Technology Committees

Cokemaking Committee Activities

  Rob Carlin (left) presented the CMTC service plaque to Sam
Sheyn (right).

The CTC met 4 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Sam Sheyn, AK Steel Corp. – Middletown Works

  • Vice chair and Cokemaking Roundup chair — MatKraeuter, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG

  • Papers chair — Mike Best, Shenango Inc.

  • Members chair — Jack Burnside, AKJ Industries Inc.

  • APB® Cokemaking chair — Mohammed Elbeitam, DTE Energy Services

  • Cokemaking Byproducts Roundup chair — Nick Morrison, GE Power & Water

  • Producer-only chair — Natalia Muntean, DTE Energy Services

Meeting Highlights:
Mike Best reviewed the technical sessions at AISTech 2015.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on 5 February 2015, Coraopolis, Pa., USA. There were 43 CMTC members at the CMTC winter meeting, which was held in conjunction with the Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Association annual meeting. 
CMTC papers chair Mike Best reviewed the CMTC sessions planned for AISTech 2015. Officers for the 2015–2016 term were also discussed. 
Toni Brayton gave an update on AIST Process Benchmarker® (APB®) participation by cokemakers. 
Mike Best presented the current states of the Josef S. Kapitan Award and the Joseph Becker Award, and the winners were finalized. These awards will be presented at AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The committee reviewed both the Coke Oven Battery and Cokemaking Byproduct roundups, which were published in the March 2015 issue of Iron & Steel Technology. 
Next CMTC Meeting: Monday, 4 May 2015 during AISTech in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on 9 September 2014, St. Louis, Mo., USA. The meeting began with a safety roundtable discussion, during which industry fatalities from 2013 and 2014 were compared. The group felt that tracking “near fatalities” would be an interesting trend to study.
The AIST 2014 Coke Oven Battery Roundup was discussed, with updates suggested. In addition, Karen Brinker reviewed the data collection sheet for the AIST Cokemaking Byproducts Roundup, which was introduced in 2014.
Papers for AISTech 2015 were reviewed, and session layout and session chairs were discussed. Nominees for the AIST 2015 Joseph Becker Award were requested.
Richard Randolph, Fosbel Inc., gave a technical presentation on battery monitoring and repair. That evening, the group visited the SunCoke Energy facility in Granite City, Ill., USA, during which they were able to  watch a coke push and tour the battery.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on 17–19 September 2013, Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. The two-day meeting was held jointly with several American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute (ACCCI)members in attendance and featured a tour of U. S. Steel – Mon Valley Works, Clairton Plant. U. S. Steel hosted the meeting at its training facility in Duquesne, Pa. The total attendance between both groups was more than 70, with over 50% representing steel producing companies.
Cam Howey presented information on fatigue recognition systems and provided an update on the Coke Oven Battery Roundup. Sam Sheyn discussed the CMTC’s AISTech 2014 sessions. Toni Brayton discussed the Josef S. Kapitan Award for Best Paper. Jack Withrow presented an overview of the construction and start-up of the new “C” battery at U. S. Steel – Mon Valley Works, Clairton Plant.
Greg Shamitko chaired the afternoon environmental session. Bruce Steiner discussed environmental regulatory and legislative updates on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations for battery stack, quenching and pushing emissions. Jeff Mason from Integrated Mill Systems Inc. discussed supervision systems for coke plants, focusing on system implemented for the “C” battery at U. S. Steel’s Clairton Plant. Friedrich Huhn from Uhde Corp. presented a paper on quench tower designs and improvements in coke quenching. Tom Pike provided an update on ASTM methods and quality issues. 

