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Safety & Health Committee Activities

The SHTC met 18–19 March 2015, Mobile, Ala., USA. Nominations for committee officers for the 2015–2016 term were confirmed. The nominations were then announced at AISTech 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
An update was given on Safety and Health Fundamentals, which will be held on 1–3 September 2015 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA. An update was also given on the 2015 Mexico Safety and Health Conference, which will be held on 1–3 December 2015 in Monterrey, Mexico.
The schedule of Safety First articles was reviewed. SHTC members were encouraged to submit Safety First articles for publication in Iron & Steel Technology.
A review was given of the AIST Safety Certification Program from the AIST Leadership Conference. The SHTC will establish a subcommittee to investigate the possibility of a safety certification program for the steel industry offered by the AIST, Steel Manufacturers Assocation and American Iron and Steel Institute. Those interested in participating should contact Pat Philbin.
The fatality statistics spreadsheet was reviewed for posting on Butch Collins presented this information to the AIST Board of Directors at AISTech 2015 to express the need to effectively communicate these fatality statistics online.
Shannon Johnson gave a safety review for the SSAB Mobile facility preceding the SHTC’s tour. The SHTC were also given a tour of AM/NS Calvert LLC.

The SHTC met 5–6 November, Ontario, Calif., USA. The 2014 Steel Industry Fatalities report was reviewed, followed by a safety roundtable discussion.   
Malcom Dunbar, 2015 SHTC papers chair, led the discussion on AISTech 2015 technical session development:

  • Two sessions are scheduled for the SHTC.

  • The following SHTC members were nominated as session chairs: Jim Alesia, Barry Momyer, Malcom Dunbar, Brad Bray, Butch Collins, Joanne Zaraliakos and Robbie Woods.

  • Papers chair and session chair instructions were reviewed.

The group reviewed the SHTC’s description for the AISTech 2016 Call for Papers.
The 2015 schedule for “Safety First” articles for Iron & Steel Technology was reviewed, and SHTC members were encouraged to participate.
The SHTC proposed to the Environment Technology Committee to form a subcommittee to encourage exhibitors to participate in the AISTech 2015 Exhibit Hall, with a special section for hands-on demonstrations.
Brad Bray, SHTC education chair, gave an update on the 2015 Safety and Health Conference, to be held 1–3 September 2015 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA. The plant host will be Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Products Div.
Bray also discussed a 2015 Safety and Health Conference to be held in Mexico jointly with the AIST Mexico Member Chapter on 1–3 December 2015 in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.
The following presentations were given:

  • 3D Visualization for Safety Training in the Steel Industry,” by Joanne Zaraliakos, U. S. Steel Canada.

  • Difference in Surface Lead Concentrations in a Steel Mill,” by Justin Hoover, Steel Dynamics Inc.

The SHTC met on 12–13 August 2013, Atlanta, Ga., USA. Pat McCon, SHTC chair, reviewed the 2013 Safety and Health Conference, which had an attendance of 66. A discussion followed with suggestions for live safety demonstrations and hands-on presentations. The SHTC will plan to have its next Safety and Health Conference in September 2015.
Barry Momyer, papers chair, discussed the abstracts submitted for AISTech 2014 in Indianapolis, Ind. Nine abstracts were selected by the SHTC. The committee will plan to schedule Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon sessions, and Momyer will investigate a third session for Tuesday morning to include Dave Fowler, Personal Safety Training Inc., who presented “Workplace Violence Prevention” at the 2013 Safety and Health Conference. A possible second presentation on this subject would complete this two-hour morning session at AISTech 2014.
The selection committee for the 2014 Don B. Daily Award recipient for best presentation at this year’s Safety and Health Conference picked Butch Collins, Gallatin Steel, for his presentation, “Wellness and Home Safety.” Collins will be presented with this award at AISTech 2014.

8–9 January 2014, San Francisco, Calif.,USA. AISTech 2014 paper sessions were reviewed. The SHTC will have three sessions. The Tuesday morning session will acknowledge the four Don B. Daily Memorial Fund winners. Session chairs were notified of their responsibilities during the meeting. Brad Bray discussed the 2015 Safety and Health Conference, which the SHTC hopes to combine with the next AIST Leadership Conference. A second option would be a joint training seminar with the Environmental Technology Committee. Hands-on exhibits would be included, focusing on confined spaces, hands-free tools, fall protection, electrical safety and ergonomics. Those interested in participating in the 2015 Safety and Health Conference should contact Brad Bray. The SHTC discussed the Steel Industry Fatalities Report, and the suggestion was made to make these statistics available on Updates could be done weekly, with new statistics available to all AIST members. A joint venture with the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) will be explored to promote safety communications. SHTC members who are also SMA participants will discuss this venture at the SMA meeting on 23–24 March 2015 in Ypsilanti, Mich., USA. A fall 2014 SHTC meeting will be planned for 5–6 November with tours of California Steel Industries Inc. and the Boeing Co.– Long Beach facility. “Safety First” articles are needed for Iron & Steel Technology for 2014. Those interested in writing an article should contact Pat Philbin at

