Technology Committees

Computer Applications Technology Committee Activities

William McCabe (left) presented Perry Zalevsky (right) with the CATC service plaque.

The CATC met 8 May 2017, Nashville, Tenn., USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: William McCabe, U. S. Steel – Great Lakes Works

  • Vice chair: Josh Hausbach, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Structural and Rail Division

  • Papers chair: Yufeng Wang, SSAB Americas

The EATC, CATC and SSSC met 27–28 October 2016, Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA. The first day of the meeting consisted of a tour of Rockwell Automation and the following technical presentations:

  • “Industrial Network Architecture Overview and Best Practice Network Design,” by Pat Gallagher, Management Science Associates Inc.

  • “Security Infrastructure: Physical, IT and Data Security,” by Dave Mazur, Rockwell Automation.

  • “Lab Overview Connected Enterprise Demo,” by Mike Miller, Rockwell Automation.

  • “Reporting, Archiving, Analytics, Cloud Overview and Best Practices,” by Francois Pelletier-Bouchard,

  • OSIsoft.

  • “The ‘Things’ of the Industrial Internet of Things,” by Len Kosatka, Rockwell Automation.

The committees reconvened the following day and held the first portion of the meeting together to discuss AIST business and topics of general interest before breaking out into their respective groups.
There was discussion on the next System Automation Fundamentals Technology Training Conference, which will be held 6–9 March 2017 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA.
AISTech 2017 abstract selections and technical session layouts were addressed.
The 2017 AIST Computer Applications Best Paper Award winners were selected. This award will be presented at the CATC meeting at AISTech 2017.

Perry Zalevsky (left) and Chris Burnett (center) presented a plaque of appreciation to Mike Miller (right) for hosting a tour at Rockwell Automation for the Electrical Applications Technology Committee, Computer Applications Technology Committee and Sensor Systems Subcommittee.
Perry Zalevsky (right) presented the CATC service plaque
to Dave Reynolds (left).

The CATC met 18 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Perry Zalevsky, OSIsoft LLC

  • Vice chair: William (Mike) McCabe, U. S. Steel – Great Lakes Works

  • Papers chair: Josh Hausbach, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Structural & Rail Div.

Perry Zalevsky (left), CATC chair, presented a plaque of appreciation to Andy Szabo (right) of RoviSys Co. for hosting a tour (back row, left to right): Dave Reynolds, Joe Maczuzak, Alan Georgio, Kevin Sainiak and Jim Cole; (front row, left to right): Mike Dudzic, Perry Zalevsky, Andy Szabo and Chuck Cinkowski.

The CATC met 10 March 2016, Auora, Oh., USA.
The following individuals gave technical presentations:

  • Valerie Ney, RoviSys Co., “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Transforming Controls Networks to Protect Against Innovative Risks.”

  • Andy Szabo and Peter Forney, RoviSys Co., “Integrating Process Data Into a Data Warehouse.”

  • Andrea Molinari, Siemens PLM US, “Embracing Manufacturing Optimization — The Digital Enterprise Realization.”

Following lunch, the group enjoyed a tour of RoviSys Co. headquarters before conducting its business meeting. The CATC held an open discussion on safety and security.
Mike McCabe discussed the CATC’s AISTech 2016 technical session development and addressed the few remaining issues.
Nominations for the 2016–2017 CATC officers were put forth and approved.
The CATC began planning for the System Automation Fundamentals Training Conference to be held in March 2017 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA.
There was discussion on coordinating future meetings with other committees and the topics that would be of interest.
The meeting concluded with a discussion on cyber security.

The CATC met 29–30 October 2015, Warrendale, Pa., USA.
Representatives from the Carnegie Mellon University Center for Iron and Steelmaking Research provided a tour of their facilities and gave technical presentations titled “Modeling Kinetics of Steel-Slag-Inclusion Reactions Using FactSage Macros” and “Modeling Electron Beam — Sample Interactions in Inclusion Microanalysis.”
The group then reconvened at AIST headquarters for the following presentations:

  • “Automation Challenges and Issues Related to IT Security,” by Mike Dudzic of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

  • “Cyber Security Overview,” by Ken Zalevsky of Bayer Health­care and Carnegie Mellon University.

  • “Pursuing Security Risk Assessments,” by Andy Szabo of Rovisys Co.

