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Material Advantage is the student member program of the Association for Iron & Steel Technology.

Student Membership

Material Advantage is a joint program that provides college students with a single, low-cost membership to four professional organizations serving the materials science and engineering community. In addition to the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), the other organizing partners are the American Ceramics Society (ACerS), ASM International (ASM) and the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).

Membership in the Material Advantage program is only US$30/year (effective 8/1/12), and includes full membership to all four organizations, along with special conference rates, travel grants and publications discounts. In addition, Material Advantage members will receive the printed journal from each organization on a monthly rotating basis. These journals include American Ceramic Society Bulletin (ACerS), Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), Advanced Materials and Processes (ASM) and JOM (TMS).

AIST, along with our Material Advantage partners, has gathered all available resources to help students find financial assistance. Over US$800,000 in scholarships is available through societies, chapters and foundations

Student Chapters

Material Advantage Chapters give you a much-needed edge in the global job market and the knowledge, experience and networking you need to begin your career successfully.

You’ll find Material Advantage Chapters at more than 75 top schools of materials science and engineering throughout the world. Through the Material Advantage Program, you can learn and sharpen the skills you need to become a successful engineering professional and a future leader of your society.

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