The SHTC met in Orlando, Fla., on 22–23 January. The North American Crane Bureau (NACB) provided a tour of its new training facilities and allowed the group to operate a number of crane simulators used in its training programs. The NACB sponsored a trip to the Daytona International Speedway, where the group toured the raceway and were introduced to the safety programs and procedures employed at the speedway. The SHTC officer nominations for the 2013–2014 term were decided, with Pat McCon of Zurich Services as chair, Jim Alesia of Steel Dynamics Inc. as vice chair, Barry Momyer of AM Health and Safety as papers chair, Butch Collins of Gallatin Steel as APB chair and Brad Bray of California Steel Industries as education chair. The SHTC reviewed the 2012 Safety and Health Conference program, and suggestions for the 2013 installment of this training conference were made, based on leading causes that determined the 2012 Steel Industry Fatality statistics. This year’s Safety and Health Conference will be held on 10–12 September in Atlanta, Ga., near the Georgia Tech University campus. The next SHTC meeting be held on Wednesday, 8 May during AISTech 2013.

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met on 28 August 2012 in Indianapolis, Ind., prior to the 2012 AIST  Safety and Health Conference.  Chad McClimans provided an update of the 2012 Steel Industry Fatalities statistics, plus a few graphs from 2006 through June 2012, which depicted injury type, injured age, employee versus contractor injury, and process areas involved. This updated spreadsheet was distributed to SHTC members and other AIST Technology Committees. The 2012 Safety and Health Conference program format was reviewed. The Don B. Daily Memorial Fund recipients from Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech participated in this year’s conference. Future university grant recipients will be encouraged to participate as conference presenters and write a Safety First article for Iron & Steel Technology (I&ST) describing their grant proposal project. SHTC members were asked to each solicit one Safety First article for I&ST for 2013.
Following the 2012 Safety and Health Conference, the SHTC officers selected Malcom Dunbar of The Edward C. Levy Co. as the AIST 2013 Don B. Daily Safety Award recipient. Dunbar presented, “Working Safely Around Heavy Mobile Equipment,” and the award will be presented to him at the 2013 Safety and Health Conference in Atlanta, Ga. The next SHTC meeting will be on 24–25 January 2013 in Orlando, Fla., with a tour of NACB Inc. and possibly a tour of Disney Underground. 

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met on Wednesday, 9 May 2012 in Atlanta, GaThe SHTC officer elections for 2012–2013 were determined as follows: Brad Bray, chair; Pat McCon, vice chair; Jim Alesia, papers chair; Butch Collins, APB chair; and Chad McClimans, education chair. The 2012 Safety and Health Conference — A Critical Focus With Material Handling program outline was reviewed. This conference will be the first collaboration with the Don B. Daily Grant Award winners that involves university safety and health programs across the country. Please contact any SHTC member to author a Safety First article for 2013 in Iron & Steel Technology magazine. Every published Safety First article can be reviewed at

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met on 21–22 March 2012 in Chicago, Ill. This committee’s Steel Industry Fatalities statistics for 2011–2012 were discussed. The SHTC recognizes the value that this report provides to AIST’s Technology Committees in addressing safety concerns at each meeting. Chad McClimans, SHTC education chair, updated the committee on the 2012 Safety and Health Conference — A Critical Focus With Material Handling, to be held on 28–30 August in Indianapolis, Ind. Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Products Division, Pittsboro, Ind., is the host plant. Brad Bray, SHTC chair, suggested that future Safety First articles for publication in Iron & Steel Technology be submitted by the Don B. Daily Grant Award university participants. A Safety First article series provided by past AIST Don B. Daily Award presenters from the annual Safety and Health Conferences will be scheduled for 2013. An update on the AIST Process Benchmarker (APB) was given. The committee reviewed the World Steel Association’s 2011 Safety Metrics Survey as a possible joint benchmarking format. Tours of the UPS Integrad Training Facility and the Chicago Area Consolidation Hub provided insight into worldwide safety improvements made by UPS. Tim Bend, UPS Integrad manager, and Tracy Koblich, UPS CACH supervisor, were the tour hosts.