The first day concluded with a roundtable discussion on cyber security.
The second day focused on the committee business portion of the meeting. Mike McCabe addressed the CATC’s AISTech 2016 technical program planning. Twenty-three abstracts were selected and organized into five sessions. Titles and chairs were identified for all sessions.
The CATC’s AISTech 2017 Call for Papers topic was finalized with minor changes.
A winner was selected for the Computer Applications Best Paper Award.The award will be presented during the CATC’s meeting at AISTech 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. 
The CATC then had a general discussion on what it can do to improve industrial control systems security.

Dave Reynolds (right) presented a plaque to Chris Pistorius (left) for hosting a tour of the Carnegie Mellon University Center for Iron and Steelmaking Research for the CATC.
Dave Reynolds (right) presented the CATC service plaque to
Chuck Cinkowski (left).

The CATC met 6 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Dave Reynolds, Nucor Steel Gallatin

  • Vice chair — Perry Zalevsky, OSIsoft

  • Papers chair — Mike McCabe, United States Steel Corporation

Meeting Highlights:
The CATC discussed the AISTech 2015 technical program. Overall, the committee’s sessions were well attended and of high quality.
The Process Systems Technology  Training  Conference held in 2015 was reviewed, and members discussed possible improvements for future events.
Basic  functions/activities  of the CATC were discussed, and objectives were set for the coming year.
Also discussed were topics for the next CATC meeting, which may include data analytics, enterprise space, automation-centric information security and general information security.

The CATC met on 6 March 2015, Mobile, Ala., USAPerry Zalevsky reviewed the status of the CATC sessions at AISTech 2015. Although there were some last-minute cancellations, there were replacement presentations, and the CATC had a full slate of presentations.
The just-completed Process Systems Conference was reviewed. There were 47 attendees, which was down from the last time the conference was held. There were some comments about including more content on the hot end, including ironmaking.
The Computer Applications Best Paper Award was selected and was subsequently presented at AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Chuck Cinkowski asked what other process automation groups use to benchmark themselves. Some use help desk statistics, weekly status updates and/or customer feedback, but there wasn’t agreement on the best way to do it. This will be a discussion for the future. Jim Hendrickson mentioned the desire to be able to measure the amount of time spent on maintaining systems versus working on process improvements.
There was also a discussion on future webcasts for the CATC. 

The CATC met on 9–10 October 2014, Pittsburgh, PA., USA. Patrick Gallagher, Management Science Associates Inc. (MSA), hosted the group at MSA’s data center in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. The presentations included:

  • Internet of Things,” by Mahesh Subrmaniam of HCL America.

  • Legacy System Upgrades,” by John Frochio and Noah Wolf-Johnston of MSA.

  • Windows 8 in Manufacturing,” by P.J. Grinsell of Microsoft.

  • Security Issues in Industrial Automation,” by Michelle Pirtle of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • Microsoft Technology Road Map for Manufacturing,” by P.J. Grinsell of Microsoft.

  • Perry Zalevsky, SAP, CATC papers chair, discussed the AISTech session developments:

  • Twenty-seven CATC presentations were organized into five sessions, including one joint session with the Ironmaking Technology Committee.

  • Session chairs were selected. 

  • Papers chair and session chair instructions were reviewed with an emphasis on minimizing commercialism in presentations.

Chuck Cinkowski, U. S. Steel – Great Lakes Works, CATC chair, reviewed the Process Systems Technology Training Conference, to be held 2–5 March 2015 in Mobile, Ala., USA. 

The CATC met on 24–25 October 2013, Palo Alto, Calif., USA, with a tour of SAP Labs.  The CATC currently has 48 members, of which 14 were in attendance. Members reviewed the 2013 Steel Industry Fatalities report and held a roundtable safety discussion, noting a favorable trend of decreasing total annual deaths in recent years.
CATC papers chair, Perry Zalevsky, discussed the AISTech 2014 technical program layout, which will consist of 27 CATC papers organized into five sessions. Volunteers were solicited to fill open session chair positions.
The CATC reviewed its Call for Papers statement, and several updates were suggested to reposition content, remove duplicate phrasing and revise wording.
Five papers from the AISTech 2013 program were nominated for the CATC Best Paper Award. The CATC agreed that all session chairs are to evaluate the nominees and determine the final winner. 

