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Joanne Zaraliakos (left) and Malcom Dunbar (right) presented the SHTC service plaque to Barry Momyer(center).

The SHTC met 18 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Joanne Zaraliakos, U. S. Steel Canada – Hamilton Works

  • Vice chair: Malcom Dunbar, Edw. C. Levy Co.

  • Papers chair: Robbie Woods, California Steel Industries Inc.

The SHTC met 20–21 January 2016, San Antonio, Texas, USA. The SHTC reviewed the 2015 Steel Industry Fatalities report, followed by a safety roundtable discussion. 
The SHTC reviewed its AISTech 2016 technical sessions, which are scheduled for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Session chairs were also named.
2015 Safety and Health Fundamentals: Mexico, which was held in December 2015, was reviewed. The conference was held thanks to the support of the AIST Mexico Member Chapter. A recap of the conference was published in the February 2016 issue of Iron & Steel Technology. Brad Bray, SHTC education chair, will develop a new training seminar for other AIST Member Chapters to consider in the future.
Nominations for SHTC officers for the 2016–2017 term were accepted.
Safety First articles for 2016 issues of Iron & Steel Technology were discussed. All SHTC members are encouraged to write or recommend someone to participate as a Safety First author in 2016. Contact Pat Philbin to submit a Safety First article at
The 2016 AIST Don B. Daily Award will be presented at AISTech 2016 during the SHTC meeting.  
SHTC producer members were invited to take part in future AIST study tours.
The AIST safety certification program was discussed. The SHTC expressed concerns, including liability concerns and the ability to maintain such certification. The SHTC feels there is a need to establish qualified safety auditors for the steel industry, which could, in turn, impact future agendas of the Safety and Health Conference.
In the afternoon, the SHTC met with the PCMTC for presentations on owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIP) by Scott Belamy and Ed Davis of Wells Fargo Insurance Services.  

The SHTC met 1 September 2015, Indianapolis, Ind., USA. The SHTC reviewed the 2015 Steel Industry Fatalities report, followed by a roundtable discussion. The possibility of including coverage of steel industry fatality statistics on was discussed, as well as an AIST safety certification program.
An update was given on the 2015 Mexico Safety and Health Conference, which will be held 1–4 December in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. More information about this conference can be found in this issue of Iron & Steel Technology on pages 140–141.
Malcom Dunbar, SHTC papers chair, discussed AISTech 2016 and the abstracts that have been received. The SHTC will hold three paper sessions.
The recipient of the 2016 Don B. Daily Award was selected. This award will be presented at the SHTC meeting during AISTech 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA.

The 2015–2016 SHTC officers were recognized at AISTech 2015 (left to right): Robbie Woods, Joanne Zaraliakos and Malcom Dunbar.

The SHTC met 6 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Barry Momyer, AM Health & Safety Inc.

  • Vice chair — Joanne Zaraliakos, U. S. Steel Canada–Hamilton Works

  • Papers chair — Malcom Dunbar, Edw. C. Levy Co.

  • Members chair — Robbie Woods, California Steel Industries Inc.

  • Education chair — Brad Bray, California Steel Industries Inc.

  • APB® chair — Butch Collins, Nucor Steel Gallatin

Meeting Highlights:
The SHTC discussed its objectives for the coming year. Also discussed was an AIST Safety Certification program.
The 2015 Safety and Health Fundamentals  Technology Training Conference will be held in Indianapolis, Ind., USA, on 1–3 September 2015. Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Products Div. will serve as host plant.
The 2015 Mexico Safety and Health Conference will be held in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, on 1–3 December 2015. Six SHTC producer representatives will give presentations at this first international safety and health conference: Brad Bray and Robbie Woods, Butch Collins, Justin Hoover of Steel Dynamics Inc., Jeff Adams of CMC Americas, and Joanne Zaraliakos. Three previous Don B. Daily Award winners will also  give presentations: Matt  Moore  of Harsco, Malcom Dunbar and Butch Collins.
Butch Collins gave an update on the Steel Industry Fatalities status. Collins gave a presentation before the AIST Board of Directors requesting that the Steel Industry Fatalities report be posted on
Safety First articles were solicited from SHTC members for publication in Iron & Steel Technology.
The SHTC discussed the “safety aisle” for the AISTech 2016 Exhibit Hall in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. Safety vendors will be approached for a commitment to participate.

