Technology Committees

Environmental Committee Activities

Robyn Dufresne (right) presented a plaque of appreciation to ETC chair Conrad D’Costa (left) for hosting the ETC’s tour of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

The ETC met 18–19 October 2016, Burlington, Ont., Canada, with a tour of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc. The committee agreed to create a new subcommittee for ETC awards. Peter Petrov will chair this subcommittee, and participation is open for additional volunteers.
The ETC reviewed its AISTech 2017 abstracts and technical session layout. The ETC program will include 19 papers organized into four sessions, with one held jointly with the Energy & Utilities Technology Committee. Session chairs were selected, and the role of session chair was reviewed.
The winner of the 2017 AIST Environmental Technology Best Paper Award was selected. This award will be presented at the ETC meeting at AISTech 2017. The selection process and review criteria were discussed. A survey will be issued to the ETC for input on the evaluation criteria. Vern Martin will look into this feedback and propose an improved method for selection.
Kevin Deliman, education chair, led a discussion on the Environmental Technology Training Conference. Based on survey results, it was decided to hold separate conferences for air and water, with the next one focusing on air. A preliminary schedule was reviewed and modified. This conference will be held in fall 2017.

The following presentations were given:

  • “Air Emissions Capture — Equipment Design and Operation,” by Dejan Zrelec, Tenova Goodfellow.

  • “Water Treatment Presentation,” by Dave Gilles, Sage Environmental.

  • “Energy Projects at ArcelorMittal Dofasco,” by Ian Shaw, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

Mike Allen (left) presented the ETC service plaque to

Conrad D’Costa (right).

The ETC met 16 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Conrad D’Costa, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

  • Vice chair: Dave Gilles, Sage Environmental

  • Papers chair: Mike Allen, CLARCOR Industrial Air

  • Training conference chair: Kevin Deliman, Baltimore Aircoil Co.

Conrad D’Costa (right), ETC chair, presented a plaque of appreciation to Michelle Bunn (left) of CMC Steel Alabama for hosting a tour of its facility. 

The ETC met 8–9 March 2016, Birmingham, Ala., USA.
The ETC conducted an extensive review of new and existing features of and offered suggestions for further improvement.
Committee chairpersons will continue in their current positions for the 2016–2017 term.
Kevin Deliman provided a summary of the attendee evaluations from the 2015 Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems conference.
The topic of selecting a Distinguished Member and Fellow was discussed, and a number of suggestions were offered to improve the nomination process.
Mike Allen led the discussion concerning the ETC’s AISTech 2016 technical sessions and addressed the remaining issues.
Extensive discussion was held on planning the committee’s next Technology Training Conference.
The day concluded with technical presentations by Joe Duckett and Peter Petrov.



Conrad D’Costa (right) presented the ETC service plaque to
Dejan Zrelec (left).

The ETC met 6 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Conrad D’Costa, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

  • Vice chair — Dave Gilles, Sage Environmental

  • Paper chair — Mike Allen, CLARCOR Industrial Air | BHA

  • Conference chair — Kevin Deliman, Baltimore Aircoil Co.

Meeting Highlights:
The ETC discussed  the 2015 Environmental  Solutions: System Optimization Technology Training Conference, which will be held on 1–3 November 2015 in Charleston, S.C., USA.

6–7 February 2014, Birmingham Ala., USA, co-located with the Modern Electric Furnace Specialty Training Conference. On Wednesday, 5 February, the ETC participated in a roundtable discussion with the presenters and attendees of the Specialty Training Conference. On Thursday, 6 February, the ETC meeting was held. Nominations for ETC officers were held, with final positions to be determined at the ETC meeting at AISTech 2014. 
The ETC sessions for AISTech 2014 were finalized, and the roles of session chair and papers chair were reviewed.
David Giles, ETC specialty conference chair, reviewed the final details of the Water Specialty Conference, to be held on 10–12 August in Louisville, Ky., USA. A joint specialty conference between the ETC and the Safety & Health Technology Committee is being planned for 2015. Kevin Austin is leading this effort.
On Friday, the group joined a tour of the CMC Steel Alabama facility. 

