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    • Application of Hot Rolling Lubrication on a Reversing Coil/Plate Mill

      Roll lubrication was introduced to the 4-high Steckel mill at Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc. in 2011. It was found that the benefits included a significant extension to roll service life and notable reduction of mill torque. This paper will describe the mechanism of lubrication in the roll system and present the improved rolling parameters of the Steckel mill.

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    • Effect of Backup Roll Wear on Hot Band Flatness and Crown

      Analysis of flatness data shows that backup roll wear can greatly impair the mill setup if not taken into account. If a roll stack deflection model does not account for the worn profile of the backup rolls, then roll bending and shifting references may not be adequate, resulting in hot band flatness deterioration and noticeable deviation of the actual strip crown from the target. Results of analysis of the effect of the backup roll wear on flatness and crown are discussed.

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    • Digital Image Correlation Studies of Advanced High-Strength Steel Tensile Deformation

      In this paper, recent results from application of digital image correlation (DIC) to advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) grades are explored. Unique DIC capabilities addressed are the quantification of strain fields that are distinctly non-uniform, and the estimation of flow curves beyond uniform elongation for thin sheet gauges. Some unanswered questions pertaining to necking behavior of AHSS are raised as potential topics for future research.