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on 18–20 September in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Canada.   ESSAR Steel Algoma Inc. was the host plant. A meeting pertaining to the AIST Process Benchmarker (APB™) Cokemaking module was held on 18 September. Toni Brayton, CMTC chair, and Rob Carlin, CMTC APB chair, provided the CMTC with an update on this module. Producer members who attended the CMTC meeting represented such companies as United States Steel Corporation, ArcelorMittal, AK Steel, DTE Energy Services and ESSAR Steel Algoma. The 2013 Josef S. Kapitan Cokemaking Award for Best Paper was selected. Drazen Gajic, from DMT GmbH & Co. Ltd., will be given this award at AISTech 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pa., for his paper entitled, “New Findings From the DMT Small-Scale Coking Test Retort Regarding Coke Quality and Coke Oven Wall Safety.” Brayton encouraged CMTC members to submit a paper or presentation for AISTech 2013. Presentations made during this meeting are available in the Members Only section on The next CMTC meeting will be held during the Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Association meeting at the end of January 2013.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on Monday, 7 May at AISTech in Atlanta, Ga.  The CMTC officer elections resulted in the following for 2012–2013: Toni Brayton, chair; Cam Howey, vice chair; Sam Sheyn, papers chair; Tim Maurice, members chair; and Rob Carlin, AIST Process Benchmarker (APB) chair. The APB Cokemaking Module development has been established, with parameter definitions to begin this beneficial program for coke producers. The Cokemaking Module was approved in May and an update will be provided during the CMTC’s fall meeting. Brayton, Howey and Carlin formed the APB subcommittee. Brayton provided the committee with an update on the Cokemaking Roundup and the Cokemaking Byproduct Roundup.
The 2012 Josef S. Kapitan Award was presented to Shiju Thomas, Steven McKnight and Ernie Serrano for their paper entitled, “Pilot Oven Evaluation of Biomass Usage for Metallurgical Cokemaking.” Brayton asked the committee to submit names for consideration for the 2013 Joseph Becker Award, to be presented at AISTech 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pa. The next CMTC meeting will be held on 18–20 September in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Canada. The APB Producer-Only meeting will be on Tuesday, 18 September from 2 to 5 p.m. The CMTC will meet on Wednesday, 19 September, and will tour the ESSAR Steel Algoma coke facilities on Thursday morning, 20 September 2012.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on 1–2 February 2012. There were 32 members in attendance for Wednesday’s meeting, and 12 producer members attended the CMTC’s AIST Process Benchmarker (APB) meeting on Thursday morning. Rob Carlin, CMTC chair, reviewed the 2011 Steel Industry Fatalities Report, which was followed by a safety roundtable discussion. There were 31 recorded fatalities related to the steel industry in 2011. The AISTech 2012 Call for Papers was presented by Tim Wojtowicz, CMTC papers chair. The committee has expanded its presentations at AISTech 2012, with five technical sessions scheduled. The CMTC revised the AISTech 2013 Call for Papers to include byproduct innovations, maintenance reliability and alternate processes. Toni Brayton, CMTC vice chair and roundup chair, reviewed the AIST 2012 Coke Oven Battery Roundup, provided an update on the CMTC Byproduct Roundup and an gave an update on the APB. The CMTC officer nominations and elections for the next two-year term starting after AISTech 2012 were completed as follows: Rob Carlin was elected the CMTC APB chair; Toni Brayton was elected CMTC chair; Cam Howey was elected CMTC vice chair; Sam Sheyn was elected CMTC papers chair; and Tim Maurice was elected CMTC members chair. Rob Carlin announced the winners of the 2012 Josef S. Kapitan Award, to be presented at AISTech 2012, as Shiju Thomas, Steven McKnight and Ernie Serrano from the United States Steel Corporation for their paper “Pilot-Oven Evaluation of Biomass Usage for Metallurgical Cokemaking.”
The CMTC APB subcommittee held its first meeting to develop a benchmarking module with Management Science Associates (MSA). The committee concentrated on developing parameter definitions and limits on key variables that the committee believes should be benchmarked. Those interested in this producer-only APB subcommittee should contact Rob Carlin or Toni Brayton. Following this meeting, members attended the annual winter meeting of the Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Association.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met in Birmingham, Ala., on 20–22 September 2011, with the American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute (ACCCI). Rob Carlin, CMTC chair, welcomed everyone to the second joint meeting with the ACCCI in two years. Current CMTC membership stands at 57 members. Tim Wojtowicz, CMTC papers chair, discussed the submitted paper abstracts for AISTech 2012 and possible session presentations. Committee members were encouraged to promote cokemaking presentations for the annual conference. The 2012 Josef S. Kapitan Award committee was selected and evaluations were to be completed by 31 October. Tom Pike, ABC Coke, presented an update on ASTM standards for coal coke quality. Mike Buettner, Alva Laval Inc., presented, “Optimizing the Byproducts Plants With Heat Transfer and Separation Solutions,” and Jeanne Kroger, Trident Fluid Power, presented, “Continuous Improvement Policies.”
