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Alfred B. Glossbrenner


4 years


Engineering or Metallurgy Student

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John Klusch


4 years


Engineering or Metallurgy Student

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Youngstown State


1 year


Engineering or Metallurgy Student at Youngstown State


Akron University


1 year


Engineering or Metallurgy Student at Akron University

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The Alfred B. Glossbrenner Scholarship was established in 1988, in honor of the founding chairman of the AISE Canton District Section. In 1996, the Executive Committee of AISE Canton Section voted to award a second scholarship in honor of John Klusch for more than 35 years as Canton Section Secretary.


The Northeastern Ohio Member Chapter scholarship program will award up to six (6) scholarships. Any candidate applying for a scholarship will only be eligible to win one of the aforementioned scholarships.


Students eligible to compete for the Scholarship must, at the time of application, be the children (natural, step-children, adopted or ward) of a United States citizen or landed immigrant who is a member, in good standing and paid for the past two years, of the Association for Iron & Steel Technology. The student must also be accepted in an eligible full-time course at an accredited North American university or college studying engineering or metallurgy. Scholarships are renewable on an annual basis up to three additional years. Students must maintain and document a GPA of 2.5 or greater in a technical major to remain eligible for the scholarship program. 


The scholarships will be awarded principally on the basis of academic achievements with respect to High School GPA, Rank in class ACT / SAT Scores, extra-curricular activities, and planned major course of study (engineering applicants are preferred) to eligible high school senior student(s).  Consideration will also be given to a required essay from the  student(s). The awards will be made without regard to financial need and the decision from the Scholarship committee is final.


  1. The scholarship must be used at an accredited college or university.

  2. The student must begin the course of study, at the college or university, in the fall of the same year the scholarship is awarded.

  3. The AIST Foundation will forward the scholarship stipend, as a lump sum, to the college or university for deposit in the account of the student.

  4. In cases where the student’s studies or admission are delayed or interrupted for any reason, the Secretary must be advised immediately, and may result in forfeiture.

Required Documents

  1. A current resume with work experience and any extracurricular activities, noting any leadership positions.

  2. A brief essay (1 to 2 pages) on one of the following topics:

    1. Purpose in going to college

    2. Beneficial experience during the last two summers

    3. Most significant experiences and effect on future plans

    4. Accomplishments providing the greatest satisfaction

    5. Reason that he/she should be chosen as the recipient of this award.

  3. A recommendation or evaluation from a Counselor, Teacher or Professor.

  4. Copy of SAT/ACT scores

  5. Copy of current high school or college transcripts

Application Forms

Return the application along with attachments by 30 April to:

AIST Northeastern Ohio Member Chapter Scholarships
C/o Jaime Hart
AIST Northeastern Ohio Chapter Scholarship Chair
Rudolph Libbe Group
5505 Valley Belt Rd, Suite F
Independence, Ohio 44131