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The EATC, CATC and SSSC met 27–28 October 2016, Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA. The first day of the meeting consisted of a tour of Rockwell Automation and the following technical presentations:

  • “Industrial Network Architecture Overview and Best Practice Network Design,” by Pat Gallagher, Management Science Associates Inc.

  • “Security Infrastructure: Physical, IT and Data Security,” by Dave Mazur, Rockwell Automation.

  • “Lab Overview Connected Enterprise Demo,” by Mike Miller, Rockwell Automation.

  • “Reporting, Archiving, Analytics, Cloud Overview and Best Practices,” by Francois Pelletier-Bouchard,

  • OSIsoft.

  • “The ‘Things’ of the Industrial Internet of Things,” by Len Kosatka, Rockwell Automation.

The committees reconvened the following day and held the first portion of the meeting together to discuss AIST business and topics of general interest before breaking out into their respective groups.
There was discussion on the next System Automation Fundamentals Technology Training Conference, which will be held 6–9 March 2017 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA.
AISTech 2017 abstract selections and techncial session layouts were addressed.
The 2017 AIST Computer Applications Best Paper Award winners were selected. This award will be presented at the CATC meeting at AISTech 2017.

Perry Zalevsky (left) and Chris Burnett (center) presented a plaque of appreciation to Mike Miller (right) for hosting a tour at Rockwell Automation for the Electrical Applications Technology Committee, Computer Applications Technology Committee and Sensor Systems Subcommittee.
Dave Mazur (left) presented the EATC service plaque to
Sean Marlow (right).

The EATC met 17 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Dave Mazur, Rockwell Automation

  • Vice chair: Liwei Zhang, ArcelorMittal USA Research Laboratories

  • Papers chair: Marcelo CardosoArcelorMittal USA

The Sensor Systems Subcommittee (SSSC) met 17 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Chris Burnett, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Vice chair: David Woodward, Nidec Avtron Automation

  • Papers chair: Brian Smith, ANDRITZ METALS

The EATC met 13 October 2015, Merrillville, Ind., USA. 
Marcelo Cardoso led a discussion on the EATC’s AISTech 2016 session development. Nineteen abstracts have been selected and organized into four sessions. Session titles and chairs were identified.
The group then finalized its AISTech 2017 Call for Papers topics.
The winner of the Farrington Award was selected from the best papers of AISTech 2015. This award will be presented at AISTech 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA.
It was agreed to change the name of the Process Systems Technology Training Conference to System Automation Fundamentals and began preliminary planning on the next conference, which is scheduled for early 2017.
The meeting concluded with an open discussion on ways to bring value to the EATC and engage more members.

Ryan Wolfred (right) presented the EATC service plaque to Sean Marlow (left).

The EATC met 6 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Brian Smith, Primetals Technologies USA LLC

  • Vice chair — Chris Burnett, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Papers chair — Dave Woodward, Nidec Avtron Automation

Meeting Highlights:
The subcommittee discussed the 2015 Process Systems Technology  Training Conference, its successes and suggestions for improvement. Future meeting options were also  discussed,  and the SSSC established  its  objectives for the coming year. One target is to co-locate meetings with Technology Committees and attract like-minded technologists to the group to bolster membership and overall value.

The ETC met 5 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Sean Marlow, Steel Dynamics Inc.

  • Vice chair — Dave Mazur, Rockwell Automation

  • Papers chair — Marcelo Cardoso, ArcelorMittal USA

  • Members chair — Jeff Mason, Integrated Mill Systems

Meeting Highlights:
The Process Systems Technology  Training  Conference held in 2015 was reviewed, and members discussed possible improvements for future events.

The EATC met 2 March 2015, Mobile, Ala., USA. Dave Mazur reviewed the status of the EATC’s technical sessions at AISTech 2015.

Ron Tessendorf updated the EATC on the Process Systems Training Conference, which was set to begin the next day. The feedback was that the course needed to be re-branded because of the confusion about subject matter. 

The AIST 2015 Farrington Award was selected and was subsequently awarded at AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The EATC met 1415 October 2014, Merrillville, Ind., USA. Dave Mazur, Rockwell Automation, EATC papers chair, discussed the AISTech 2015 technical session development:

  • Three EATC sessions were planned, with two being sensor-related and one being stand-alone.

  • Session chairs were nominated.

  • Papers chair and session chair instructions were reviewed with an emphasis on minimizing commercialism in presentations.

Nominations for the AIST James Farrington Award were reviewed, and a committee will select the best paper.
The group attended the AIST Midwest Chapter Dinner meeting. A few stayed for a detailed tour of the ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor heat treatment line the following day.

The SSSC met 1–2 October 2014, Fort Wayne, Ind., USA. The attendees toured the meltshop, caster and hot strip mill at Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) – Flat Rolled Div. in Butler, Ind., USA. On the third day of the meeting, attendees toured the GM Fort Wayne truck assembly facility.

The EATC Sensor Systems Subcommittee met 22 October 2013, Merrillville, Ind., USA. The subcommittee currently has 13 members, of which six were in attendance.
This meeting was held in conjunction with the International Surface Inspection Summit (ISIS), where subcommittee members Brian Smith and Liwei Zhang presented later in the day.
Members reviewed the 2013 Steel Industry Fatalities report, noting different trends and discussing ways to prevent future tragedies.
A preliminary AISTech 2014 session structure had been organized by the EATC, which provided two sessions on sensor-related topics. Subcommittee members reviewed the selection of abstracts and determined session titles and chairs for both sessions.
Attendees had a short discussion on the ISIS meeting agenda and vendor fair being held that day.

The EATC met 15 October 2013, Myrtle Beach, S.C., USA. The EATC currently has 45 members, of which six were in attendance. Those present discussed possible obstacles to meeting attendance and ways to promote the value of being an EATC member and attending future meetings.
EATC members reviewed the 2013 Steel Industry Fatalities report and held a roundtable safety discussion.
The EATC worked to finalize the technical sessions for AISTech 2014. The EATC abstract selections have been organized into five sessions, two of which will be delegated to the Sensor Systems Subcommittee. Eight papers from the AISTech 2013 program were nominated for the Farrington Award. EATC members are to establish a subcommittee to review the nominees and determine the ultimate winner.
The EATC discussed a possible strategy of collaborating with the IEEE – Metals Industry Group and/or Industrial Automation & Control Group, as the exchange of information and concepts could bring mutual benefit.

The EATC met during the Process Systems Specialty Training Conference on the morning of 28 March 2013 in Detroit, Mich. Tom Szkut of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc. chaired the meeting and thanked those in attendance. The AISTech 2013 sessions were reviewed, as well as the session chair responsibilities. The EATC joined the Process Systems roundtable discussion on process system security and also the conference tour of Severstal Dearborn’s pickle line tandem cold mill and hot-dip galvanizing line.