Next day began with an update from Toni Brayton, CMTC vice chair and roundup chair, on the 2012 Coke Oven Battery Roundup and development of the Cokemaking Byproduct Roundup. Committee members and ACCCI members were encouraged to participate. Bruce Steiner, ACCCI member, presented an update on the role of the ACCCI MESH committee along with regulatory and legislative updates. Marius Jacobs, SAFEMap, presented, “Employee Attitudes Toward Safety.” Dr. Donna Lee Jones, via conference call, discussed, “EPA — Pushing, Quenching and Battery Stack Standards.” The last presentation of the morning was Michael Trembowicz, Tonawanda Coke, who discussed, “Vanocur Refractories — Throughwall Repairs.” The morning session was followed by a tour of ABC Coke operations.
The third day of the meeting was for producer-only members. Erik Schoch, DTE Shenango, presented an update from the ACCCI Health and Safety subcommittee. Rob Carlin discussed the AIST 2011 Steel Industry Fatalities Statistics. Toni Brayton presented the AIST Byproduct Roundup statistics and requested participation from everyone in attendance. Brayton then presented the AIST Process Benchmarker (APB) program and discussed how producer-only members will be able to participate in this new benchmarking format. Rob Carlin, CMTC chair, was nominated as the CMTC benchmarking chair to help develop benchmarking programs for both the coke battery and byproduct operations. Greg Shamitko, ArcelorMittal Monessen, chaired a panel discussion on OSHA inspections, citations and incidents. Kelly Nelson, AK Steel, provided an update on the ACCCI Human Resources subcommittee. The next Cokemaking Technology Committee meeting will be on 1–2 February 2012 before the annual Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Association meeting.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on 2 May 2011 at AISTech 2011 in Indianapolis, Ind.  There were 33 members in attendance, with current CMTC membership at 77 members. The 2011 Steel Industry Fatalities Statistics were reviewed, and it was noted that 11 fatalities occurred in the first quarter of 2011. Rob Carlin and Toni Brayton reviewed the 2011 Cokemaking Roundup and the status of the Byproducts Roundup that will be published with AIST’s Coke Oven Battery Roundup next year. The CMTC officer elections were approved with a second term for Rob Carlin, chair; Toni Brayton, vice chair and roundup chair; Tim Wojtowicz, papers chair; and Tim Maurice, membership chair. Brad Parker, AIST Technology Division II board of director representative, presented the 2011 Joseph Becker Award to Dr. Klaus Hofherr. Accepting for Dr. Hofherr was Dr. Hans Bodo Lungen. Wojtowicz presented the Josef S. Kapitan Award to Paul Towsey, Ian Cameron and Yakov Gordon for their paper, “Comparison of Byproduct and Heat-Recovery Cokemaking Technologies.” The AIST Process Benchmarker (APB) was reviewed by Rob Carlin. The next CMTC meeting is scheduled for 20–22 September 2011 in Birmingham, Ala., with a tour of ABC Coke and a joint meeting with the American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute. Contact Rob Carlin if you are interested in making a presentation at this joint committee meeting.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on Wednesday and Thursday, 2–3 Feb 2011 in Coraopolis, Pa. The CMTC Producer Only Subcommittee met on Wednesday and reviewed the completed 2011 Cokemaking Roundup. The subcommittee will plan to complete a 2012 Cokemaking Byproducts Roundup, which will be a top priority this year. CMTC Producer Only conference calls were scheduled for 17 Mar and 14 Apr to organize this new roundup. The CMTC met on Thursday before the 91st Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Association winter meeting. They reviewed the 2010 and 2011 Steel Industry Fatalities Statistics, followed by an open roundtable discussion on safety. AISTech 2011 paper sessions were reviewed, confirming session chairs. The AISTech 2012 Call for Papers was discussed. The committee announced that the recipient of the 2011 Joseph Becker Award is Dr. Klaus Hofherr of ThyssenKrupp EnCoke Inc. The 2011 Josef S. Kapitan Best Paper Award winner is Paul Towsey of Hatch for his paper, “Comparison of Byproducts vs. Heat Recovery Cokemaking Technologies.” Rob Carlin, CMTC chair, discussed the fall 2011 joint meeting with the American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute (ACCCI). Michael Shafer of DTE Energy gave a presentation on wastewater treatment.