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The PTTC and EUTC met 27–28 January 2016, Houston, Texas, USA. The committees reviewed the 2015 Steel Industry Fatalities report, followed by a safety roundtable discussion.
The committees finalized their respective AISTech 2016 technical sessions. Each has three sessions scheduled. The role of the session chair was reviewed with both committees.
Nominations for PTTC and EUTC officers for the 2016–2017 term were accepted and approved.
The 2016 AIST Pipe and Tube Roundup was discussed. The Roundup parameters were revised and finalized. The PTTC plans to publish the Roundup in the August 2016 issue of Iron & Steel Technology.
The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) have invited AIST to be a supporting organization for Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) 2016, to be held 1–3 August 2016 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. URTeC is a science and technology event for unconventional resource development, which brings together geologists, geophysicists, engineers and business managers. Unconventional energy exploration and production includes horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” 
The AIST Energy Achievement Award was discussed. Three candidates are being considered for this award, which will be announced before AISTech 2016.
The following presentations were given:

  • “Recent Changes in the Natural Gas and Shale Gas Plays,” by Richard Ricks of NiSource/Columbia Gas.

  • “Cartacci Straighteners and Drawbenches — Productivity and Energy Consumption,” by Fabrizio Mamoli of Cartacci S.r.l.

  • “Combustion Safety — Standards and Burner Management Systems,” by Mark Kampe of CEC Combustion Safety.

  • “Heat Recovery Systems,” by Jared Kaufman of Tenova Core.

The committees were given tours of Axalta Coatings and NACE International. 

1. Matt Miller (center), chief operating officer of NACE International, was presented with a plaque of appreciation from Mark Kampe (left), EUTC chair, and Keith Tuma (right), PTTC chair, for hosting a tour of NACE International. 2. Scott Denny (center, left) and Meghan Hodge (center, right) of Axalta Coatings were presented with a tour plaque from Keith Tuma (left) and Mark Kampe (right).

The PTTC met 1–2 October 2015, Independence, Ohio, USA. The PTTC reviewed the 2015 Steel Industry Fatalities  report, followed by a roundtable safety discussion.
The Pipe and Tube — A Specialty Training Conference program was reviewed. It was decided to reduce the  technical program to two full days and hold the plant tour and PTTC meeting on the third day. A recap of this seminar can be found on page 142–143 of this issue.
David Johnson, PTTC papers chair, reviewed the PTTC AISTech 2016 technical session layout. Session topics were de-termined and session chairs were selected.
The Pipe and Tube Roundup was discussed. A subcommittee will be formed to finalize the roundup’s structure for the next PTTC meeting. 

The 2014–2015 PTTC officers were recognized at AISTech 2015 (left to right): David Johnson, Susan Conley and Jon Roman.

The PTTC met 6 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Keith Tuma, United States Steel Corporation

  • Vice chair — Jon Roman, Danieli Corp.

  • Papers chair — David Johnson, Paragon Industries Inc.

  • Members chair — Susan Conley, Quaker Chemical Corp.

  • Education co-chairs — David Johnson, Paragon Industries Inc., and Susan Conley, Quaker Chemical Corp.

  • Pipe & Tube Roundup co-chairs — Jon Roman, Danieli Corp., and Frank Baumgardner, Nucor Steel– Decatur LLC

Meeting Highlights:
The 2015 Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar will be held on 28 September–1 October 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with  TimkenSteel serving as plant host. Tom Moline, executive vice president,  manufacturing  of TimkenSteel Corp., will be the keynote speaker. A joint dinner will be held on 29 October with the AIST Northeastern  Ohio Member Chapter. A request was made of PTTC members to promote this training seminar within their companies and in their industry travels.
Jon Roman and Frank Baumgardner gave an update on the Pipe and Tube Roundup. The first phase of the roundup will target the OCTG >1 inch market segment. Pipe and Tube Roundup data collection will be discussed at the next PTTC meeting.
The 2016 Pipe and Tube Technology Training Conference will be held in Birmingham, Ala., USA, with a possible tour of American Cast Iron Pipe Co.

The PTTC met 29–30 January 2015, Panama City, Fla., USA. The 2014 Steel Industry Fatalities report was reviewed, followed by a safety roundtable discussion.
The AISTech 2015 technical sessions were discussed:

  • The roles of session chair and papers chair were reviewed.

  • Tuesday morning session chairs include: Russ Olgin, Susan Conley and David Johnson. Tuesday afternoon session chairs are Keith Tuma, Jon Roman and Brian Frye.

  • PTTC members are encouraged to attend the sessions on Tuesday and the PTTC meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

Nominations for PTTC officers for the 2015–2016 term were confirmed and will be announced at AISTech 2015 in May.
The 2015 Pipe and Tube Conference, to be held on 28 September–1 October 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, was reviewed. TimkenSteel Corp. will serve as plant host.

  • The program outline was reviewed. The program was to be finalized by 28 February 2015. 

  • It was suggested that hands-on items for “show and tell” about the pipe and tube process should be available for attendees to view.

  • Tom Moline, executive vice president manufacturing, TimkenSteel Corp., will be the keynote speaker. 

George Price, Berg Steel Pipe, discussed pipe shipments by rail. Price is the chair for the TLTC’s Open Top Loading Rules Subcommittee. He addressed two concerns: safe loads and quality shipments. There was a discussion about cars decelerating too fast and the loads shifting. It was determined that while accelerometers have been used, they are expensive. Now, GPS records the position of steel, and it is a valuable tool that provides continuous monitoring.
Jon Roman and Frank Baumgardner discussed the Pipe and Tube Roundup. The data will be finalized after a subcommittee conference call in April, and the statistics will be reviewed at the PTTC’s meeting at AISTech 2015.
The fall 2015 PTTC meeting will follow the training seminar in Cleveland, Oh., USA, on Friday morning, 2 October 2015. The agenda will include the following:

  • Pipe and Tube Roundup data collection.