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met after the Safety and Health Conference welcome reception in Mobile, Ala., on Sunday, 6 November 2011.  There were 12 members in attendance. The 2011 Steel Industry Fatalities Report was reviewed, and suggestions were taken to improve reporting of these statistics. Chad McClimans, SHTC education chair, reviewed the 2011 Safety and Health Conference. Attendance has become an issue, so a motion to reschedule the next Safety and Health Conference was made and approved for 10–12 September 2013 (tentatively), which will be a possible joint Safety & Health and Material Handling/Transportation Training Seminar near Chicago. Chad McClimans, along with Doug Niksch, Material Handling Technology Committee and Packaging, Shipping & Transportation Methods Technology Committee education chair, will collaborate on a seminar program. Brad Bray, SHTC chair, and Pat McCon, SHTC papers chair, discussed the 2012 Safety First article submissions. Bray and McCon will contact SHTC members to submit articles for Iron & Steel Technology magazine. The next SHTC meeting is scheduled for 21–22 March 2012, with tour sites not yet determined.

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met on 4 May 2011 in Indianapolis, Ind. There were seven members attending, with current SHTC membership at 46 members. Brad Bray and Chad McClimans led a discussion on how to improve the committee’s Steel Industry Fatalities Statistics report. The future goal is to have this report on the AIST website. Chad McClimans gave an update on the 2011 Safety and Health Conference scheduled for 6–9 November 2011 in Mobile, Ala. ThyssenKrupp Stainless USA LLC will be the host plant. Keynote speaker confirmations are being finalized. The SHTC officer elections were approved: Brad Bray, chair; Robin Birk, vice chair; Pat McCon, papers chair; Butch Collins, roundup/benchmarking chair; and Chad McClimans, education chair. The 2011 Don B. Daily Award will be presented to Donald Groover at this year’s Safety and Health Conference in Mobile, Ala. An SHTC conference call was scheduled for mid-July to finalize the Safety and Health Conference agenda. The next SHTC meeting will be held on Sunday, 6 November after the training conference registration in Mobile, Ala.

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met after the Safety and Health Conference registration on Sunday, 7 Nov 2010. Bernie Quinn welcomed 17 SHTC members in attendance. Current committee membership stands at 46 members. Chad McClimans, SHTC education chair, developed the current annual Steel Industry Fatalities Statistics that most AIST Technology Committees discuss at their meetings. The SHTC recognized the need to create a Web version of this report and planned to organize a Safety Benchmarking Statistics Subcommittee before the end of 2010. The 2011 Iron & Steel Technology “Safety First” article schedule will highlight the following authors: Barry Momyer (March), Maureen Niemeier (April), Jeff Pawloski (May), Dr. Charles Prezzia (June), Paul Chiplock (July), John Rolison (August), Jim Alesia (September), Valerie Cantrell (October), Pat McCon (November), and David Ross and Rory McLaren (December). If you are interested in writing a “Safety First” article, please contact Brad Bray at California Steel Industries Inc. The SHTC officer nominations and elections for 2011–2013 resulted in Brad Bray being elected as chair, Robin Birk as vice chair, Pat McCon as papers chair and Chad McClimans as education chair. The Safety Benchmarking chair has not yet been confirmed. The next SHTC meeting will be a joint meeting with the Continuous Casting Technology Committee on 22–24 Feb in Jacksonville, Fla. A tour of Gerdau Ameristeel Jacksonville’s caster will be scheduled on 24 Feb.

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met at AISTech 2010 on Wednesday, May 5, with 12 members in attendance. Chad McClimans reviewed the AIST Anti-Trust Guidelines, the current SHTC membership (at 34 members), and the committee’s most recent conference call. The 2010 Steel Industry Fatalities Statistics were reviewed. The SHTC is responsible for updating these safety statistics. The 2010 Safety and Health Conference will be held in Fort Worth, Texas, on Nov. 7–10 at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. This conference will coincide with the Southwest Chapter fall meeting and the AIST 2010 Leadership Conference. Chad McClimans, SHTC education chair, is working with other SHTC members to develop this year’s safety conference. Three authors are scheduled to complete the Safety First articles for Iron & Steel Technology magazine this year. Valerie Cantrell, David Lynn and David Ross volunteered to submit additional articles. If you are interested in submitting a Safety First article [1,000 – 1,500 words with photo(s)/graphic(s)], please contact Bernie Quinn at The SHTC officer nominations for 2010–2011 were completed, with Bernie Quinn elected as chair, Brad Bray as vice chair, and Chad McClimans as education chair. Chad McClimans will succeed Butch Collins as the AIST Division I board of directors representative for the next two-year term.