The ETC held its winter meeting in Ontario, Calif., on 28–29 January 2013. The agenda included updates from the AIST board of directors meeting, Leadership Conference and a review of the current Health and Safety data for 2013, which was provided by Bill Allan. In addition, the Environmental Technology Award for Best Paper, committee recruitment and nominations for the 2013–2014 ETC officer positions were discussed and finalized. The AISTech 2014 ETC Call for Papers topics were reviewed. Paul Sheehan gave an update of the Operation and Maintenance of Particulate Control Equipment and Systems, which is scheduled for 7–9 October 2013 in Merrillville, Ind. Kevin Austin gave a presentation on the California Steel Industries facility and also hosted a tour of the facility the following day. The next ETC meeting will be held during AISTech 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Environmental Technology Committee (ETC) held their summer meeting on 27–28 August 2012 in Niagara Falls, Ont., Canada. The meeting was called to order by chair Bill Allan. There were 21 attendees at the two-day session. The meeting focused on technical session development for AISTech 2013. The committee established five sessions covering water/wastewater, CFD modeling for environmental applications, as well as three joint committee sessions with the Ironmaking, Electric Steelmaking and Oxygen Steelmaking Technology Committees. Details of the air specialty training conference, to be held in Merrillville, Ind., on 7–9 October 2013, were discussed. A technical presentation was made by Vern Martin of Flow Care, which included a hands-on demonstration of a typical fan operation and method for measurement and development of a fan curve. The next day’s agenda included a presentation about and tour of CAN-ENG Furnaces, a designer and manufacturer of heat treating furnaces for industrial applications. The next ETC meeting is tentatively scheduled for 27–29 January 2013 in Oakland, Calif., at California Steel Industries Inc.

The Environmental Technology Committee (ETC) met on Monday, 7 May 2012 at AISTech 2012 in Atlanta, Ga. There were 17 members in attendance. Outgoing chair Pat Jablonski called the meeting to order and welcomed the committee to Atlanta. There was a brief discussion on producer involvement and the fact that the ETC has been doing a good job of getting more producers involved in the committee. The 2012–2013 ETC officers are: Bill Allan, AECOM, chair; Kyle Edwards, Arcelor Mittal Dofasco Inc., vice chair; and Kevin Austin, California Steel Industries, papers chair. The 2012 Best Environmental Technical Paper went to Naiyang Ma, Mark Atkinson and Kevin Neale for their work entitled, “In-Process Separation of Zinc From BOF Offgas Cleaning System Solid Wastes.” Unfortunately, none of the authors were able to attend the meeting, but their achievement was recognized and the award will be sent to them.

Rich Benoit gave a brief summary of the Water Management Seminar in Indianapolis, Ind., which was held on 18–20 March. The conference was sold out with 117 attendees, and had a very good response regarding the quality of materials presented. Some discussion took place on what made the conference so successful so that it could be applied to future conferences. The consensus was the location, which was within driving distance for most attendees; using a program format similar to the previous conference; and using feedback received.
Preliminary details were discussed for the air specialty conference to be held in 2013. The last AIST air conference was held in 2009. A subcommittee has been formed. Paul Sheehan agreed to chair the subcommittee with members including Bill Allan, Jim Bratina, Frank Fereday, Ray Tedford, Kevin Austin, Vern Martin and Scott Lievendag. All others interested in joining the subcommittee were asked to contact Paul Sheehan directly. The timing of the conference was discussed, and most present thought that the fall of 2013 would be a good target in order to give the planners more time and minimize conflicts with other meetings. The next ETC meeting will be held on 27–28 August in the Niagara Falls, Ont., Canada, area. Vern Martin volunteered to look into a plant tour in the vicinity. The possibility for the winter meeting to be held near California Steel Industries was discussed and will be explored further. Incoming chair Allan thanked outgoing chair Jablonski for his service and thanked everyone for attending. A plaque was presented to Jablonski in recognition of his service.