Technology Committees

Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee Activities

The LHTC met 5 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Jim Sidow, Fuchs Lubricants Co.

  • Vice chair — Salvatore Rea, Chemtura

  • Papers co-chairs — Mrinal Mahapatro, Pall Corp., and Lance Penick, Butech Bliss

  • Membership chair — Nick Borland, EVRAZ Portland

Meeting Highlights:
A status update was given on the revision of the Lubrication Engineers Manual. There is a subcommittee, chaired by Walt Kusnier, involved in this effort. The target date for copies of the next edition being available is at AISTech 2016.
A suggestion was made to schedule future LHTC meetings in conjunction with other AIST  events, such as other Technology Training Conferences, Member Chapter meetings, etc., and would include a tour or other similar event. The 2016 Maintenance Solutions  Technology Training Conference is planned for Scottsdale, Ariz., USA,  in conjunction with the 2016 AIST Leadership Conference and AIST Southwest Member Chapter meeting. CMC Steel Arizona will serve as host plant.

The LHTC met  16–17 February 2015, Fontana, Calif., USA. The technical session structure for AISTech 2015 was reviewed. Two sessions are scheduled: Tuesday at 10 a.m. with four papers and a joint session with the Maintenance & Reliability Technology Committee (MRTC) on Tuesday at 2 p.m., with six papers.
Nominations for committee officers for the 2015–2016 term were confirmed and will be announced at AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The LHTC discussed its upcoming specialty training conference, which will be held with the MRTC at The Westin Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Ind., USA, on 20–23 September 2015. A preliminary schedule was reviewed, which included topics and presenters. The group also discussed future specialty training conferences and their possible formats and modes of presentation.
A subcommittee for re-write of the Lubrication Engineers Manual was formed.
A technical presentation was given by Salvatore Rea, Anderol Specialty Lubricants, entitled “Performance Comparison of Different Non-Aqueous Hydraulic Fluids.” The presentation compared different fluid properties, with an emphasis on fire resistance, of five different non-aqueous hydraulic fluid chemistries — phosphate ester, polyol ester, PAO/diester, polyalkylene glycol and mineral oil. 

The LHTC met 13–14 January 2014, Gilbert, Ariz., USAThe LHTC worked on its AISTech 2014 technical paper sessions. Session chairs updated the group on their collaboration with the authors and the status of presentations. The roles of papers chair and session chair were reviewed with the group.
The LHTC reviewed the program for Maintenance Solutions — A Practical Training Seminar, as well as the survey being sent to producers to gather input on topic ideas for this specialty training conference.
Walt Kusnier, Messinger Bearings, volunteered to create a subcommittee to review the current version of The 
Lubrication Engineers Manual and work with the LHTC to rewrite and add sections that are needed. Any LHTC member interested in participating in this effort should contact Walt Kusnier.
The LHTC was given a tour of CMC Steel Arizona. 

The LHTM met 22 September 2013, Greenville, S.C., USA. The meeting focused on the selection of abstracts and sessions for AISTech 2014.
Planning for next year’s specialty conference began. The LHTC wants to increase the number of sessions presented at the conference and add more hydraulic content.
Future meeting topics were discussed. In addition, several locations and times for the next meeting were proposed, which will likely include a plant tour. 

The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) met on Monday, 7 May 2012 at AISTech 2012 in Atlanta, Ga. LHTC chair Dan Housel called the meeting to order with 17 members present and three guests who subsequently became members. There are currently 50 members on the committee. The newly elected officers for the committee are James Sidow, chair; Tim Fawcett, vice chair; Jason Craft, papers chair; and Dan Housel, specialty conference chair. The mission statement was reviewed and approved by the committee and reads, “To advance the knowledge and applications of lubrication and hydraulics in the iron and steel industry.” The 2013 LHTC specialty training conference was discussed. The planning is nearly complete by the group and will be held 24–26 September 2012 in Charleston, S.C. The tour locations being considered include Boeing, Alcoa and Nucor. Housel was presented with a leadership plaque for his year of service as chair.

The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) held its most recent meeting on 18 January 2012 in Charlotte, N.C. The main agenda items included:

  • Review and discussion of the 2011 Lubrication and Hydraulics Specialty Conference, held in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Review of the technical sessions for AISTech 2012.

  • Discussion of the next Lubrication and Hydraulic Specialty Conference. It is anticipated that, this year, the LHTC will join with the Maintenance & Reliability Technology Committee and sponsor a joint conference. The conference will include three separate tracks: Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic and Lubrication. It will be two days in length at the end of September and will include a plant tour.

The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) held its fall meeting on 23 October 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. The meeting was called to order by chair Dan Housel. There were eight attendees at the meeting, which was held in conjunction with the Fundamentals of Lubrication and Hydraulics Specialty Training Conference on 24–26 October 2011. The meeting included final conference preparation by the presenters, discussion of a “best practices” addition to the Lubrication Engineers Manual and general discussion about future Specialty Training Conferences. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 18 January 2012 in Charlotte, N.C.