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on 30 Sep in Collinsville, Ill. Rob Carlin welcomed the 26 members in attendance. Current CMTC membership stands at 72 members. The CMTC reviewed the 2010 Steel Industry Fatality Statistics, followed by a roundtable discussion on plant performances, near misses, training availability, initiatives and safety at home. Toni Brayton updated the group on a possible new benchmarking database from Management Science Associates Inc. (MSA). This program could increase producer participation on the committee. Brad Parker, CMTC past chair, was selected to chair the Joseph Becker Award nominating committee with the following members: Joel Sundholm (past recipient), Rob Carlin, Toni Brayton, Tim Wojtowicz, Ted Todoschuck, Dick O’Hearn, Greg Emish and Jack Garzella. Mr. Wojtowicz, papers chair, will also chair the 2011 Kapitan Best Paper Award nominating committee, which will also include Richard Westbrook, Joe Fluder and Marty Dusel. The CMTC has scheduled four paper sessions for AISTech 2011, with hopes of filling Tuesday morning’s session with new abstracts submitted. The Cokemaking Roundup was reviewed, and additional companies will be contacted in hopes of expanding the Roundup coverage. Toni Brayton, AISTech 2011 Conference Planning Committee chair, updated the CMTC on paper abstracts submitted, exhibit hall participants, and the Town Hall survey. The Town Hall will remain scheduled for Wednesday morning during AISTech. AIST’s Steel Glossary was discussed, and CMTC members were encouraged to submit cokemaking-related terminology. A late afternoon tour of Gateway Energy & Coke Co. displayed the company’s technology in operation. The CMTC viewed a number of charges and pushes, and plant housekeeping was excellent.
The CMTC Producer-Only Subcommittee met the next day to discuss the new benchmarking database program. Besides expanding the Cokemaking Roundup, this committee plans on developing a Byproduct Roundup, enlisting the help of Jim Fittipaldo of ArcelorMittal Warren. Ms. Brayton, U. S. Steel – Gary Works, was nominated as chair for this Producer-Only Subcommittee. The subcommittee will meet 2 Feb 2011, with a presentation topic of, “Training: New Employee Orientation,” by Ms. Brayton and Richard Randolf, Fosbel Inc. Presentations on wastewater treatment will also be made by Geoff Hobbs of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc. and Michael Shafer of DTE Energy. A general CMTC meeting will be held on 3 Feb 2011, from 8 a.m. to noon before the Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Conference registration in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on Tuesday, 4 May at AISTech 2010, with 31 members in attendance. Brad Parker reviewedthe 2010 Steel Industry Fatalities Statistics, which opened a dialogue for a safety round table discussion. The CMTC officer elections for 2010–2011 will have Rob Carlin as chair, Toni Brayton as vice chair, Tim Wojtowicz as papers chair, and Tim Maurice as membership chair. The committee discussed the initial Cokemaking Roundup, which was published in the January 2010 issue of Iron & Steel Technology, and the need to expand the coke batteries listed. The deadline for the January 2011 Cokemaking Roundup is Oct. 15. A separate Byproducts Roundup will be considered by the committee for publication next year. An increase of 25% in battery listings will be the goal for next year’s roundup. Benchmarking procedures and goals were discussed along with reporting templates, ensuring confidentiality for coke producers participating. This will be a meeting agenda item for the fall CMTC meeting. The 2010 Josef S. Kapitan Award for Cokemaking was presented to Tim Wojtowicz for his paper entitled, “Activated Carbon Injection Optimization Study for Controlling Mercury Emissions at Haverhill North Coke Co.” The fall CMTC meeting will be 30 Sep–1 Oct at Granite City with a tour of Sun Coke’s Battery on 30 Sep Brad Parker was recognized for his two-year tenure as the CMTC chair.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on 4 Feb before the Eastern States winter meeting registration. Brad Parker, CMTC chair, welcomed 22 members in attendance. There are currently 61 members of the CMTC, with five new members since the previous meeting. A safety round table discussion began with a review of the Safety & Health Technology Committee’s 2009 Steel Industry Fatalities Report and current statistics. Two other graphs depicted a three-year period of steel industry fatalities by type and by reason since 2006. These graphs helped generate a dialogue regarding safety issues experienced at various plants and the corrective action taken to improve performance. The 2009 Coke Battery Roundup appeared in the January issue of Iron & Steel Technology. This roundup will be reviewed/revised each year with the hope of expanding coverage to recognize all the cokemaking facilities in North America. The CMTC recognized Toni Brayton, U. S. Steel–Gary Works, for her efforts in organizing this initial Coke Battery Roundup.
