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Joanne Zaraliakos (right), SHTC chair, presented Elizabeth Shaw (center) and Shannon Clark (left) with a plaque of appreciation for hosting the SHTC’s and PCMTC’s tour of the ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc. No. 6 galvanizing line.

The PCMTC and SHTC met 21–22 September 2016, Burlington, Ont., Canada. The group reviewed the 2016 Steel Industry Fatalities report, followed by a safety roundtable discussion.
Each committee reviewed its technical session development for AISTech 2017. The PCMTC and SHTC each have three sessions planned. The roles of session chairs and papers chair were reviewed.
An update was given on the Project Excellence Award, as well as the Managing Technology training conference, which will be held on 12–14 September 2017 at Big River Steel in Osceola, Ark., USA.
The Safety and Health Conference was also discussed. Those interested in participating should contact Brad Bray, SHTC education chair.
The following presentations were given:

  • “Drone Technology and Uses in the Industry,” by Kurt Schmiegel and Steve Jones, DLZ Industrial.

  • “Innovations with Machine and Conveyor Guarding,” by Chris Allen of Guardsmart.

  • “Gas Odorization Process,” by Pierre Braud and Marta Santorroman of ARKEMA.

  • “Executing a Major Maintenance Outage,” by David Marshall, Performance Improvement Online; Andrea Kuciak, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.; and Carlo Odoardi, COCO Net Inc.

Ted Vrehas (right) presented the PCMTC service plaque to
Andy Sarat (left).

The PCMTC met 16 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Ted Vrehas, Graycor Industrial Constructors Inc.

  • Vice chair: Terry Charters, U. S. Steel Canada – Hamilton Works

  • Papers chair: Barry Felton, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

  • Program chair: Don Salsbury, R.E. Warner & Associates Inc.

  • Award co-chairs: Clay Piper, DMM Technical Services LLC, and Kevin Deliman, Baltimore Aircoil Co.

The PCMTC met 20–21 January 2016, San Antonio, Texas, USA. The group is working on a poster to promote PCMTC membership by highlighting its activities and the benefits of membership. Once complete, this poster may be displayed at various Member Chapter meetings and other AIST events. 
The PCMTC reviewed its technical sessions for AISTech 2016 and addressed some remaining issues. 
There was an extensive discussion on revamping the Project Excellence Award scoring criteria and deadlines.
Chairpersons for the upcoming term were nominated and will be approved at AISTech 2016.
There was a general discussion on potential ways to improve committee activities in the future.
In the afternoon, the PCMTC met with the Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) for presentations on owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIP) by Scott Belamy and Ed Davis of Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

Andy Sarat, PCMTC chair (left), and Barry Momyer, SHTC chair (right), presented a plaque of appreciation to CMC Steel Texas for hosting a tour of its facility.

The PCMTC met 14–15 October 2015, Portage, Ind., USA. 
The first day of the meeting began with a tour of the ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor coke battery and presentations by project operations/maintenance personnel who were involved in the top replacement and collector main project.
The group reconvened that afternoon for a discussion led by Dave Marshall on planning a special case study session for AISTech 2016. The topic is “Execution of a Major Maintenance Outage: Safety, Quality, Budget and Schedule” and will highlight lessons learned from the 2015 Project Excellence Award winner, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor’s “No. 1 Battery Collecting Main Replacement and Roof Repair Project.”
The following day started with a technical presentation titled “Building Information Modeling (BIM),” by Bill Derence of Mascaro Construction. The presentation was informative and well received, and the group decided to include a session devoted to this topic at AISTech 2016. Additional sessions were laid out, with titles and chairs identified.
The 2016 Project Excellence Award selection was reviewed. It was agreed that the application criteria should be simplified to help attract more entries.
The day concluded with an open discussion on ways to expand the outreach of the PCMTC and recruit more (particularly younger) members.

Andy Sarat (left) presented a plaque of appreciation to Tim Candiano (right) for hosting the PCMTC’s tour of the ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor coke battery.

  Andy Sarat (left) presented the PCMTC service plaque to Steve Bohm (right).

The PCMTC met 4 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Andy Sarat, CMC Steel Arizona

  • Vice Chair: Ted Vrehas, Graycor Industrial Constructors Inc.

