Educational Videos

If you are interested in submitting a video for consideration, please contact Gina Kosak.

Real Steel Student Video Contest

In 2011, the AIST Foundation launched “The Real Steel” Marketing Video Challenge. The contest challenges university students to produce three-minute videos promoting the steel industry to young people, while highlighting environmental consciousness, energy conservation, technological advancements and safety awareness.

2015 1st Place Winner
Steel: Backbone of the Universe

2014 1st Place Winner
The Art of Steelmaking

2012 1st Place Winner
Steel: Shaping Our World

World Steel Association - #lovesteel videos

General Steelmaking

Historical Perspectives on Steel


Coke, Iron and Alternate Iron Production


Iron in our Electrical World


Converter/Oxygen Steelmaking


EAF Steelmaking


Secondary Refining


Continuous Casting


Cold Rolling/Hot Rolling


Processing and Finishing