Mrs. Brayton, papers chair, outlined the CMTC sessions scheduled for AISTech 2010. Session chairs were identified, and responsibilities were discussed. Brad Parker announced the 2009 Josef S. Kapitan Award winners as Tim Wojtowicz and Chris Sharp of SunCoke Energy Inc. for their paper entitled, “Activated Carbon Injection Optimization Study for Controlling Mercury Emissions at Haverhill North Coke Co.” Work on the AISTech 2011 Call for Abstracts began with encouragement for all committee members to participate in next year’s conference, to be held in Indianapolis, Ind., 2–5 May 2011. Tim Wojtowicz, CMTC papers chair-elect, will accept paper abstracts at the next CMTC meeting during AISTech 2010. CMTC officer rotation and membership chair selection for the 2010–2011 term were determined: Rob Carlin — chair; Toni Brayton — vice chair; Tim Wojtowicz — papers chair; and nominated and approved for membership chair was Tim Maurice. The fall 2010 meeting will be planned for mid-September with a tour of Granite City coke operations. To conclude this meeting, two presentations were given: “Cap and Trade Overview” by Joel Sundholm, and the 2009 Josef S. Kapitan Award paper by Tim Wojtowicz.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met in Southgate, Mich., on 8–10 Sep. Ron Burnette, plant manager of EES Coke Battery for DTE Energy Services, welcomed the CMTC Tuesday afternoon on a tour of their coke battery. There were 24 CMTC members participating in this tour. EES Coke Battery employs 106 people, and plant housekeeping was rated excellent. Brad Parker, CMTC chair, welcomed the members in attendance. CMTC membership stands at 58 members, with six new members recognized: Michael Trembowicz, Joe Fluder, Charles Ellis, Cameron Howey, Vincent Guercio and Gary Drylie. The 2009 Josef S. Kapitan selection committee was formed to select the best coke oven paper presented at AISTech 2009; the committee consists of Toni Brayton, R.V. Ramani, Roxie Graystone and Jack Garzella. The CMTC discussed a stronger recognition for the recipient of the Becker Award during AISTech’s President’s Award Breakfast. A proposal letter was sent to AIST. A CMTC safety round table discussion started, with a review of the AIST Safety & Health Technology Committee’s 2009 fatality statistics. Key items discussed were recent retirements creating new work assignments, plant workers now doing previous contractor work, advancements in radio frequency identification tagging (RFID), and an update from Lauren Keating on the Clairton Works fatality.
“Hot Idling Operations — Battery Asset Preservation” was the main topic for the meeting. Five presentations were given by the following CMTC members: Jim Fittipaldo and Ralph DiStanislao of ArcelorMittal Warren; Lauren Keating of United States Steel Corporation; Marty Dusel and Jack Garzella of AK Steel Ashland; Rob Carlin and Frank Jere of DTE-EES Coke Battery; and Dick O’Hearn of DTE Shenango. PowerPoint presentations are available to view on the CMTC members Web page.
The status of the 2009 Cokemaking Roundup was provided by Toni Brayton, CMTC papers chair. The CMTC plans to complete this roundup for the January 2010 issue of Iron & Steel Technology. Rob Carlin and Jim Fittipaldo have agreed to update a Byproducts Facility Roundup for publication. Ms. Brayton described a tentative AISTech 2010 session schedule with three or four technical sessions. For 2010, PowerPoint presentations will be accepted by the committee for AISTech presentations but will not be published or qualify for an award. The CMTC voted on changing the Technology Committee reception from Wednesday night to Sunday night during AISTech 2010.
The next CMTC meeting will be 4 Feb 2010. Joel Sundholm will make a presentation on “Cap and Trade — What Does It Mean for Cokemaking?” The CMTC meeting will precede the Eastern States Coke Oven Association meeting.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met on Tuesday, 5 May at AISTech 2009. There were 19 CMTC members in attendance. The committee presented the 2009 Josef S. Kapitan Award for Best Cokemaking Paper to authors Veena Sahajwalla and Sushil Gupta (both in attendance), along with Allah Wasaya, Olavi Kerkkonen, Riku Kanniala and David Osborne for their paper, “Effect of Coke Mineral and Carbon Structure on Carbon Behavior in the Ruukki Furnace.” The CMTC then awarded member Joel Sundholm the 2009 Joseph Becker Award in recognition of his distinguished achievements in the cokemaking community. Election of CMTC officers provided the nominations and approvals for the following: Brad Parker, chair; Rob Carlin, vice chair; Toni Brayton, papers chair; Tim Wojtowicz, membership chair; Ted Todoschuk, Becker Award nominating chair; and Frank Jere, AIST BOD representative (two-year term). The CMTC mission statement was reviewed and approved. The Cokemaking Benchmarking Subcommittee chair, Rob Carlin, conducted a conference call Wednesday, 10 Jun, so the CMTC could update a list of current cokemaking facilities. The AISTech 2010 Call for Papers asks each CMTC member to solicit papers for next year’s conference. A suggestion was made to reach out to European cokemaking counterparts to participate in AISTech 2010. The next CMTC meeting is scheduled for 8–10 Sep 2009, with a plant tour of DTE Energy Services with host Rob Carlin. Contact Brad Parker before 1 Aug 2009, if you’d like to make a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation on one of the following topics: safety and health with cokemaking; environmental issues; biological treatment facilities; idling and start-up concerns; recovery strategies — new technologies; and reduced capacity operations.