  • Papers Chair: Terry Charters, U. S. Steel Canada – Hamilton Works

  • Program Chair: Barry Felton, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

Meeting Highlights:
Steve Bohm discussed the PCMTC’s previous meeting in Mobile, Ala., USA, and the plant tour of AM/NS Calvert LLC. The Project Excellence Award was presented to ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor at the Midwest Member Chapter dinner on 14 April 2015.

The PCMTC met 27–28 January 2015, Mobile, Ala., USADave Marshal presented, “Planning Major Maintenance Outages.” In addition, a case study was presented by Terry Charters depicting the recent Z line project upgrade at U. S. Steel Canada. 
The AIST Project Excellence Award candidates were reviewed by Clay Piper. Ted Vrehas reviewed the current AISTech technical session status with the group.
Russell Sindrey reviewed the results of the membership survey that was conducted by the PCMTC.
Volunteers were solicited to form an organizing committee for a new training conference on project management that will be offered by the PCMTC.
The group toured AM/NS Calvert LLC, specifically the hot strip mill, cold strip mill and the galvanizing facility.
Next PCMTC Meeting: Monday, 4 May 2015 during AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The PCMTC met on 7–8 October 2014, Merrillville, Ind., USA. The two-day meeting was hosted by John Seaman, ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor. 
Ted Vrehas, Graycor Industrial Constructors Inc., discussed the three PCMTC sessions for AISTech 2015, including a session titled “Project Management Success” and two panel discussions, “Project Excellence Award (PEA)” and “Planning Major Maintenance Outages.” Session chairs and moderators were identified. PCMTC chair Steve Bohm, JNE Consulting Ltd., led the discussion in the development of a panel session based on a presentation created by David Marshall, Performance Improvement Inc. 
Three applications were submitted for the PEA, with scoring targeted for the end of October 2014. Clay Piper, DMM Technical Services LLC, will provide the final results of this year’s Project Excellence Award to the PCMTC. 
A presentation was given by Nick Morris, GP Strategies, using simulation models for training. 
The attendees toured ArcelorMittal USA, which was the recipient of last year’s Project Excellence Award. The facility’s blast furnace gas flare capture project utilizes blast furnace waste gas for electricity generation and received a matching grant by the U.S. Department of Energy from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The PCMTC met on 7–8 November 2013, Pittsburgh, Pa., USA, with a tour of U. S. Steel Clairton “C” Coke Battery.
The PCMTC currently has 82 members, of which 24 were in attendance.
Clay Piper provided an update on the status of the 2014 Project Excellence Award selection. PCMTC members in attendance reviewed the list of potential candidates for next year’s award and added several new projects.
Dave Marshall led a discussion on the development of a “special topic” case study session for AISTech 2014. The session will focus on project scope development and feature a panel discussion, using the previous year’s Project Excellence Award winner as a case study.
The PCMTC will host a second AISTech session, featuring another panel discussion with the current year’s Project Excellence Award candidates, along with three additional project-oriented presentations.

The PCMTC met on 15–16 January in Mesa, Ariz. The meeting’s agenda included a review and discussion of the Project Excellence Award. PCMTC members were encouraged to include potential nominations for next year’s Project Excellence Award. Nominations for the 2013–2014 officers were discussed and finalized. The PCMTC Call for Papers text was reviewed and finalized. An outline of the panel discussion on scheduling envisioned for AISTech 2013 was reviewed. Future plant tour locations were discussed. A plant tour of the CMC Steel Arizona micro-mill was held on Tuesday. Scott Henderson gave a presentation regarding the challenges of the plant construction project, followed by a plant facility tour directed by Andy Sarat and other members of the CMC team.

The PCMTC met on Tuesday, 9 October. Tom Sloan welcomed the attendees to the meeting and noted the good attendance, which included several new members. At the start of the meeting, the committee’s working agenda for 2012–2013 was reviewed. The PCMTC sessions for AISTech 2013 were formed after a review of the submitted abstracts. The new guidelines for the papers chair and session chairs were discussed with positive comments.
David Marshal explained the current nominations for the Project Excellence Award. He reviewed the current list of nominees and indicated that the subcommittee’s choice was forthcoming.
The committee’s mission statement was revised to read: “To improve the implementation, safety, and start-up of steel industry projects via improved project and construction management techniques. The Project & Construction Management Technology Committee shall provide opportunities for publication, training, best practices, and networking to personnel serving the steel industry as producers, suppliers, contractors, and consultants.”
The final discussion focused on topics for future meeting presentations. It is the committee’s intent to select a small group of people to lead the discussions at future meetings.