The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) met on 2 May 2011 at AISTech in Indianapolis, Ind. Dan Housel welcomed and thanked 25 attendees, including five new attendees, to AISTech 2011. Housel was presented with a plaque for his service as LHTC chair for the past year. The 2012 committee officers were named: Dan Housel, chair; James Sidow, vice chair; and Tim Fawcett, papers chair. John Kurosky volunteered to take the minutes. The AIST Antitrust Guidelines were reviewed by Niccole Reichel of AIST. The minutes from the last meeting were presented, reviewed and accepted. The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee mission statement was revised as, “To advance the knowledge and applications of lubrication and hydraulics in the iron and steel industry.” Revisions to the current Lubrication Engineers Manual were discussed, including adding a “best practices” section. The Lubrication and Hydraulics Fundamentals specialty conference was set for 24–26 October 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. The course will include a tour of the Lubrizol facility. Ross Kovanda volunteered to follow up with Lubrizol.

The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) met on 9 Sep in Fontana, Calif

The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) met in Pittsburgh, Pa., on 3 May during AISTech 2010. They held a discussion on the morning LHTC session, and then elected their officers for the coming year. They also reviewed the LHTC mission statement and agreed that it still fits the purpose of the committee without any modifications. Earlier in the year, LHTC members completed the fourth edition of the Lubrication Engineers Manual, and they discussed the completed product and any comments that had been received. They also discussed plans for development of a Specialty Training Conference to be held in 2011. A plaque was presented to the outgoing chair, John Haspert, in appreciation for his efforts in leading the committee for the past year.

The Lubrication and Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) met on 28 Feb in conjunction with their Specialty Training Conference, Lubrication and Hydraulics Fundamentals for Steel Mills and Industrial Applications, in Birmingham, Ala. The LHTC recently completed a revision to their publication, The Lubrication Engineers Manual, 4th Edition, and this was the first opportunity they had to see the completed product. They took some time and reviewed the book. They then worked on finalizing their sessions and chairs for AISTech 2010. Following this, the LHTC discussed possibilities for new courses and considered a joint training session with some other committees. They discussed representatives who could promote committee participation in the Technology Committee Booth that will be on the exposition floor at AISTech 2010. The LHTC then identified topics they would like to include for the AISTech 2011 Call for Abstracts. After some discussion on future leadership for the committee, the meeting was adjourned.

The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) met on 15 Sep in Michigan City, Ind. They began by scheduling their Lubrication Manual Specialty Training Conference for 28 Feb–3 Mar 2010, in Birmingham, Ala. The LHTC then reviewed abstracts for AISTech 2010 and planned to hold two sessions of presentations. There had been discussions at previous meetings regarding the development of a certification program for steel mill lubrication or hydraulic technicians, but it was determined that other programs are available in these areas, so the LHTC opted to not pursue this further. They reviewed the final phases for completing the update to the Lubrication Engineers Manual, and plan to have it published by the end of 2009.

The Lubrication and Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) met in St. Louis on May 4 in conjunction with AISTech 2009. They began the meeting with discussion on the joint sessions with the Maintenance and Reliability Technology Committee and reviewed any final items for upcoming sessions. Officer elections were held for 2009–2010. John Haspert was elected chair, Jim Sidow as vice chair and Rick Schrama as papers chair. After a review of the LHTC mission statement, it was decided that no changes were needed. The committee is finalizing its update of The Lubrication Engineers Manual, and they discussed the addition of a chapter on filtration and getting some additional, improved figures and illustrations for the book. They also discussed dates for rescheduling their Specialty Training Conference.

The Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) met in Memphis, Tenn., on 30 Sep. The day began at Nucor Steel Memphis, where the attendees toured the meltshop facilities and the construction site for the rolling mill. Following the tour, the LHTC business meeting began, and Jim Sidow led a discussion on the status of the Lubrication Manual Specialty Training Conference, scheduled for March 16–19, 2009, in Birmingham, Ala. Mr. Sidow reviewed the status of the presenters and any items that needed additional coverage. This discussion was followed by the selection of papers for the LHTC sessions at AISTech 2009, as well as the joint sessions planned with the Maintenance & Reliability Technology Committee. Session titles and session chairs were identified, and additional papers were solicited. This was followed by a review of the possible need to develop a Specialty Training Conference on hydraulics. It was decided that there were other venues where this type of training can be received. The LHTC also reviewed the items to be covered at the AIST Leadership Development Conference and identified who would be available to represent the committee. They then began work on their revision to the Lubrication Engineers Manual, which they plan to have ready for their conference in March. Additional pictures were provided for the manual, and it was decided to add a section to the manual on filtration. On Oct. 1, the Specialty Training Conference Subcommittee met to review the presentations for the conference. One of their main items in this meeting was to ensure that any overlap in the different presentations was minimized.