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    • A Numerical Test Bench for Supersonic Oxygen Nozzles and Its Application to the BOF Process

      In this work, various CFD models are developed and validated to design and investigate the behavior of supersonic nozzles for BOF steelmaking. These models could be used to characterize and optimize supersonic nozzle designs and examine the effect of nozzle geometries on jet behavior. A visualization tool is also introduced that provides a high-definition view of the furnace inner profile.

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    • Dephosphorization Strategies and Modeling in Oxygen Steelmaking

      Today the task and aim of basic oxygen steelmaking technology are to supply molten steel produced from hot metal, scrap, flux and other coolant/fuel charge just in time to meet the logistic requirements of a modern steel melt and continuous casting shop. This paper reviews the metallurgical basics and discusses the different possibilities to succeed in the task by comparing the results of various steel plants and their different approaches.

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    • Metallurgical Performance of Different Slab Casting Tundish Designs: Modeling and Industrial-Scale Trials

      A novel slab casting tundish design has been advocated in which a wedge-shaped basal plate, an embedded pouring box, together with a naturally opening near the strand dam, were applied in conjunction. To demonstrate the approach, full-scale trials were carried out at two integrated steel mills by modifying existing tundish designs. Measured tundish skull as well as inclusion counts in samples collected from the plants confirm significantly improved yield losses and comparable steel quality, despite different operating conditions.