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    • Electric Arc Furnace Process Improvement and the Law of Unintended Consequences

      A series of burner trials intended to address a specific furnace performance issue led to a major burner upgrade project on the EAFs at Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC. This work will detail the progression of burner profile trials into a major burner equipment upgrade that highlighted other areas for improvement and some unanticipated benefits in refractory life, electrode consumption and delta life.

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    • Mini-Mill Burdening for Maximum Efficiency and Yield?

      Mini-mills are striving to be more cost-, quality- and environmentally efficient to ensure future competitiveness. While most mills intuitively want to maximize efficiency and yield, this is often in conflict with minimizing cost. Philosophies of charge makeup will be discussed, along with various mill tools available to facilitate optimization of yield, quality or cost.

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    • An Integrated Approach to Radioactive Source Detection at Steel Mills and Scrap Yards

      This paper presents an integrated approach to the detection of radioactive sources before they can be charged into an electric arc furnace (EAF). Systems have been deployed and refined over three years at Nucor’s U.S. steel mill sites and now provide trending data, resulting in the development of more effective radiation detection methods and procedures, as well as providing process feedback.

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    • The Use of DRI in a Consteel® EAF Process

      While some conventional electric arc furnaces (EAFs) in the U.S. are already using cold direct reduced iron (DRI) as a source of iron units for their charge, the use of DRI for a Consteel EAF has not yet been adopted. Investigations, calculations and tests have been carried out in order to determine the optimum balance between continuous scrap charge and continuous DRI charge for a Consteel EAF. This paper outlines the results of these investigations.

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    • Modernization of Mill Power Systems for Better Control and Visualization

      This paper details the modernization of the power system for Cascade Steel Rolling Mills Inc. Aging electromechanical protective relays were replaced by modern digital units, along with new control hardware and software, to improve power system protection. The new system provides simple, effective visualization of the electric arc furnace and ladle metallurgy furnace power systems with derived winding temperatures, dynamic single-line diagrams of the medium-voltage switchgear, and uncomplicated remote engineering access to all devices.