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The MPPATC met 6 October 2015, Columbus, Ohio, USA (during MS&T15). An overview of the MS&T15 Iron & Steel program was provided by Amar De, the AIST Programming Committee representative for MS&T15. A total of 122 papers were presented during the Iron & Steel sessions, which included symposia on Advanced Steel Metallurgy; Shaping, Forming and Treating of Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS); and Steels for the Oil and Gas Sector. A special mention was made of the Phase Stability, Diffusion Kinetics and Their Applications (PSDK-X) Symposium given in honor of Dr. John Speer, the 2015 TMS John Gibbs Award Winner. A recap of the MS&T15 conference and exhibition is published on pages 119–122 of this issue of Iron & Steel Technology.
Emmanuel De Moor provided an update for MS&T16 symposia, which are Advanced High-Strength Steel Design/Technological Exploitation; Advances in Zinc-Coated Sheet Steel Processing and Properties; Ferrous Metallurgy: From Past to Present; and Gas/Metal Reactions: Diffusion and Phase Transformation During Heat Treatment of Steel. MPPATC members were encouraged to submit abstracts for MS&T 2016 sessions.
Matt Enloe, MPPATC papers chair, provided an update on the technical session planning for AISTech 2016. Five sessions are being organized: AHSS for Auto Applications, Product Metallurgy — Steelmaking & Casting, Product Metallurgy — Hot Rolling and Downstream Processing, Surface Quality and Coatability, and Application of AHSS. Volunteers were sought for session chairs.
Ron Radzilowski, awards chair, presented the 2015 AIST Metallurgy Division Awards:

  • Jerry Silver Award: “The Effect of Coiling Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Ultrahigh-Strength 700 MPa Grade Processed via Thin-Slab Casting,” by V.S.A. Challa, R.D.K. Misra, Ronald J. O’Malley and Steven G. Jansto.

  • Gilbert R. Speich Award: “Developing a Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steel With Two-Stage TRIP Behavior,” by Scott T. Pisarik, David C. Van Aken, Krista R. Limmer and Julia E. Medvedeva. 

  • Richard J. Fruehan Award: “Application of Hot Rolling Lubrication on a Reversing Coil/Plate Mill,” by Qiulin Yu and Amy Beard. 

  • Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture: “A Complete Theory for Martensitic Transformations,” by Sir Harry Bhadeshia.

Mr. De Moor gave a summary of the International Conference on Advances in Metallurgy of Long and Forged Products, which was held 12–15 July 2015 in Vail, Colo., USA. De Moor also laid out plans to hold an AHSS conference in 2017 as a continuation of the conferences held in previous years.
The last order of business was the succession plan for the MPPATC’s leadership. 

1. Kester Clarke (left) and Ron Radzilowski (right) presented Amar De (center) with a plaque of appreciation for his service
as AIST Programming Committee representative for MS&T15. 2. Ron Radzilowski (center) presented the Richard J. Fruehan
Award to Qiulin Yu (right) and Amy Beard (left). 3. Ron Radzilowski presented the Jerry Silver Award at MS&T15 (left to right): V.S.A. Challa, R.D.K. Misra, Radzilowski and Steven G. Jansto. 4. Amy Clarke (left) presented the Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture Award to Sir Harry Bhadeshia (right). 5. Scott Story (left), MSCTC vice chair, and Roger Maddalena (right), MSCTC chair, presented Tom Zorc (center), manager, TimkenSteel Corp., with a plaque of appreciation for hosting a tour of TimkenSteel Corp. – Harrison Steel Plant.

The MPPATC met 5 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Amy Woods, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Butler

  • Vice chair — Amar De, ArcelorMittal Research & Development

  • MS&T Programming chair — Emmanuel De Moor, Colorado School of Mines

  • Papers chair — Matt Enloe, General Motors

  • Awards chair — Ron Radzilowski, AK Steel Corp. – Dearborn Works

Meeting Highlights:
Matt  Enloe  updated the group on the three technical sessions organized by the MPPATC at AISTech 2015.
Amar De provided an update on the three iron and steel symposia  organized  for  MS&T15, which  will  be  held  in Columbus,  Ohio, USA, on 4–8 October 2015. Within the three symposia  will be 12 sessions focused on advanced steel  metallurgy;  the shaping  and forming of AHSS; and steels for the oil and gas industry. There will also be three sessions organized on phase stability, diffusion and kinetics. A discussion was held regarding   future  advanced technology symposia to be organized by the MPPATC similar to the International Conference on Advances in Metallurgy of Long and Forged Products held in Vail, Colo., USA, on 12–15 July  2015. Potential  future symposia  could  include  steel products such as plate, AHSS, and the application of AHSS.

The MPPATC met on 29 October 2013,  in Montreal, Que., Canada, during MS&T’13.  Kester Clarke provided an update on the Iron & Steel sessions being held at MS&T’13. He reported that there were 106 presentations and 10 posters organized into five symposia for the Iron & Steel topic. The session organizers were pleased with the attendance at the sessions. Amy Woods reported on the planned symposia for MS&T’14, which will be in Pittsburgh, Pa., in October 2014. The five planned symposia are: Railroad Tank Car; Advanced Steel Metallurgy Products, Processes and Applications; Ferrous Metallurgy — Past and Present; Structural Characteristics of High-Toughness Steels; and a memorial symposium for Michael Korchynsky on vanadium microalloying. Amar De of ArcelorMittal Research & Development volunteered to be the AIST representative to the MS&T’15 programming committee. Bhaskar Yalamanchili, Gerdau Long Steel North America, reported on the MPPATC sessions being organized for AISTech 2014. There will be a total of five sessions, two of which will be jointly programmed with Wire Association International, which will co-locate their Operations Summit & Wire Expo 2014 with AISTech 2014 in Indianapolis, Ind.
MPPATC members then provided updates on the MPPATC-sponsored Specialty Training Conferences. Emmanual De Moor provided an overview of AIST’s International Symposium on the New Developments of Advanced High-Strength Steel, held in Vail Colo., in June 2013. Kip Findley volunteered to organize a conference on long products in 2015.
The meeting concluded with the presentation of the AIST 2013 Gilbert R. Speich, Jerry Silver and Richard J.  Fruehan Awards:
• Jerry Silver Award: Erica Sampson and Sridhar Seetharaman, “Effect of Si on Hot Shortness.”
• Gilbert R. Speich Award: Cristina Revilla, Pello Uranga, Beatriz Lopez and Jose Rodriguez-Ibabe, “Control of Carbide Distributions by Modifying Heating Rates in Induction Tempering Treatments.”
• Richard J. Fruehan Award: Jorge Nieto, Tomas Elias, German Lopez, Gustavo Campos, Francisco Lopez, Ruben Garcia and Amar De, “Development of Technology for the Production of HIC-Resistant Slabs for Sour Service Applications at ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico.”