Students & Faculty

Steel Research & Applications Grant

Formally the Ferrous Metallurgy Education Today Initiative (FeMET) Design Grant

2016 Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Arun M. Gokhale:  “Effects of Deformation on Quantitative Microstructure-Properties Relationships in Hot—Stamped AHSS Steels at High Strain Rates”

2015 University of Pittsburgh, Isaac Garcia:   “Design and Development of a Continuous Annealing Laboratory Simulator (CAL-VS1) to Study AHSS and other Steel Systems”

2014 Carnegie Mellon University,  Bryan Webler:  “Optimization of Calcium Treatment and Inclusion Modification

2011 Missouri University of Science & Technology,  Lifeng Zhang, “The Impact of Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) and Embedded Electronic Components on the Recyclability of Automobiles

2010 The Ohio State University, Patricia Morris:  “Design of a Virtual Metal-Oxide Sensor Array Device for Off-Gas Detection and Monitoring in Iron and Steel Processing

2009  Purdue University-Calumet, Chenn Q. Zhou:  “Integration of Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Virtual Reality Visualization for Iron and Steel Making Processes

2008  Colorado School of Mines, Kip O. Findley:  “Weldability, Processing,Microstructure, and Mechanical Behavior Relationships in Advanced High Strength Steel

2007  LeTourneau University, Robert W. Warke:  “Application of State-of-the-World Modeling Techniques to Steel Processes

2006  Carnegie Mellon University, University of Missouri Rolla

2005  Michigan Technological University