Technology Committees

Electric Steelmaking Technology Committee Meeting

7 May 2018 • Pennsylvania Convention Center • Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Meeting Room:  116  from Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Lunch Room:  Outside 115  from 1:00 to 1:45 p.m.


1. Chair’s opening remarks - Patrick Hansert     

2. Appoint minute-taker

3.  Antitrust guidelines

4. AISTech 2018 Announcements

Main Agenda Items


Present Technology Committee awards

  • Charles W. Briggs Award : “Improvements in Yield in an All DRI-Fed EAF From Minimization of FEO Generation During Melting As Well As Post-Reduction of FEO From Residual Slag” by Ruben Lule Gonzalez, Francisco Lopez Acosta – ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas; Dr. Michael Lowry – ArcelorMittal USA Research Center; Dr. David Kundrat, Allen Wyatt, Jackson Kuntze, Hagen Fuchs – SGL Group, The Carbon Company

  • John Bell Award :  Ben Bowman – GrafTech International Ltd.


Fall Meeting

Location: GlobeTrotters in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Friday, 24 August 2018 before GlobeTrotters registration


Technical Topic / Presentations

  • Foamy Slag Presentation - Michael Grant – Air Liquide GMS  GmbH

  • Recent EAF Electrodes Performance Challenges - Stephan Ferenczy – SDI Columbia City

  • Electrode Modeling Concept - Zane Voss – CIX LLC

  • Current Crisis on Electrode Supply - Gilbert Hutton – CMC Arizona

  • Regulator impact on Electrode consumptions - Fernando Martinez - AMIGE

  • All producers are asked to bring electrode consumption figures from their shop. Separate data by AC or DC and for DC, what is bottom life. Sam Matson – CMC Americas will organize a benchmarking program for electrode performance.


Elect New Officers for the 2018 / 2019 term:

  • Chair - Lauren Jellison

  • Vice Chair - Gilbert Hutton

  • Papers Chair - Andrew Spencer

  • Members Chair - Alyssa Van Delden

  • Education Chairs - Harriet Dutka & Brett McGee

  • Roundup Chair -Rob Strain

  • APB Chair - Sam Matson


2018 EAF Germany Study Tour - Harriet Dutka

Registration is limited to 25 producer members and 7 dinner sponsors
Date is 2-8 December 2018
Registration is open. Contact Jessica Yurko at AIST


Next meeting - Friday, 24 August 2018 at The Broadmoor, Colorado


Present Chair Plaque to Patrick Hansert


Chair conclusion - Patrick Hansert

1 p.m.