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AIME Awards

The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME) recognizes outstanding achievement in technology, research, production, development and administration by conferring several major achievement awards related to the steel industry. The following awards are specifically administered by AIST, except where noted.

AIME Honorary Membership

AIME Honorary Membership is one of the highest honors that the Institute can bestow on an individual. It is awarded in appreciation of outstanding service to the Institute or in recognition of distinguished scientific or engineering achievement in the fields embracing the activities of AIME and its Member Societies. Candidates for Honorary Membership are generally (1) members of the AIME Member Societies who are outstanding in their respective fields and/or who have performed unusual service to the Institute; (2) United States citizens, whether AIME Member Society members or not, who are particularly outstanding; or (3) citizens of foreign countries who are outstanding in their work combined with some official position of service to the profession.

AIME Rossiter W. Raymond Memorial Award

The Rossiter W. Raymond Memorial Award was established in 1945 and recognizes the best paper published in AIME's fields in a given period where the lead author is a member under 35 years of age. This award honors one of the Institute's founders who served as President and Secretary and was an Honorary Member. In addition to being a consulting mining engineer, Raymond was a practicing lawyer, sailor, soldier, writer, orator, editor, theologian, teacher, novelist, and chess player.

Hunt-Kelly Outstanding Paper Award

This award is presented to AIST’s best published technical paper of the previous year.  

J.E. Johnson, Jr. Award

Established in 1921 to encourage creative work by members under 40 in branches of the metallurgy or manufacture of pig iron.

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