The Cokemaking Technology Committee (CMTC) met in Coraopolis, Pa., in conjunction with the Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Association on 5–6 Feb. CMTC meeting attendance was 23 members, with two new members: Lauren Keating and Paul Todaro from U. S. Steel. The current CMTC roster stands at 93 members. Safety round table discussions included plant statistics, eye safety, project landscape changes during construction, gas safety issues and alarm equipment measuring levels, PPE apparel color change to orange for easier recognition, and continued efforts to motivate employees to adopt the safety programs. The CMTC recognized AK Steel–Middletown for having zero recordable injuries for 2008. Production concerns highlighted mercury discharges at a bio plant, and implementing activated carbon technology to control Hg discharge. Energy savings continue to have a strong, plant-wide focus. The CMTC was reminded to use the group e-mail address,, whenever an accident occurs at their facility, so that available details can be communicated as soon as possible to the committee in hopes of preventing a similar accident from occurring at another plant.
AISTech 2009 awards were discussed. The Josef S. Kapitan Award will be given to Sushil Gupta, University of New South Wales, for his paper, “Effect of Coke Mineral and Carbon Structure on Coke Behavior in the Ruukki Blast Furnace.” The Becker Award subcommittee will finalize their selection by 1 Mar 2009. The Becker Award Subommittee chair, Ted Todoschuk, will inform the CMTC of this year’s recipient. Guidelines for the Becker Award will be reviewed by the Subcommittee after AISTech 2009. There is a strong consensus that a cokemaking benchmarking database is desirable, as long as it is easy to use and the information gathered is useful. CMTC members were encouraged to submit comments/suggestions to Rob Carlin, Benchmarking Subcommittee chair. Toni Brayton, Tim Wojtowicz, Danielle Anderson, Brad Parker, Paul Todaro, Rick Lyons and Lauren Keating comprise the Benchmarking Subcommittee. Joel Sundholm will provide benchmarking variables used in the AISE Coke Producing Committee format. Identifying key variable statistics to benchmark will be a top priority. The benchmarking database will be restricted to coke producing members and only those members who submit data. CMTC officer nominations for 2009–2010 were discussed. Brad Parker was nominated as chair, Rob Carlin as vice chair, and Toni Brayton and Tim Wojtowicz as papers chair. These nominations will be confirmed at AISTech 2009 during the next CMTC meeting on Tuesday, 5 May.