Safety First

Hazards are ever-present in the steel plant environment, and a heightened awareness and emphasis on safety is a necessary priority for our industry. This monthly column, written by members of the AIST Safety and Health Technology Committee, focuses on procedures and practices to promote a safe working environment for everyone.

September 2014


Student-Based Research Project to Foster Occupational Safety Career Pathways for the Steel and Other Industries

August 2014


Enhancing Safety of Industrial Tensile Testing

July 2014


Hand Amputation in a Molten Metal Furnace

June 2014


Electromagnetic Fields in the Steel Industry

May 2014


Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

April 2014


In-Plant Vehicles: Skeletons in the Closet

March 2014


Voluntary Protection Programs: The Pursuit of Excellence

February 2014


Injury on a Construction Site

January 2014


Prevent Hand Injuries in the Steel Industry Through Assessment, Awareness and Training

December 2013


Arc  Flash Considerations for Power Retrofit

November 2013


Total Quality Management for Mitigating Risk of Injuries to Upper Extremities Within Steel Mill Operations

October 2013


Design of an Active Warning System for Fall Protection

September 2013


Lessons Learned From an OSHA Compliance Officer

August 2013


Strategically Reduce Hand Injuries Using the Hierarchy of Hazard Control

July 2013


HAZCOM 2012: What Was OSHA's Intent?

June 2013


Electrocution on a Press Due to Poor Grounding

May 2013


Fatalities Involving Mobile Equipment: Had Enough Yet?

April 2013


Water Works - New Generation of Plumbed Emergency Equipment Enhances Safety in Hazardous Work Environments

March 2013


Will Your Business Survive? A Road Map to Business Contingency Planning

February 2013


The Most Recent Revision to OSHA's HazCom Standard Has Far-Reaching Effects

January 2013


Make Your Accident Investigation Count