new passive fire protection technology has been developed for protecting pickle line tanks. It can be installed in place and can prevent a fire from igniting. This article explores the advantages of this new technology over existing tank materials and protection methods currently available.

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    • Novel Laboratory Lubrication Tests for Cold Rolling Emulsions

      Traditional laboratory lubrication tests often involve neat oils. However, compared to the cold rolling process, high levels of lubricant degradation and wear are often found. To better approach the situation in the field, laboratory lubrication tests were developed for emulsions. In this paper, the viability of these methods is illustrated by a number of field cases.

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    • Advanced Chromium-Free Coating for Electrical Steels

      In this paper, one of the latest inventions in high-performance chromium-free coatings for electrical steels, G2, is presented and compared with its previous version. Due to its excellent performance, the new G2 coating is expected to promote the application of environmentally friendly Cr-free technologies in general-purpose applications as well as high-performance electrical steel products.