AK Steel – Mansfield Works

AK Steel is a leading producer of flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steel products, primarily for the automotive, infrastructure and manufacturing, including electrical power, and distributors and converters markets.  Through its subsidiaries, AK Steel also provides customer solutions with carbon and stainless steel tubing products, hot- and cold-stamped components, and die design and tooling, with manufacturing operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and facilities in Western Europe.  Our Mansfield Works operation is located on a 548-acre site in north central Ohio, approximately a one hour drive north of Columbus. The facility's stainless steel melting, casting, and hot rolling operations are housed in more than 1.6 million square feet of manufacturing space. Mansfield's facility features a thin slab caster, two electric arc furnaces, an argon-oxygen decarburization unit, a ladle metallurgical facility, walking beam slab furnace and a six-stand hot roll mill.  Steels from Mansfield Works are ideal for applications ranging from appliances to next-generation, hot end exhaust systems. All offer a wide range of corrosion and oxidation resistance, strength and hardness, as well as fabricating and welding benefits.