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met prior to the 2009 Safety and Health Conference on Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009, in Charlotte, N.C. Chad McClimans, SHTC chair, welcomed the committee members in attendance. The SHTC 2009 Steel Industry Fatality Statistics report has generated safety discussions in a number of AIST Technology Committee meetings. The personalized approach to discussing steel industry fatalities has promoted safety dialogue and offers insight in determining a course of preventive action with each statistic reported. The SHTC reviewed the conference agenda and confirmed presenters’ participation. Authors for the monthly “Safety First” magazine articles for 2010 have been selected, with two months remaining to be scheduled. A number of AIST Technology Committees have requested joint sessions at AISTech with the SHTC to explore and communicate safety innovations in their particular operating processes.
Brad Bray, California Steel Industries Inc., was selected as the SHTC vice chair for 2010–2011. The SHTC has nominated an education chair, who will be responsible for planning/organizing the annual Safety & Health Conference. Chad McClimans, V&M Star Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes, accepted this non-rotating chair position for the SHTC. A subcommittee was formed to select the 2010 Don B. Daily Safety Presentation Award winner from this year’s conference. The subcommittee is comprised of Butch Collins (chair), David Ross, Brad Bray and Valerie Cantrell. Tentative plans for future Safety & Health Conferences include joint activities with the Southwest Member Chapter (2010) and the Midwest Member Chapter (2011). The next SHTC meeting was a conference call on Wednesday, Jan. 13 from AIST headquarters.

The Safety & Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met on Wednesday, May 6 at AISTech 2009. There were four SHTC members in attendance due to current travel restrictions during this conference. The 2009 Safety and Health Conference agenda was reviewed, and suggestions were made that were to be discussed during a committee conference call on May 27. The SHTC mission statement was then reviewed. The AISTech 2010 Call for Papers asks each SHTC member to encourage and solicit papers from other committee members. The Continuous Casting Technology Committee (CCTC) and Rod & Bar Rolling Technology Committee (RBRTC) nominated Safety co-chairs for their committees to concentrate on safety issues specific to each work environment. The SHTC’s “Safety First” articles have the following authors scheduled for the remainder of 2009: Sue Englehardt (September), Pat McCon (October), David Ross (November) and Chad McClimans (December). Any interested SHTC member who would like to write an article needs to contact SHTC chair Chad McClimans. Mr. McClimans and vice chair Bernie Quinn were approved to serve a second one-year term. McClimans received a plaque at V&M Star the week before AISTech for his service as chair over the past year.

The Safety and Health Technology Committee (SHTC) met at AIST headquarters on Jan. 21. Conference calling was available for committee members who could not travel. The first order of business was the 2008 Safety and Health Conference Award, for which Eddie and Lisa Black from South Kentucky RECC were selected. The Safety and Health Conference Award Subcommittee is comprised of Chad McClimans, Butch Collins, Bernie Quinn, Brad Bray, Dave Hilvers, Vic Tatone and David Ross. The SHTC then selected members for a Conference Subcommittee to orchestrate this annual event. Chad McClimans, Dave Hilvers and David Ross were nominated to plan future Safety and Health Conferences. The 2009 Safety and Health Conference is scheduled to take place in Charlotte, N.C., on Nov. 9–12, 2009. Two individuals supporting this conference will be Donovan Marks, Nucor, and Matt Moore, Gerdau Ameristeel. Butch Collins will contact Eddie Black, and Brad Bray will contact Fred Rine in hopes of retaining their participation for the 2009 conference. The AIST Southeast Member Chapter intends to schedule its fall chapter meeting to coincide with the conference in Charlotte. Future training conference sites discussed were Cincinnati (2010) and Birmingham (2011). Bernie Quinn, SHTC vice chair, will investigate training conference accreditation with ABIH and BCSP.
The SHTC’s monthly column, “Safety First,” is now published in Iron & Steel Technology, beginning with the January 2009 issue. Chad McClimans authored the January piece, while February featured Dave Hilvers and March featured Bernie Quinn. This month’s column comes from Middough’s Tom Sexton. Future “Safety First” articles will be written by Dave Coffaro (May), Chad McClimans (June), Greg Scalf (July), BST Group (August), Sue Englehardt (September), Pat McCon (October), David Ross (November) and Fred Manuele (December). The SHTC will next meet at AISTech 2009 in St. Louis on Wednesday, May 6.