The CATC met on the morning of 28 March 2013 in Detroit, Mich., in conjunction with the Process Systems Specialty Training Conference. Ray Hiznay of HP Enterprise chaired the meeting. The group reviewed the Process Systems Specialty Training Conference, which was well received. Dave Reynolds reviewed the sessions and the session chair responsibilities for AISTech 2013. The committee confirmed the nomination of Freidrich Luecking of QuinLogic to receive the Computer Applications Best Paper Award during AISTech 2013. The need for safety standards in automation systems was discussed. Further discussion on this topic will take place at the CATC’s fall meeting. The CATC joined the conference roundtable discussion on process system security and also the tour of Severstal Dearborn’s pickle line tandem cold mill and hot-dip galvanizing line.

The CATC met on 6–7 November 2012 at the Waterfront Hotel in Burlington, Ont., Canada. There were 39 attendees at the meeting, which focused on manufacturing execution system (MES) technologies. The first day opened with a presentation from John O’Grady of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc. entitled, “Project Overview and IT Perspectives on ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s MES Implementation Program.” Rüdiger Elliger of PSI Metals then presented “PSI Metal’s MES Implementation at ArcelorMittal Dofasco.” Following lunch, Ray Campbell of ArcelorMittal Dofasco presented, “Process Automation Perspectives on ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s MES Implementation Program.” Scott Wilson of Broner Metals Solutions Ltd. presented, “Broner Multi-Site Solutions.” The first day concluded with a panel discussion on MES implementation challenges. The discussion was moderated by Mike Dudzic, and panelists included Scott Alsup, John O’Grady, Rüdiger Elliger and Scott Wilson. The meeting attendees were invited to the AIST Northern Member Chapter dinner meeting that evening, which featured a keynote presentation by Grant Zavitz, entitled, “ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s Turbo Generator Project.”
The second day began with a presentation from Alvaro Rozo of Honeywell entitled, “Closing the Gaps of MES.” Following Rozo’s presentation was a panel discussion on the future of MES. The discussion was moderated by the committee chair, Ray Hiznay, and panelists included Harald Henning, Perry Zalevsky, Christian Roth and Alvaro Rozo. The business portion of the meeting was held that afternoon, during which the members reviewed the 2012 Steel Mill Fatalities Report and had a general discussion on safety. AISTech 2013 planning included discussions on the technical program layout, session titles, session chairs, abstract selection, and Best Paper Award evaluations. The AISTech 2014 Call for Papers topics were reviewed and accepted with no immediate changes.
It was noted that the MES technology topic was very well received by attendees of the meeting, and CATC members discussed ways of opening up further discussions on the topic. It was also suggested that cyber security be the topic of a future meeting. The 2013 Process Systems Specialty Training Conference will be held on 26–28 March 2013 at the MGM Grand in Detroit, Mich., and will feature a plant tour of Severstal Dearborn. The next CATC meeting will be held on 28 March 2013 in conjunction with this conference.

The AIST Computer Applications Technology Committee (CATC) met on 8 May 2012 at AISTech in Atlanta, Ga. There were 15 members in attendance, with two new members present. The total CATC membership is 47. The outgoing committee chair, Jim Hendrickson of ArcelorMittal, opened the meeting with a brief discussion on safety. Next, the elections of the 2012–2013 committee officers took place, with Ray Hiznay of HP Enterprise Services stepping into the chair position, Chuck Cinkowski of U. S. Steel – Great Lakes Works moving into the vice chair position and Dave Reynolds of Gallatin Steel assuming the role of papers chair. It was recommended that the vice chair take on some of the responsibilities of coordinating the future informational Webinars. There was some discussion on the general role and activities of the committee for the potential new members in attendance. The 2012 CATC Best Paper Award was presented to Mike McCabe for his paper entitled, “Replacement of a Mill Floor Data Collection System at U. S. Steel – Great Lakes Works.” Three topics were added to the AISTech 2013 Call for Papers, including: Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems, Evolution of Industrial Control Systems — Hierarchies and Mobile Interfaces, and Modern Control System Technologies Driving a Safer Workplace. Next, it was suggested that there should be “owners” for these three topics to help ensure adequate participation. Cinkowski volunteered to be the owner of the Modern Control System Technologies Driving a Safer Workplace topic. Pat Gallagher volunteered for Evolution of Industrial Control Systems — Hierarchies and Mobile Interfaces. Jim Cole and Mike McCabe volunteered for Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems. There was a brief discussion on the proposed March–February 2013 Process Systems Seminar. This seminar is held every couple of years to enlighten young professionals on how sensors, automation systems, MES and level 3 systems are used in the steel industry. The committee decided to target the seminar for the fall of 2013, so there is still time to plan. It was mentioned that member participation at the meetings has recently been unsatisfactory. Members were encouraged to bring a friend, colleague or acquaintance to future meetings to increase enrollment and participation. The new CATC chair, Ray Hiznay, thanked Hendrickson for his year of service as committee chair and presented him with a plaque. Hendrickson gave a brief speech about his experience as CATC chair and adjourned the meeting. The next meeting is planned for 25–26 October in Hamilton, Ont., Canada, with a tour of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

