Technology Committees

Technology Divisions and Technology Committees

                            Membership in                             AIST is critical to                             promoting rapid                            and efficient transfer of technical information and networking with peers in this industry. Isolationism is passé, whereas global interaction via open source intelligence and ‘conferencing’ is essential.

Ron Radzilowski
AK Steel – Dearborn Works

Get involved! Join one or more committees when you become an AIST member.

AIST’s 9 Technology Divisions include 29 Technology Committees that address specific process, engineering, equipment or reliability technologies associated with the iron and steel industry.

Members who serve on Technology Committees become an integral part of a vital network to solve problems and advance the state of technology within the industry. Committee members must attend one meeting per year. Committee activities include plant tours, conference program development, industry surveys, roundtable discussions, technical presentations, and the development and maintenance of technical reports and benchmarking metrics.

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Reserve Exhibit Space for AISTech 2015

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