AIST Process Benchmarker®

Are You Ahead of the Competition?
Benchmarking Steel Manufacturing for a Sustainable Future

AIST Process Benchmarker (APB) is an online service utilized for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) between companies engaged in the production and processing of iron and steel, and related raw materials.

The APB offers the following benefits:

  • Benchmark KPIs for specific technical operations against real-world industry norms.

  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and establish specific performance expectations.

  • Focus research and development in key areas necessary to improve technical processes.

  • Make informed decisions to enhance corporate competitiveness and overall industry sustainability.

The APB unites steel producers in comparative technical benchmarking to improve the long-term sustainability of steel as the engineered material of choice for a diverse array of applications.

Training and a demonstration of the AIST Process Benchmarker are available by contacting AIST’s Ryan Wolfred.

APB  — Improving the Bottom Line

APB — Improving the Bottom Line

The APB is an online database that serves as an analytical tool for tracking various production metrics between coke-, iron- and steel-producing companies. This paper describes the APB system functionality, and discusses the steps taken to develop the system.