The SHTC met 18–19 March 2015, Mobile, Ala., USA. Nominations for committee officers for the 2015–2016 term were confirmed. The nominations were then announced at AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
An update was given on Safety and Health Fundamentals, which will be held on 1–3 September 2015 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA. An update was also given on the 2015 Mexico Safety and Health Conference, which will be held on 1–3 December 2015 in Monterrey, Mexico.
The schedule of Safety First articles was reviewed. SHTC members were encouraged to submit Safety First articles for publication in Iron & Steel Technology.
A review was given of the AIST Safety Certification Program from the AIST Leadership Conference. The SHTC will establish a subcommittee to investigate the possibility of a safety certification program for the steel industry offered by the AIST, Steel Manufacturers Assocation and American Iron and Steel Institute. Those interested in participating should contact Pat Philbin.
The fatality statistics spreadsheet was reviewed for posting on Butch Collins presented this information to the AIST Board of Directors at AISTech 2015 to express the need to effectively communicate these fatality statistics online.
Shannon Johnson gave a safety review for the SSAB Mobile facility preceding the SHTC’s tour. The SHTC were also given a tour of AM/NS Calvert LLC.

The SHTC met 5–6 November, Ontario, Calif., USA. The 2014 Steel Industry Fatalities report was reviewed, followed by a safety roundtable discussion.   
Malcom Dunbar, 2015 SHTC papers chair, led the discussion on AISTech 2015 technical session development:

  • Two sessions are scheduled for the SHTC.

  • The following SHTC members were nominated as session chairs: Jim Alesia, Barry Momyer, Malcom Dunbar, Brad Bray, Butch Collins, Joanne Zaraliakos and Robbie Woods.

  • Papers chair and session chair instructions were reviewed.

The group reviewed the SHTC’s description for the AISTech 2016 Call for Papers.
The 2015 schedule for “Safety First” articles for Iron & Steel Technology was reviewed, and SHTC members were encouraged to participate.
The SHTC proposed to the Environment Technology Committee to form a subcommittee to encourage exhibitors to participate in the AISTech 2015 Exhibit Hall, with a special section for hands-on demonstrations.
Brad Bray, SHTC education chair, gave an update on the 2015 Safety and Health Conference, to be held 1–3 September 2015 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA. The plant host will be Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Products Div.
Bray also discussed a 2015 Safety and Health Conference to be held in Mexico jointly with the AIST Mexico Member Chapter on 1–3 December 2015 in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.
The following presentations were given:

  • 3D Visualization for Safety Training in the Steel Industry,” by Joanne Zaraliakos, U. S. Steel Canada.

  • Difference in Surface Lead Concentrations in a Steel Mill,” by Justin Hoover, Steel Dynamics Inc.

8–9 January 2014, San Francisco, Calif.,USA. AISTech 2014 paper sessions were reviewed. The SHTC will have three sessions. The Tuesday morning session will acknowledge the four Don B. Daily Memorial Fund winners. Session chairs were notified of their responsibilities during the meeting. Brad Bray discussed the 2015 Safety and Health Conference, which the SHTC hopes to combine with the next AIST Leadership Conference. A second option would be a joint training seminar with the Environmental Technology Committee. Hands-on exhibits would be included, focusing on confined spaces, hands-free tools, fall protection, electrical safety and ergonomics. Those interested in participating in the 2015 Safety and Health Conference should contact Brad Bray. The SHTC discussed the Steel Industry Fatalities Report, and the suggestion was made to make these statistics available on Updates could be done weekly, with new statistics available to all AIST members. A joint venture with the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) will be explored to promote safety communications. SHTC members who are also SMA participants will discuss this venture at the SMA meeting on 23–24 March 2015 in Ypsilanti, Mich., USA. A fall 2014 SHTC meeting will be planned for 5–6 November with tours of California Steel Industries Inc. and the Boeing Co.– Long Beach facility. “Safety First” articles are needed for Iron & Steel Technology for 2014. Those interested in writing an article should contact Pat Philbin at

The SHTC met on 12–13 August 2013, Atlanta, Ga., USA. Pat McCon, SHTC chair, reviewed the 2013 Safety and Health Conference, which had an attendance of 66. A discussion followed with suggestions for live safety demonstrations and hands-on presentations. The SHTC will plan to have its next Safety and Health Conference in September 2015.
Barry Momyer, papers chair, discussed the abstracts submitted for AISTech 2014 in Indianapolis, Ind. Nine abstracts were selected by the SHTC. The committee will plan to schedule Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon sessions, and Momyer will investigate a third session for Tuesday morning to include Dave Fowler, Personal Safety Training Inc., who presented “Workplace Violence Prevention” at the 2013 Safety and Health Conference. A possible second presentation on this subject would complete this two-hour morning session at AISTech 2014.
The selection committee for the 2014 Don B. Daily Award recipient for best presentation at this year’s Safety and Health Conference picked Butch Collins, Gallatin Steel, for his presentation, “Wellness and Home Safety.” Collins will be presented with this award at AISTech 2014.