The Computer Applications Technology Committee (CATC) met on 1–2 March 2012 at the Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza in Merrillville, Ind. During the first day, committee members enjoyed a tour of the continuous heat treat line at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor. Prior to the tour, presentations were given which outlined the history of the line, goals of the modernization project, equipment upgrades, and the new level 1 and level 2 systems. The committee wishes to extend a special thank-you to Brad Hendrickson of Glenmount Global Solutions and Corbitt Lewis, Paul Hanyzewski, Nick Korzow and Mai Nguyen of ArcelorMittal for presenting and hosting the tour. Following the plant tour, Fritz Luecking of QuinLogic GmbH gave a presentation on technical data warehousing.
The committee reconvened the following morning. The CATC chair, Jim Hendrickson of ArcelorMittal, opened the meeting by welcoming and thanking everyone in attendance. Hendrickson, in consultation with the papers chair, Chuck Cinkowski of U. S. Steel – Great Lakes Works, has instituted a “safety share” feature to the CATC meetings. Hendrickson related four stories of individuals experiencing life-changing injuries while exploring odd occurrences in various parts of the mill. There was a general discussion on ways that the committee, as automation professionals, can assist operations in pinpointing problems. The point was reiterated that much precaution needs to be taken when investigating problems in an operating environment.
Patrick Gallagher of Management Science Associates Inc. agreed to take the meeting minutes. The AIST Antitrust Guidelines were reviewed and it was agreed that the meeting would take place in accordance with them. There were 16 members in attendance, with a total committee membership count of 43. The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved as written. It was noted, however, that the team that provided the presentations and tour of the Lordstown GM plant for the previous CATC meeting were not given proper recognition. AIST and the CATC would like to thank Chuck Heckman, Tom Peters, Russ Miller and Tim Ferrante of HP Enterprise Services for their efforts and hospitality at the Lordstown plant tour last October. The AIST staff announcements were read, after which Hendrickson addressed the main agenda. First on the agenda was a discussion of the 2011 Steel Industry Fatalities report and ways to continually improve safety throughout the industry. The committee went on to discuss the AISTech 2012 conference and session structure. It was noted that the CATC had lost a number of papers to other committees’ sessions. Members brainstormed possible ways of avoiding this for future conferences and agreed that a more targeted Call for Papers topic should be established. The committee then went on to discuss the Best Paper Award subcommittee. A suggestion was made that the subcommittee contain at least one chair from each of the sessions at AISTech, as it is the session chairs who identify the candidate papers for the award.
The next informative Webinar planned will be on virtualization. It was agreed that the committee vice chair should take on some of the responsibilities of the Webinar coordinator.
Patrick Gallagher provided a brief update on the initial planning for the 2013 Process Systems Technology Conference. There are thoughts of co-locating it with the Cold Rolling Fundamentals Training Conference, as was done in Orlando in 2011. Hendrickson initiated a discussion on the 2012–2013 papers chair elect, and a few members were nominated. The final voting took place on 8 May at AISTech 2012, with the election of Dave Reynolds.
During the open discussion, many members were interested in the topic of security. It was mentioned that this should be the focus of a future meeting, specialty training conference or a session at AISTech. Hendrickson thanked everyone again for their attendance and adjourned the meeting. The committee plans to hold its next meeting in early October with a tour of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.