  • AISTech 2016 paper sessions will be decided.

The following presentations were given:

  • “New Mini-Mill Production — Flexmill,” by Mark Orvis, Big River Steel. 

  • “Corrpro — Pipeline Corrosion Experts,” by Eric Bonner, Corrpro. 

  • “Laser Measurement Innovations,” by Karsten Hoffmann, LAP Laser LLC. 

  • “Safety Requirements for Pipe and Tube Personnel and Subcontractors,” by Jackie Workman, Danieli Corp. 

  • “Safety in Pipe and Tube Equipment Design,” by Hartwig Hiestermann, Danieli Corp. 

Next PTTC Meeting:Wednesday, 6 May 2015 during AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The PTTC met 11 September 2014, Pittsburgh, Pa.  The PTTC reviewed the 2014 Steel Industry Fatalities report, and followed up with a safety roundtable discussion.
The PTTC began laying out its paper sessions for AISTech 2015:
Eight abstracts were selected for Tuesday morning and afternoon sessions, and session chairs were also selected.
The duties of the papers chair and session chairs were reviewed.
David Johnson and Susan Conley, PTTC education co-chairs, discussed the program outline for Pipe & Tube Essentials for the Energy Market and asked PTTC members for suggestions to improve the seminar. A recap of the event can be found on page 180 of this issue.
The 2015 Pipe & Tube Essentials for the Energy Market Conference will be held 28 September–1 October 2015 in Canton, Ohio, USA, with TimkenSteel serving as the host plant.

The PTTC met 22–23 January 2014, Houston, Texas, USAButch Collins, Gallatin Steel, presented “Safety Complacency,” which was followed by a safety roundtable discussion.
Jon Roman, Danieli, PTTC papers chair, reviewed PTTC paper sessions for AISTech 2014. Session chair responsibilities were reviewed by Russ Olgin, David Johnson and Keith Tuma. The PTTC discussed session topics for AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The PTTC discussed the Pipe & Tube Roundup, scheduled for publication in the August 2014 issue ofIron & Steel Technology. This roundup is anticipated to be completed by 15 May 2014. A PTTC roundup subcommittee was formed with the following members: Jon Roman (chair), Russ Olgin, David Johnson, Keith Tuma, Frank Baumgardner, Tom Campbell, Steve Shapasian and Sarah Lynch. Any PTTC member interested in participating should contact Jon Roman.
David Johnson reviewed the program for the Pipe and Tube Conference: Essentials for the Energy Market, to be held on 8–11 September 2014 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. Lesley Frame was added as a presenter, as well as a representative from NOV Tuboscope.

The following presentations were given:
  • “Global ERW and Spiral Markets,” Hartwig Hiestermann, Danieli W+K.
  • “Features of a Modern HF Welder,” Mick Nallen, Thermatool.
  • “Induction Tempering, HF Weld Metallurgy and Characterization, HF Weld Process Parameters and Principles,” Lesley Frame, Thermatool.
  • “Electron Microscopy,” Diane Hickey-Davis, Nano Science Instruments.

The PTTC met 18–19 September 2013, Ann Arbor, Mich., USA. Keith Tuma, PTTC vice chair, reviewed the abstracts for AISTech 2014. A Wednesday afternoon session was scheduled with Tuma; Russ Olgin, PTTC chair; and David Johnson, PTTC education chair, serving as session chairs. 
The 2014 pipe and tube training seminar was discussed and the program outline was reviewed. This initial conference will be called Pipe and Tube Essentials for the Energy Markets — A Practical Training Seminar, and will be held on 8–11 September 2014 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. The keynote speaker will be Piotr Galitzine, chairman of TMK-IPSCO. Those interested in participating should contact David Johnson.
The Pipe and Tube Roundup continues to be formulated. Those interested in participating can contact Jon Roman, PTTC roundup chair.
Representatives from Manitex LiftKing, Similcut, LAP Laser, Fives Group and Michigan Seamless Tube LLC gave presentations, and a tour of Michigan Seamless Tube followed the next day.

The PTTC met on 15–16 January in Huntsville, Ala. The committee toured Nucor Steel–Decatur’s Steelmaking and Finishing Operations, which allowed the group to see the entire operation. The following day, David Johnson, PTTC chair, discussed the committee’s goals and objectives. The PTTC agreed to organize an annual training seminar to highlight the pipe and tube industry. The initial Pipe and Tube Training Seminar is scheduled for 8–11 September 2014. The PTTC officer nominations for the 2013–2015 term were decided: Russ Olgin, California Steel Industries, as chair; Keith Tuma, United States Steel Corporation, as vice chair; Jon Roman, Danieli Corp., as papers chair and roundup chair; and David Johnson, Paragon Industries Inc., as education chair.
Dr. Ron O’Malley, Nucor Steel–Decatur plant metallurgist and Continuous Casting Technology Committee vice chair, presented, “Coil and Plate Steel Production Considerations for API Line Pipe.” A presentation by Fives Group featured Roberto LaRocha, Fives Stein; and Jack Srail and Mark Lukowski, Fives Bronx. George Burnet, SMS Elotherm, presented, “Precise, Energy-Efficient Induction Systems for the Tube and Pipe Industry.” The fall 2013 PTTC meeting will be held on 18–19 September. The meeting venue will be announced at AISTech 2013. The next PTTC meeting will be held on Wednesday, 8 May at AISTech 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pa.