Technology Committees

Ironmaking Technology Committee Meeting

Date: Monday, 16 May 2016
Location: Room 330 • David L. Lawrence Convention Center • Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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1. Chair’s opening remarks - A. Dzermejko   
2. Appoint minute-taker - Chair
3. Antitrust guidelines review
4. Membership and attendance review - R. Hershey
5. Review/Approve previous Meeting Minutes - Chair
6. AIST Staff Announcements

Main agenda items


Review Mission Statement


Present Technology Committee Awards


Solicit Board of Director Level Awards Nominations for Distinguished Member and Fellow, Sendzimir Award, Fairless Award and Steelmaker of the Year nominations


Election of New Officers


Present Chair Plaques 


Develop Committee objectives for 2016-2017


Meeting venue location discussion


“Technical Program” topics to be discussed at upcoming Committee Meeting and potential Presenters

Discussion Items


BF “Rules of Thumb” Subcommittee Review – Chair S. Street

Replacement of IMTC Liaison Representative to European BF Committee – Chair S. Street


Next meeting date and location


Chair concluding remarks

12:45 p.m.



Lunch - follows meeting adjournment