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    • Pickling and Tandem Cold Rolling Technologies for Ternium Mexico

      The pickling and tandem cold rolling mill (PL-TCM) has shown high performance after the start-up in August 2013 at Ternium Mexico. The technologies have successfully demonstrated their performance for high quality across a wide range of products, wider range of product options and more efficient operations. This paper will highlight the key technologies of the PL-TCM, provide an overview of the project and present the capabilities of the line.

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    • Energy Savings in the System Pickling/Acid Recovery: The New ECOmode

      The recovery of hydrochloric acid from a pickling line via pyrohydrolysis in a spray roast reactor is state of the art. A major part of the energy consumption of this process results from the evaporation of water. A new operating mode for the system pickling/acid recovery was implemented that saves up to 25% fuel without any additional process steps. This new ECOmode enables the total system to more efficient operation level.

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    • Radiant Tube Life Improvement for Vertical Galvanizing Lines

      A good durability of radiant tubes is essential for a profitable operation of a strip line. There are several factors influencing the radiant tube life. This paper discusses how suppliers, operators and research can contribute to improve tube life, considering increasing production and quality demands.

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    • The Nature of Cohesion of Atoms in Dilute Solutions of Iron

      The study of microscopic properties of any systems involves calculations of their electron densities and total energies from first principles. Such a calculation is complicated due to the impossibility of solving the Schrödinger equation and the limited applications of alternative theories. A new concept is being proposed for estimation of bond strengths of atoms of elements in the periodic table based on which certain macroscopic properties of dilute solutions of iron are studied. A detailed description of this concept will be provided, and examples of its applications will be presented in this paper.