Technology Committees

Tinplate Mill Products Technology Committee Activities

The TMPTC met 18 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: David White, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

  • Vice chair: Dwain Hultberg, Ohio Coatings Co.

  • Papers co-chairs: Frank Goodwin, International Zinc Association, and Joe McDermid, McMaster University

Dave White (center), TMPTC chair, hosted the TMPTC’s tour of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

The TMPTC met 6–7 October 2015, Niagara Falls, Ont., Canada. The TMPTC’s AISTech 2017 Call for Papers topic was finalized.
The outline of a Tinplate Mill Roundup was established, with Dave White volunteering to take the lead in finalizing it before circulation to all the mills for completion.
The following individuals gave technical presentations:

  • Jacko Pijper of Magneto Special Anodes explained various titanium and tin anodes. He discussed the process of preparing anodes, including chemical etching, alcohol application, stove activation, handling and storage.

  • Greg Gutmann of ISRA Vision gave a technical overview of surface inspection solutions, including the differences between area scan and line scan to find strip defects and the different fields of view. 

  • Harve Anderson of Rotadyne discussed what it means to have roller reliability by tracking each individual roll’s usage. 

  • Matt Hanley of Vail Rubber explained the various spray weld methods being used today. 

The TMPTC met 6 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — David White, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

  • Vice chair — Dwain Hultburg, Ohio Coatings Inc.

  • Papers co-chairs — Frank Goodwin, International Zinc Association, and Joe McDermid, McMaster University

  • Program planning chair — Eric Almquist, Star Tool & Die Works Inc.

Meeting Highlights:
David White shared his vision for the TMPTC: focus on benefits related to the operators running  and maintaining equipment on the shop floor in a “bottom-up,  grassroots” movement. His hope is to make meeting content pragmatic and practical. Tactics to meet this goal include focusing on quality issues first.

Tinplate Mill Products Technology Committee (TMPTC) met on 3 December 2014. Of the 16 TMPTC members that attended the meeting, 10 represented tin mills. Rich Clausius of ArcelorMittal gave a presentation on the non-chromated passivation project. Dwain Hultberg of Ohio Coatings gave a presentation on the novel method to quantify the amount of haze (tin dust, smudge) on bright reflowed tinplate. He described some of the areas on the Ohio Coatings line that have been found to cause the haze, which include the grounding rolls and delivery tower rolls. Hultberg then presented a galvanostatic method to measure chrome passivation films.

The Tinplate & Electrogalvanizing Technology Committee (TETC) met on 3–4 October 2012 with 25 attendees. The meeting began with a bus tour of Ohio Coatings in Yorkville, Ohio, followed by a tour of CMI in Salem, Ohio. Gary Lombardo of MacDermid Inc. welcomed the attendees. Joe Sullivan of U. S. Steel – Gary Works led a discussion on safety. Sullivan credited ideas learned from other producers at past TETC meetings as being a key element in the improvement of his department’s safety record. Representatives from producer companies presented their company’s program for new employee training, on-the-job pre-planning risk recognition and corrective action procedures and tracking. Jacko Pijper of Magneto Special Anodes presented, “Insoluble Anodes.” The remainder of the meeting was spent in a roundtable discussion moderated by C.J. Wu of United States Steel Corporation, which focused on root causes and elimination of tin dust, smut and haze in the tinning process. The next TETC meeting is scheduled for 15–16 January 2013 in Concord, Calif., with USS-POSCO hosting the tour. This will be a joint meeting with the Rolls Technology Committee. 

The Tinplate & Electrogalvanizing Technology Committee (TETC) met at AISTech in Atlanta, Ga., on 9 May 2012. The attendees agreed that the North American continuous sheet electroplating market has matured and seems to have a “harvesting” mentality: there have been few investments in new technologies or expansion within North America. North American producers are focused on maximizing productivity with existing equipment by sustaining knowledge and sharing best practices as needed between them. Gary Lombardo and the attendees agreed that, to remain vital and relevant, the TETC must adapt to the tinplate/electrogalvanizing markets’ increasingly global trend. The committee will investigate the idea of an international electroplating forum for fall 2013. The initial framework of this forum would be a three-day event: one day each for themes related to plating, rolling/annealing and a facility tour. The TETC would promote this event through AIST’s international channels and networking within its members.
The TETC leadership for 2012–2013 is: Dwain Hultberg of Ohio Coating, chair; Gary Lombardo of MacDermid, vice chair; C.J. Wu of United States Steel Corporation, papers chair; Andrew Procopio of Inductotherm, membership chair; and Eric Almquist of Star Tool and Die, programs chair. The next TETC meeting will be 3–4 October 2012 and will include a tour of Ohio Coatings. The Metallurgy of Tinmill Practices Subcommittee of the TETC met 9 May 2012 in Phoenix, Ariz. The progress of the revision to ASTM A630 was discussed. A couple questions need to be clarified before the final precision statement can be issued. The next subcommittee meeting will be 14 November 2012 in Atlanta, Ga., to coordinate with the ASTM A01.20 committee meetings.

The Tinplate & Electrogalvanizing Technology Committee (TETC) met 7–8 March 2012 in Merrillville, Ind. Joe Sullivan of U. S. Steel – Gary Works opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and stressed that the purpose of the meeting is to share information and to mentor younger committee members. Eric Almquist of Star Tool and Die volunteered to take the meeting minutes. The AIST Antitrust Guidelines were reviewed and all in attendance agreed to abide by them. The meeting minutes from the 4–5 October 2011 meeting in Concord, Calif., which included a tour of USS-Posco Industries, were reviewed and approved as written. The Tinplate & Electrogalvanizing AISTech 2013 Call for Papers topic was approved as: “Advancements applicable to tin mill and electrogalvanizing processes. Topics of particular interest include (but are not limited to): process improvements, process control, new or emerging technologies, procedures/practices, process reliability, quality control, water treatment, energy conservation, recycling and other environmental opportunities.” Dave Psenicska and Dominick Gaudio from MacDermid presented, “Rolling Oil Lubrication Theory and Practice.” Brian O’Leary of Danline presented, “Bristle Brush Strip Cleaning.” Sullivan then hosted a tour of the U. S. Steel – Gary Works’ tin mill. The following day started with a roundtable discussion on safety, with comments and suggestions from each of the mills represented. The discussions then progressed to rolling mill topics, which included: warming cold mill rolls, vision systems, strip center tearouts, dark spots, coolant, tramp oil, water spots, strip temperature control and the use of iron rolls. Further discussions followed, with topics including: strip breaks, tensionmeter systems, furnace tubes and furnace purging/restarting practices. A short discussion related to latest updates/news on the hexavalent chromium passivation mitigation timeline followed. The TETC met on 9 May 2012 at AISTech 2012 in Atlanta, Ga. Ohio Coatings volunteered to host the next TETC meeting on 3–4 October 2012.